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LIVE the CHANGE you want to see in the WORLD -your Children will follow NATURALLY!

Monday, September 28, 2009

…in VISION and MISSION Statement!

CHILDREN HERE and NOW invites you and your families to make the SHIFT in CONSIOUSNESS together!
Never has been a TIME when the ART of BEING HUMAN, developing our FULL SELVES and our SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL has been of more important!

In 2006 we opened up a place where various Activities are happening in co-creation of families, who intent to look into and explore NEW ways of growing our CHILDREN into a life in the 21st century!

We are supporting children to stay CONNECTED and in TRUST with their innate BE-ING, giving them SPACE on ALL levels
……to express their UNIQUENESS,
……to LISTEN to their FEELINGS,
…….allowing them to BE
…….and stay connected with their SPIRITS in ONENESS!

We like to invite you ALL to observe, explore, re-think and learn with and about the most precious and amazing creation walking on planet Earth – our CHILDREN!

We are on the quest to bring into the LIGHT what ” they” don’t want us know!
Rather than taking everything what has been said and written about Children in our society for granted, we are re-questioning “what” they have told us about LIFE” , taking on the Ability to RESPOND and show them that we want to

For this YOU are needed – your reflections and your ACTIONS!

The HEART of the Center is the interaction between CHILDREN and PARENTS!

What we want and need, to make “We learn together” a COMMUNITY Project, are PARENTS committed to 4 days ACTIVE creative PARTICIPATION per month!

We do have the FREE-dom to create our REALITY!
We evaluate our project from the perspective of OUALITY of LIFE we like to provide and SHARE with ALL the CHILDREN and their families!
We offer them a beautiful natural SPACE, to explore and express their UNIQUENESS and to learn in LIFE staying connected to the ONENESS Experience!
Our approach can be best described as ONENESS EDUCATION!

The focus is to reflect the Experiences of the Children to the Children as a HOLISTIC Experience, where ALL on ALL levels - physical, emotional, mental and SPIRITUAL – is CONNECTED!
The process of educating our Children to ACTIVATE their earthly Potential and Purpose, requires along side a RE-EDUCATION of the PARENTS!

This is another reason WHY we like to have ACTIVE Parents Involvement:
Allowing our Children to express themselves in the presents of the PARENTS, WE simultaneously can reflect ALL upcoming issues and support both parents and children in their OWN process of AWAKENING and HEALING!

Healing manifests through AWAREness.
Liberating old pattern and allowing and exploring the NEW ways.
You ALL, as a parent or working with Children on Earth and everyONE, let us
re-member and allow yourself to LISTEN to what our CHILDREN have to say!

“Keep it simple
We do not need much – but we cannot get enough LOVE to support our growth!
Through that WE will be able to create the LIFE we came here for!”

The MISSION of our CHILDREN are important for the FUTURE of our LIFE on Earth – whatever their SPIRIT as a BE-ING manifests in LOVE will be for ALL and ONE!

For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;

What is “We learn together” our multi-age UN-SCHOOL Community Project about?

It is an invitation to parents who feel that
..the conventional school system does not fit and nourishes their children,
..who like to support each other on the way of rising children out of the mainstream
and want to explore new ways of learning!

Home schooling and Un-schooling are ways to see children as a unique being of potentials. It encourages them to celebrate who and what they are!
Home-schooling often follows a public approach at home were a Curriculum is taken from the outside.
Un-schooling is experienced–based or independent and natural learning

Un-schooling isn’t a method, it is a way of looking at children and at life!

We are fusing families who are taking charge of their own education and give them the space to collectively interact. We, in co creation with the parents, set a platform for the children to take responsibility of there own learning process.
We do not follow a “outside designed” curriculum
We trust that parents and children together, will find that path that works best for them. The learning experience for both, children and parents, is generated through an ongoing basis from the questions, ideas and theories put forward by the children, supported by the skills, talents and experience of the parents
We have no teachers (yet we are welcoming anyONE who like to make projects with the children ) this set the space for the parents to share their talents and ideas with the children, creating together a
...........UN-SCHOOL Experience !
We intend to create together an environment where children can express themselves, explore and investigate, think and reflect, be involved in projects, reinforce their identities, communicate and feel their identity and where their individuality is respected.
Since Children are naturally connected to the heartbeat of the Universe,
creative learning in TOUCH with Nature and Spirit
plays an essential role in Children Here and Now and will be emphasized on a daily base! (see Mystery School)
When Parents and Children join the forces, connecting the Community and share the UN school Experience we see a possibility for many more children and their families to explore and follow this NATURAL WAY of LEARNING and explore the world!

There is much more to share about….
For me this is only a beginning, a kind of Prototype, of what we can possibly manifest!
This is an invitation for you to experience UN Schooling without the so often overwhelming feeling of: “I have to do it alone”
We are not alone….we are ALL ONE and this experience is the natural state of being of ALL Children!
Children Here and Now is ever
Exploring .....
.........and Allowing to be carried by the children ... wherever it is BEST for them!

Anyone who likes to be with children and has an interest to learn and explore alongside with them, is welcome to join in and experience!

Change for the NEW EDUCATION needs YOU!

To change the Education it requires your participation, your ACTION!
Only talking about the CHANGE which is needed will remain nothing but an IDEA in the VOID!
You do not know what to do!?

Well, start doing ONLY what you like – TRUST into your innermost abilities the universe has given to you AND follow your FEELINGS!
Do you still think and believe that the universe is so very un–conscious that it creates human-beings which have to be TEACHED how to live a LIFE!?
Did EVOLUTION happen because it went to School?
The possibilities of the universe are so much greater that we perceive it at this moment – yet we are on the way, since forever! For our CHILDREN, we have to LIVE that CHANGE!
It is essential to UNDER-STAND for everyone WHAT actually is happening with the Education today!
Even for people without children this understanding is important, since it is SHAPING our FUTURE!
That’s what we are working on…. to bring LIGHT into what they don’t want us to know and learn!

CHILDREN HERE and NOW is one of the platform in the world, where children grow up OUT of the mainstream schools – we UN-SCHOOL them!
WE trust that the children will find the path that works best for them!

They grow with our loving guidance and learn naturally in LIFE..

Their learning process is definitely not in synchronicity with the mainstream school curriculum, since we step out of that!We do not measure the intelligence of our kids on the base of how much knowledge they have acquired or better, they are able to memorize.

We are truly educating our children and we hope that more and more of you will make the step to set children FREE from School and bring them back to LIFE!

We all bring something special with us, so please let’s start to EDUCATE our children! Create Spare for them to be able to “lead out” their innermost being and their talents
This is what will shape our future!
Children who are allowed to BE, to grow in their own unique pace, to PLAY and through that LEARN what they like to

Re-education needs you to understand HOW we NATURALLY LEARN best!
Allow the CHANGE to come from ”inside” out and keep yourself connected to the WHOLE!
The CHILDREN do not require that change in Awareness – they are AWARE!
What they require is your TRUST into them, that they can DO it!

For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;

Dariya K. Avantario

Our website is in programming and will be online soon:
Cause: SUPPORT the NEW Education Sitaram Vision

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Beginnings until the Conception of CHILDREN HERE and NOW in 2006

It ALL began with a MOVEMENT..... a Feeling which I had inside of me did make me look at matters concerning the "growing up" of my Children from all kinds of different angles.... to do so ONE things was clear for me from the BEGINNING.... my Children came on this planet to grow up close to me and their family and I will take on the respond-ability for them....yet, how we know as "new born parents" what IS the right thing to do!?
Kalen (my first Child) was born 2001 in a Birthing Center in Germany! I arrived via Airplane 4 weeks before due date, after 2 month of "trekking" happily through the Himalayas in Dharamsala, never seeing a midwife until then..... it was clear to me to give BIRTH naturally! How can being pregnant and giving birth NOT be naturally.... that time I trusted this MOVEMENT and follow my FEELINGS...... and it was right for my son, me and my husband!

Following the natural birth I received from a friend (thank you forever Suravi!) the name of a book: The AWARE Baby by Aletha Solter
I am not the "learning out of books" never really satisfied me to read and take things for granted..... I have to make the experience - I kind of "learn" BEST in LIFE -
"The Aware Baby" book simply answered ALL my questions and gave along with that helpful "how to do it" suggestions.......and so our journey began...

............we joined the MOVEMENT of AWARE PARENTING!

When we came to the stage where Children normally attend Kindergarten, we realized fast that where ever we wanted to integrate our child and spread our AWARE Parenting approach we created friction... Kalen was the first time "kicked" out off school by the age of 3 1/2 , not because of him, but because of the, for others, "too AWARE" parents!
Since the start of our sons school carrier ended that quickly, we got the chance to watch out for something that works BETTER for him and us.....
By that time our daughter Zorah was born NATURALLY in the Water and to BOND our family we all enjoyed our time together at HOME! To keep the Siblings together has been the BEST decision our family ever has made.... they are bonded, on all levels they are like ONE! Yes they do fight, but the way they move through the confrontations is a pretty "conscious" one.... I had the pleasure to get my "training" in Conscious Communication in the practice with my children at an early age.... and we are done for LIFE!

Kalen was about to turn 5 years and Zorah was 2 years and I was pregnant with our 3rd child!
To give myself a rest we tried out, for the last time, another Kindergarten..... it resulted into Zorah "screaming" everyday Kalen was leaving.....
After my 2nd daughter Kiyara was born naturally in the Water at HOME....I started to FEEL this MOVEMENT again.... I wanted to do something for and with my children...

A "place" where they can
... where PARENTS are welcome
... where AWARE Parenting is practiced and explored CHILDREN HERE and NOW was conceived!

This is how we organized CHILDREN HERE and NOW in the year 2006 - 2007!
We ran the project with 2 trained teachers and alongside with that we (me and Anna Jahns) started the AWARE PARENTING Gathering once a week at the same location!
Annas input had been tremendously mind opening. That time she has been writing for the BYRON CHILD Magazine (NOW Kindred Magazine), so we where directly connected to the MOVEMENT!

Creative learning in touch with nature and spirit!
Children Activity Centre
Dear parents, until the age of 6 or 7 children learn primarily by imitation:seeing and doing.
The Children Here and Now Activity Centre intend to create with the children a rhythmical flow of different activities as they explore their inner soul garden, expressing their innate artistic, social and physical abilities.These will include painting, drawing, modeling, play-acting, puppetry, singing, stories, poems, games, handicrafts, cooking, gardening, sport and free play. As well as writing, reading, counting for the older children.
Using a variety of natural materials fosters a scope of imagination in play which many finished toys don't provide.
Childhood is a time of wonder and imagination as they learn more about the world we live in with Father Sky, Mother Earth and Sunny Sun (Goa, India).

Starting 01 November 2006 and continuing year around
Who for? For children from 2 1/2 – 7 years
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Location: Assagao2 groups with 6 children each
guided by 2 experienced teachers (Montessori/ Play way Method)
Children who stay short term are welcome!
Call us at 0832 – 2268158

Children Activity Centre
This weeks topic: VACCINATION
Tuesday, 30th January 2007 10:30 am
with Rafael (Homeopath/ Heilpraktiker)
For all pregnant women, new mothers and young families who are interested in truly nurturing their children and raising themselves as aware parents!We invite you to join the powerful worldwide movement towards conscious parenting and sustainable, intelligent living.
“The way the children are treated, they will treat the world”
Pam Leo, Connection Parenting

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's ON in CHILDREN HERE and NOW 2009/2010

Welcome to our CHILDREN HERE and NOW BLOG....

To stay upated and connected with us join in the community and subscribe this BLOG!

This is a "little" Intro to what will be ON this coming month in our Children Community.. looking forward to meet you ;)

We like to invite you to observe, explore,
re-think and learn with and about the most precious and amazing creation walking on planet Earth – our CHILDREN!

The HEART of the Center is the interaction between PARENTS and CHILDREN!

The UN-SCHOOL Community Project “We learn together”
…. is an invitation to parents who feel that the conventional school system does not fit and nourishes their children, who like to support each other on the way of rising children out of the mainstream to follow a NATURAL WAY of LEARNING!
We open up a place for CHILDREN of ANY AGE (3 years and up), where various Activities are happening in co-creation of families, who intent to look into and explore NEW conscious ways of growing our children into a LIFE in the 21st century!
Come and visit us on “The LAND” -our 2.000 sqm NATURAL LEARNING PLAYGROUND in Assagao! ........
We are open all year!

The AWARE Parenting Gathering
...meets twice a month and invites all FAMILIES to join the powerful worldwide movement towards conscious parenting and sustainable, intelligent living!
We come together – come with your children! – share our experiences; discuss our feelings, to clarify our doubts, and to support each other in AWARE parenting!
“The way we treat the children, they will treat the world”
We have a huge library of resources, books, web sites, films and articles to share!
Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month! From 10:30 - 12 am!
We start gathering on Friday 30th October 2009......see you with your children...

…..needs our UNDERSTANDING! Here we like to support you and your children!
Regain your TRUST to the NATURAL HEALING ability of your Body, Mind and SPIRIT!
We offer In-Formation about Nutrition, Vaccination, Obesity, Allergy and more!
Our COLOR EXPLORATION and HEALING Consultations with AURA-SOMA for Children and Parents help to reflect underlying issues on many levels!

Workshop and Events
We offer Workshops and Events for Parents and Children to explore LIFE NATURALLY! From Meditation to Gardening to Colors, Mayan Cosmology 13:20, Joggling and Conscious Communication ….SIMPLY get in touch with us and we bring you IN-FORMATION

… to share your talents with the children…make workshops, events or just come to visit…. We look forward to play with you!

…… who like to BE with CHILDREN and has an interest to learn and explore alongside with them, is welcome to join in and experience!

More about CHILDREN HERE and NOW:
Conscious Conception-Natural Birth- Aware Parenting-Conscious Communication– Home Schooling–Un-schooling Community Project – Natural Learning – Emotional & Spiritual Awareness- Mystery School – Family, Partnership & Intimacy - Health Care – Earth Care – Creating Community – Survival - LOVE and more

For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;

Dariya K. Avantario

Holistic (Research) Center for Children
268, Soccol VaddoAssagao Bardez -
Goa 403507
Phone: 0091 - (0) 832 - 2268158
Handy: 0091 - (0) 9326127307

Saturday, September 5, 2009

COLORS - a journey into the RAINBOW

CHILDREN love to play with C O L O R S !

Colors are the most beautiful gift we recieve from nature greatest Artist "Mother Earth"

The Seed of Life, also called the Colors Rose,

contains ALL there is in the UNIVERS!

To understand the language of COLOR helps to translate every aspect of Life there is and brings along integration HEALING on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level!

The exploration of the 13 Colors of the SEED of LIFE, in fusion with the 13 Tones of the MAYAN CALENDAR, is part in the daily activities of CHILDREN HERE and NOW "We learn together" -our Un-School COMMUNITY Project!

Join in and explore the RAINBOW with US!

The event COLORS - a journey to the RAINBOW of LIFE will last FOREVER.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vaccination !! Flu Prevention !! Get In*Formed !!

Its TIME for ACTION - Spread the word, bring your friend in-FORMATION - they want to make VACCINATION MANDATORY - that means everyONE HAS TO BE Vaccinated... defend your RIGHT for FREEDOM!

159 million Americans are being urged to get the H1N1 vaccine when it's ready, including 78 million children.

H1N1 Vaccine is aimed at
Pregnant women
People in contact with children under 6 month
Children and young people 6-24 years
Adults with underlying conditions 24-64
Health Care and Emergency Workers
They say that this is about 40% of the American Population….. if you want to get SAVED by the American Pharmaceutical Industry…. now is the chance to line up for TEST Vaccination!

And if you want to know “How they will save you from the Swineflu” watch this!

and if you believe that they test the adults first watch this
H1N1 Tested on Kids

Need to be more manipulated?
The LIE, that H1n1 Vaccines contains nothing that will damage your children and the statement that you would be heartbroken if your child catches the Flu and lies in Hospital close to death

You going to be "heartbroken" if your child got sick or died from the VACCINATION!

India Import Swine Flu Vaccines

Prevention from Swine Flu:
As a follow up to the Vaccine Story I though it might help to in-Form about possible preventions from the Swine Flu!
I can understand the FEAR you might experience especially if you have Children, yet essential is that you keep your Immune-System functioning!
So do whatever you know is GOOD for you and your family:
Through good Food and happy healthy Lifestyle you radiate a positive Energy!

For me key to good health is GOOD Food! Give your body the right amount of NUTRITION he needs in order to function for YOU!
Intake a bit more of this HEALTHY FOOD when you start to feel weak and take a REST!
- boost with a high level of Vitamin C available through LEMON SHOOTS (press out several Lemon a DAY and drink undiluted)
- You might add some pressed out fresh GINGER juice

In any case you have come across OSCILLO COCCINUM… that’s what I have found about
The TRUE Story of Oscillo Coccinum

If you have more to share  please feel invited to share it with us!

Vaccination is NOT Immunisation

Vaccination is not Immunization.
Say NO to Vaccines.
It is important for ALL of you to understand the effects and danger of vaccination for you and your children!
With the swine flu comes along chance for us to get things back in-FORM!
So please get informed and make the RIGHT choice......

I received this email about a year ago and passed it around in our network!

"An email from a friend today reflected me the URGENCY of this matter!
He said as follows:
This is serious business nobody can look past. The prophecies have been warning us about this a long time ago. Now it is show time. Things move very fast now and we got to be prepared for anything. By becoming aware we can walk with more alertness and strengthen the circle in times of challenge. "

and added a long informative text about the SCAM the governments are up to!
Here an excerpt:
Mass vaccination against flu
"The Norwegian health authorities will this fall begin a program of mass vaccination against the A H1N1 flu, also called the swine flu. A total of 9.4 million doses have been ordered from the suppliers."

For your information to protect You and Your loved ones.
Some scientists taking this to court have evidence indicating mass population control (genocide) by this mandatory vaccine.... Amidst these, Dr Jane Burgermeister (see below)

"Horrors of Vaccination"
"WHO poised to take over governments around the globe after mandating toxic vaccines against H1N1 “swine flu” virus
July 14, 2009 by birdflu666

Yesterday, WHO formally instructed its 194 signatory countries to “vaccinate” their entire population in response to the H1N1 pandemic.
The transcript of the WHO press briefing can be found here.

I have not check all the details of the above links, but invite you to do so and pass on your gained knowledge...If you like to receive the 31 pages text which goes along with it, please send me a message with your email...


Deep from my heart I would like that ALL of you take the time and READ this email from Dr. Leo Rebollo which enlightens VERY well the actuall danger of Vaccination for ourselves and our CHILDREN!!

I feel its time to step up and get in-formed about how to take care of our Children in a way that they stay connected naturally with their environment and build up their IMMUNITY!
Please feel invited and DO circulate this information widely


Here some more links about the danger of Vaccination:


Asks Dr. Leo Rebello from Bombay India.

I learn with shock that the worst vaccine law ever is proposed in New York since
the invention of the mandatory schedule. Assembly Bill 10942 would
make all vaccines recommended by the CDC mandatory for all children to attend school.

The bill was introduced at the request of Richard Daines,
the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health.
The Rules Committee in the personal committee of the Assembly Speaker
Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan), I gather from a letter received by me
from a concerned parent.

The good news is that A-CHAMP is calling for rejection of this bill
and is demanding the passage of A5468/S3031, a bill that would give individuals
a right to a philosophical exemption from vaccine mandates and I think the
informed parents and others would ensure that obscure bureaucrats
with financial ties to the vaccine industry do not get the laws passed from
the backdoor defeating democracy and personal freedom itself.

Here are a few dangerous features of the proposed bill which should
be defeated :

* Your elected New York representatives would no longer determine
the mandatory schedule of vaccines to attend school; decisions made
by the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
would automatically become mandatory.

* All children, infants and toddlers in New York would
be required to get all vaccines recommended by the ACIP according to
the ACIP schedule

* All children in New York up to age 18 would be required to get
annual flu shots.

* All girls in New York would be required to get a human papilloma
virus shot.

* All junior high school children and college students would be
required to get meningococcal shots.

* Doctors would be required to issue certificates for every shot
given and parents would be required to maintain the records and
provide them to school and other authorities.

* The rules committee claims that the new laws would have no
fiscal impact on the state despite the necessity of the state to
spend tens of millions on purchasing new vaccines, a vast increase in
mandatory record keeping and enforcement for schools, and a huge
increase that could be expected in the number of cases of
neurological damage, Guillian Barré syndrome and other vaccine-caused

Today it is New York. If this law is allowed to be passed, tomorrow
the Vaccine Industry will press for passing such back door legislation
in other states. The Paediatricians whom you trust with the future of
your tiny tots are of no use because they get 60% of their income by
pushing these useless and deadly poisons.

So, my dear American friends if you are sleeping, it is time to wake up and defeat this bill.
Call up your Assembly Member, State Senator, Speaker, Governor, media persons,
and let them know that this is a disastrous idea which will not be tolerated.

Your well-wisher Dr. Leo Rebello sends you this FREE advice and the following
articles to educate you on the dangerous effects of Vaccination.


by Dr. Leo Rebello

Immunity is inbuilt -- it may be weak, medium or strong. If weak it can be built. For healthy immunity your blood should be 70% alkaline and 30% acidic. But because of the wrong food that we eat day in and day out this ratio is in inverse proportion. Impure blood then destroys the immunity and internal organs creating dis-ease state.

The lethal brew called the vaccinations made from disease cells and so many obnoxious ingredients do not build up immunity. Rather these vaccines are introduced to create more diseases. As I have said in my new doctor's oath, vaccinations are worse than rape. It is heinous and those who have made vaccination mandatory, like in USA and in the EU countries, are the mass murderers. Hitler pales into insignificance when it comes to genocide of small children due to vaccinations.

So many clandestine events are planned behind the closed doors of the medical laboratories which have a set agenda to follow, namely population control. For example, how many people (including doctors, parents, planners, politicians, advocates, administrators, consumer rights organisation) are even aware that now the required number of childhood vaccines has increased to dangerous levels. These are the weapons of mass destruction.

1980 20 vaccines
2003 40 vaccines
2004 53 vaccines
2005 58 vaccines
2006 63 vaccines
2008 68 vaccines

Why is this number going up every year and it is never reported or discussed in the media or in the parliaments of the nations? Earlier, vaccinations were given only to small children. Now they are recommended even to senior citizens and there are 73 vaccines for adults.

As a result people are getting sicker. Issues like, (a) Sudden Infant Death, (b) Autism, (c) Measles (d) Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine, (e) Flu Shots and Mercury in Vaccines, (f) Why infant deformities and deaths are increasing are deliberately not discussed.

New vaccines are being invented every year and routinely included in the "Mandated Immunization Schedule".

Who has made them mandatory and on what basis? Money decides everything. See how Bird Flu scare is created and then inadequately tested or costly Tami Flu is promoted. But cancer and AIDS vaccine is nowhere in sight. Because these two diseases are created by infecting bloodline itself.

Today, there are 68 vaccines mandated for use before a child is eighteen years old. And yet, our infant mortality rate and the health of our children are appalling. The incidence of both infectious diseases and degenerative diseases among Americans is skyrocketing. Allopathy is a pseudo science and allopathic vaccinations are based not on scientific premise but greed and more greed. The role of vaccinations over the past 100 years has been grossly exaggerated and the harm done has been carefully hidden from public view. Life-changing information is deliberately hidden by the immoral greed-driven industry. BBC recently removed the website on CAM. When I complained to them, they wrote saying they are improving it and it will be up again shortly. By the same token the Modern Medicine website, which gives much more misleading and dangerous information is not removed, I countered.

Veggie vaccines, urine vaccines, homeopathic vaccines (nosodes) are never discussed even though they are cheaper, safer and without any side effects. Likewise, the role of good diet and nutrition, as also herbs, fruits and vegetables (God's pharmacy) is never discussed. Now you require a doctor's prescription even to buy vitamins and minerals, even though banned and bannable drugs are freely available off the shelf.

Wake up folks, wake up. In this information explosion age if you do not get proper information or if you do not use your common sense than you are an educated fool. If you wish to remain in fool's paradise that is your look out. But do not rape your children willy-nilly.

by Dr. Leo Rebello


There is no Vaccine against Ignorance.

Say NO to Vaccines.

Vaccination is worse than Rape. Atleast rape is rare and accidental.
Vaccination is deliberate madness.

Vaccination is not Immunisation.

Like formal education stunts the mental growth of a child;

Like religions stunt the spiritual growth of an individual;

Vaccinations and Drugs stunt the growth of the wondrous human body.

Stay Free from this Unholy Trinity.

1. What goes into making vaccines? What are the ingredients?
How are they made? How are they preserved?

-- Free-dried attenuated live bacteria of the disease.
-- Dextran glucose.

-- Triton WR 1339 (a detergent).

-- Sodium.

-- Human Foetal Tissue.

-- Various Antibiotics.

-- Preservatives and Sweeteners.

-- MSG, Thimerosal (preservative)

Polio Vaccine, for example, contains :

Three strains of Polio virus; formaldehyde; aluminium phosphate or aluminium hydroxide; neomycin, streptomycin and polymyxin B (antibiotics); 2-phenoxyethanol (a preservative); medium 199 which contains polysorbate 80 (an emulsifier); cultured on monkey kidney cells or calf foetus tissue. The inactivated (injectable) Polio vaccine is cultivated on Vero cells (African green monkey kidney cells).

2. What is the risk involved in vaccines? Why should I, as a parent, consider not giving them to my child?

Vaccines wiped out small-pox, polio, diphtheria, typhoid, influenza, we are told. In effect, however, the blood contamination from the vaccines not only causes the same disease in severe and even fatal forms, but the vaccine poisons cause other diseases, such as, blindness, brain damage, cancer, Autism, AIDS and deaths.

3. What are your thoughts on immunity and the immune system?
How to build good health and strong immune system?

Immunity is inbuilt -- it may be weak, medium or strong. If weak it can be pumped up. For healthy immunity your blood should be 70% alkaline and 30% acidic. But because of the wrong food that we eat day in and day out this ratio is in inverse proportion. Impure blood then destroys the immunity and internal organs creating dis-ease state.

Immunity is intestine and liver related. If your intestine and liver are healthy, your immunity will be strong. Probiotics like curds, buttermilk, sprouts, fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs (God's pharmacy) improve your intestinal health and liver function. Oranges and lemons, or Vitamin C, in particular, and Vitamins A, E, K and B Complex help in building up immunity, as also Alfalfa, spirulina supplements.

For good immunity you should avoid antibiotics, steroids, soft and hard drugs, narcotic and psychotropic substances. Proper sleep and rest and exercise are also important for healthy immune system.

Biochemic remedies like the five phos (Calc. Phos, Ferrum Phos, Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Nat Phos) - the essential salts, two tablets thrice a day in 6x potency are very good in febrile condition.

Dr. Diet, Dr. Water, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Exercise, Dr. Sleep, Dr. Humour and Dr. Leo Rebello are the best seven doctors of the world.

4. What are your personal experiences in your family with vaccines?

I did not give vaccinations to both my sons. My both boys do not know what bitter medicine is. They have always been brought up on sweet pills of homeopathy or biochemic remedies. Likewise, I have also influenced so many of my friends, patients, students and readers not to vaccinate.

5. If the vaccines are so dangerous, then why there are no discussions happening in India?

Awareness is there among the villagers as also among the netizens. But the medicine
mafia frightens people and does NOT allow the right information to reach theme through mass media. They buy off the media persons through heavy advertising. Sometimes vaccines are given routinely even without asking the parents. The corrupt Health Officials buy, prescribe, distribute vaccines because of heavy commissions. They even use the Presidents and Governors and ignorant filmstars and sportsmen to promote these vaccines. So, if your icon takes narcotic substances, millions of his blind followers too think it is fashionable to do so. Same applies to vaccines and cough syrups and antibiotics and multivitamins and anti-tetanus and calcium and iron injections or glucose saline being given routinely to pregnant mothers like HIV test is being done routinely without even asking the patient.

6. How can we reverse vaccines?

There are antidotes in Homeopathy - like Thuja, Kali Mur and Kali Phos.

As also liver flush, colon cleanse, lemon cleanse, kunjar kriya and shankhaprakshalana in nature cure and yoga.

7. What are your experiences with vaccine campaigns in India?

It is picking up. More and more people are becoming alert and wiser. But when ignorant school authorities, like in Chandigarh (because an Administrator of the UT has passed a law to that effect) ask for Vaccination proof, like if you have to visit some African countries you have to compulsorily take Yellow Fever vaccine (or produce a certificate by bribing) even though urban yellow fever has not been reported since 1942, the madness goes on.

Allopathic Vaccination is a programme designed to reduce the unwanted population. In short, it is a population control programme indulged in by the spiritually unevolved so-called Illuminati, who have now been warned by Ninja group of Japan, that if they do not withdraw from this sinister design they will be eliminated. Rightly so, because a few decadent families and their servants cannot ruin the billions of people of the world and turn Green Planet Earth into a Brown Planet of Death.






AIDS -- Cyclosporin, Medorrhinum, Syphilinum, Thuja or
potentised blood of a confirmed AIDS patient.
Cancer -- Carcinocin.
Chicken Pox -- Malandrinum or Variolinum.
Diptheria -- Diphtherinum or Mercurius Cyanatus.
Infective Hepatitis -- Nux Vomica.
Influenza -- Arsenic Album or Influenzinum.
Measles (Rubella) -- Morbillinum or Pulsatilla.
Mumps -- Pilocarpus.
Polio -- Lathyrus or Polio Nosode.
Small Pox -- Variolinum.
Tetanus -- Hypericum.
Tuberculosis -- Bacillinum or Tuberculinum.
Typhoid -- Arsenic Album or Baptisia.
Whooping Cough (Pertussis) -- Drosera or Pertusin.

For after effects of Allopathic Vaccination or Vaccinosis give Thuja or Kali Mur.

These remedies are cheaper, without side effects and very effective.

For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;

In love
Dariya Avantario

CHILDREN HERE and NOWHolistic (Research) Center for Children268, Soccol VaddoAssagao Bardez - Goa 403507INDIAPhone: 0091 - (0) 832 - 2268158Handy: 0091 - (0)


A film on vaccines
will be released soon
for further information

Are Vaccines Causing More Disease Than They are Curing?
By Alan Cantwell, M.D.

Cancer Causing Vaccines, Polio, AIDS & Monkey Business
By Alan Cantwell, M.D.

Isaac Golden
Any comments will be gratefully received by the author if sent to P.O. Box 155, Daylesford, Australia. 3460. Telephone (03) 5348 3667.
The author’s following publications are available from the above address. For postage within Australia allow $4.00 for one book or $6.00 for 2 or 3 books.
Vaccination? A Review of Risks and Alternatives - revised 5th edition, 1997. $A25.00.
Homoeoprophylaxis - A Practical and Philosophical Review - 2nd edition, 1997. $A10.00.
Homoeoprophylaxis - A Ten Year Clinical Study. 1997. $A15.00.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August 2009

This is a short documentation of “what” is happening in CHILDREN Here and Now! I would like that ALL parents taking part of the project write down “simply and short” what they experience during the time with the children!
Whatever you feel is remarkable –physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually– write it down!
This material will serve to reflect for us, at least a part of, the experience our Children have when they are coming together!
For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;
(S) = Small STARS age 3-4
(M) = Middle Stars age 5-6
(B) = BIG Stars age 8


13 Cosmic Skywalker OxLahun Ben
Tuesday 4th August 2009

RAM joined the group with the (B)
Salome our guest of the DAY

(B)+(M): Setting up Electricity Project “conduct” or “Insulate”

Children built the circuit by themselves and collected material out of the environment to see what conducts and insulates
Testing and Documentation of the project by the older children

(M) Found a Bird nest
This inspired them to start a “we make birds” project out of wool/glue/feathers – a continuum of the OCTOPUS Project

(M) simple Math 1-10
10 pots with 55 chickpeas
Make in each pot the numbers of peas from 1-10
Counting them together on the Abacus

(S) Kiyara simply joined into
Messed up the Chickpeas – disturbed the (M) during counting and gave us many possibilities to explore “Conscious Communication”

2 Lunar Eagle Ca MEN Thursday
6th August 2009

ALL together:
We started our CHILDREN Here an Now “PLANT NURSERY”

o Everybody made his own little nursery in a flower pot
o Presented a collection of seed ask them identify the seed.
o Difference between fruit/food tree/plant and flower plants
o Exploration in the garden
o Custard Apple from seed to the fruit
o Harvesting our own basil and making pesto
o What is Pesto made of?
o Write Receipt of Ingredients
o Make it in the kitchen

Lunch: Pasta with homemade PESTO
After lunch FREE PLAY….everyONE can choose what the like to do:
Ram continued his OCTUPUS
Tara her 2nd Bird
Then they took of with a amazing improvised “SHOW”!
Ram – the Clown & Kalen – the Acrobat

ALL together:
I told them the STORY of the “SEED of LIFE”
and along made a drawing how Seed grow from “Seed to Seed”

(B) copied the Story and the drawings

Resonat SUN UC AHAU (Gap)
Tuesday 11th August 2009

(B) immediately went to the WOOL and started to make more bird
(M) Lego Build and play Zorah numbers.
- 10 pot and Abacus Repetition
-Number book practice.

(B) – Om the quest of the TUAIAKA
Kalen made Referral about his discoveries of the last living Dinosaur – see info
Sharing about what everyone knows.
Question and Answer
Characteristics of Reptiles
Ram: Turkey was a Dinosaur?
Kalen: Giant Shell Turtile alive?
Tara: Krokodile

News: People in Goa found a small crocodile
Snack Break
(B) Create Octahedron
- Repetition of

2D and 3D
(M) Zorah joined
- Raman back to Lego
(B) once completed back to continue with WOOL and BIRDS

IDEA- to create landscape with all Woolen Animals and photograph it. Miriam we do need the photos!

Salome came as a guest

13:15 Lunch

(B) Wool animals
Tara made a white horse
Ram made a Squid
Kalen played Lego

(M) Raman played Lego all day.
Raman sang a song
Zorah sang a song
Kiyara made a show which ended up in a big drama

(S) The break out of Kiyara has a certain intensity to be observed and attention is needed.

(M) play family and giving Birth
Zorah –Mama
Salome – Baby

Raman – I believe I am the Doctor

9 Solar WIND Bolon IK (Gap)
Thursday 13th August 2009

(B) Completing writing text of Tuatara
(M) Introduction of e (egg writing practices) – Lego
(B) Compile nature and spirit Folder
All repeat the Tuatara and watch the film about Henry.- who became a father at age 100 years..;)

SNACK late during snack we explore how to make Yogurt
- what is needed
- What kind of Milk there is
- - Bacteria
- (M) – taste the Yogurt.

Next week:-
Tue – Make Yogurt
Thur : cheese

(B) They wanted to do the next shape. - Dodecahedron

Zorah joined in with her story about her boyfriend and meanwhile coloring they talked about the how the imaginative Boyfriend of Zorah looks like meanwhile Tara made a Phantom Picture of him

Late Lunch 13:45

Free play and again WOOL
Ram& Tara
Kalen played Lego with Raman
- Make Children Here and Now Planer.

1 week all children Cold and cough
Take a rest all at home
On their own learning journey

3 Electric MOON OX Muluc
Thursday 20th August 2009

We made Thursday an Unschool Adventure day
See photos
- Flower collection
- Bicycle tour later
- Dischungell Walk
- Crossing River
- Pooja Temple
- Identifying flowers

8 Galactic WIZARD Vaxac IX

Tuesday 25/08/2009

Ganesha Holiday

What’s happening in Children Here and now

I was wondering what to write to you..
How to reflect for you what is actually happening with Children Here an Now.!

Well rather than sending you a concept or structure of what we are planning for Children Here and now, and we will…. Yet, I thought I simply tell you what is happening in Assagao on the LAND in the HERE and NOW!

We are just recovering from some physical challenges the kids were going through.
They all catch up a cold and needed a time of rest for healing!
So the realization for us in this process is that from NOW on, whenever the children are feeling tired and they a on the way to enter a HEALING crisis, they stay at home, relax and REST!
It for the well-BEING of ALL of us!

We are just completing the week of celebration of the birthday of Lord GANESHA!
It’s always a great time, since all the children have school-HOLI-DAY and we organize with some parents a GANESHA CAMP!