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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Diary NOVEMBER 2009 entering the Mayan Core Day

Welcome to our journey in the month of NOVEMBER.... its been a time of re-gathering since many of the Families just arrived in Goa!
Now by the beginning of December our Garden is enjoying its first sprouts and blossoms and we enjoy the results of our diggings;)
The production for our Fleamarket is in its FULL Gears...and you will be surprised WHAT Ideas the kids are coming up with.....
ENJOY to read through our Adventures..... ONE thing which was again astonishing for ME is the SYCHRONISITY the kids are vibrating....its NOW more than CLEAR to me that we absolutly can TRUST them to take charge of their OWN personal LEARNING Rhythem.... we are writing this for YOU to see what ALL can happen when we DO so....
For the Evolution
For the CHILDREN of this Planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE;)


11th November 2009

Session I - Flying Classroom with Navina (B) Kalen 10 – 3 -Candle/Agarbatti
Om – Prayer – Asato ma sat garmaya

- Draw Yoga Postures in book ½
- Boxes Decoration. Om Boxes 1 each =3
- Playdough /paper
- Pista Shells/string

Ideas for Poster/ things to make for the flea market

Kitchen – Pasta Salad
- Brinjal Saute

Book of Prayers(10 – from different lands) Poems/songs/chants/

10 Planetry WIZARD LAHUN 1X

13th November 2009
Session II - Flying Classroom with Navina (B)

- Alphabet writing in calligraphy (for Mantras/Poems) – With different Instruments.
- Make a story with different Alphabets(Name/Place/animal Thing)
- 4 nature songs ( Learn Sing and Write)
- Fossil on Plaster of Paris/Clay (Leaf sneil bone)
- Pencil holder from Pringles x 2

NKM MYO HO REN GE KYO : chanting, saying, writing, body sounds – Parts
Dinosaurs – song Poem/ Read Book/Write learn sing draw. (made up 3 new stanzas - write
Yoga: 20 mins
Lunch: Aloo methi/ Pumpkin/Carot Salad – Veg Juice
Pencil Holder – snow flakes.


17th November 2009


Official RE-Opening of the season on the magnetic Mirror – we are ready to receive ALL REFLECTIONS:) All came late apart Ramesh
Opening Circle with Color Turquoise – expanding the heart.
The Circle of Children today is Kalen, Zorah, Kiyara, Ramesh, Tanay, Juhi, Inika

Inika is the first Child born in Children Here and Now when we started it in 2006 and youngest in the group HERE and NOW
- finally Play dough Time;)
- The S+M made a new collection of colourful Play dough

(B) Went for a game of snakes and ladders
- M: 15 Snack Time
- S+M went to PLAY with the New Play dough creating beautiful
(colorful Shapes/Cakes/Lollypops

‘B’ We explore the 13 month Mayan Calendar (Watch, Extra Sheet)
Tanay, started to update himself by exploring + painting his own Mayan Birth Kin LAHUN IK
Kalen kept on Writing

13:30 LUNCH Tanay prepare the table

M: Repeating the letters s-a-t
Writing practice /finding words which start with the letters
S: join in and color the Practice Sheets

- little jump in the pool
- ‘B’ another round snake C Ladder

- (S) drawing on blackboard

- (M) reading book/exploring our bookshelf

- (B) Playing Hide and Seek

Starting Gardening Since the NEW MOON is rising
- each 1 pot papaya seeds
- 2 pots Pumpkin seeds


18th November 2009
Zorah, Kiyara and Ramesh

- Started cleaning the Tree House. Sweeping, scrubbing and moving in the little kitchen and playshop.
- Leaf Drawing: Collected different kinds of leafs and made imprints with them to create handmade Greeting Cards. Each child made 1 card.
- Snack Break in the tree House – they loved it!
- Free Play – sailing boat in the Pool.
- Zorah build a shower:)
- Ramesh and Kiyara counting in English and German 1 – 10 then up to 30 with the Abascus
- Reading English /German: Image Dictionary was very funny since Kiyara named every Picture in English. Whereas Ramesh named it in German and they helped each other


18th November 2009

Session III - Flying Classroom with Navina (B)

Namoyoho venge Kyo
Om Mani Padme Hum

Calligraphy – Alphabets and pens
Word search
(Pringles box c faces.)

Posters to make for Flea Market


Banana fruity melon - Food is Health
Sandwich: Peel/Cut/Tools/Tomato Cucumber, carrot onion, lettuce.

Dinosaur : story – stickers – Tanay
From Bone to stone

3 Electric SUN OX AHAU

19th November 2009

Making a Experiment – Lightening
- We all went to the Plant Nursery where they enjoyed till lunch . They ran in and about . We explored who can identify different trees and plants.
- We recorded on the Blackboard our experience with the experiment.

Making a Experiment.
Who makes an Experiment? Inventors, Scientists?
How to start:-
We need an IDEA – something we like to figure out – Make lightening
Collect information about our IDEA: Electric charge jumps from– creating ELECTRIC CHARGE .
Clouds to the ground – Thunder – Lightening thereafter the rain starts.

Electric charge is made when water drops and ice crystals RUB against each other.
The discharge of this is called LIGHTENING.

7 Re-sonate SEED UC KAN

23rd Nov 2009

Monday Floating DAY

HO IK. UAC AKBAL. UC KAN....LISTEND to the OVERTON of the WIND to EMPOWER the light within the NIGHT feeling the RHYTHMIC heartbeat of creation to RE-SONATE with the center of ALL SEEDS....TIME to get INSPIRED...


24th November 2009 TUESDAY

Today Lisa and Nadine.

Issa starting new

- Opening Circle with White Light
- Light through Crystal makes the Rainbow.
- Singing out OUR NAMES and from there we went into a singing journey where each child sang a song
- Hello /Bonjour
- Little Frog Song in Swedish
- Alle meine Entchen

- Then we went into the PLAYDOUGH World. They were absorbed in that world for a long time(S)

(M) Issa got her drawer /the Nature and Spirit Folder and drew her front pictures then after the SNACK 11.30 . they joined and created FRUITS AND VEGETABLES

- photos Nadine :)
And played shop with our own Play dough Money.
- Lunch 13:30
After LUNCH we explored ‘PUFF the Magic Dragon and sang together the whole story

Free Play Catch and Marry Kalen
Circle and explored along with the Book. What is beautiful?
Closing Circle AUM

NADINA and LISA Diary1st working day 24.11.09 The day began in a circle. Because there where so many new people everybody has to sing his name and all the others repeat it twice. Then there was a talking stick. This means that everybody who holds the stick may talk or sing or dance something to the others. All the other children are then quiet and listen to the other child.Now the group divides itself into smaller groups and the children play with play-do or paint pictures on their own. After two hours there is a snack break and everybody shares his food, fruits and bread, with each other. For the adults there is also tea available.The next thing we do is singing ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ and afterwards the children made Puff out of play-do. Actually, the children were so busy with each other that they nearly played all the time in small groups. So we did not have to do very much than being there and help them if they have questions.At one o’clock there is lunchtime and we ate Indian food and salad together. Now, all children who are about three years old go home and only the older children stay till four o’clock. After the lunch there is ‘free play’. This indicates that the children can do whatever they want and the adults just sit there and have a look. Due to the fact that the children were so active playing we did not interrupt them. We were only present and if they had questions they could come to us. At four o’clock it was over and the parents caught their children.Actually ‘Children Here and Now’ is not a school but rather a holistic center. Our main issue here is playing with the kids. On Tuesday there were three children between the ages of 5 till 8 and three children of the age of 3.


25th November 2009 Wednesday

..ready to walk with the CHILDREN on the Bridge between the WORLD with the INTENTION to MOBILIZE all SOLAR Opportunities...gonna be FUN to PLAY to-DAY ;)

Middle and small STARS on the land

Kalen and Tanay where in the Flying Classrom and learned without knowing consciously about the PEACE DAY to day the Bhoomi Mangalam Prayer

May there be peace on Earth!
Bhoomi Mangalam =Earth
Udaka = Water
Agni = Wind
Gagana = Sky
Surya = Sun

In reality Navina took Kalen & Tanay today for an outing into the Mapusa World ..definitely bridging their daily reality into another Dimension.. the world “outside” Home / Friends home and common know place… to MAPUSA Indian Market Life ;)

They went in a black…. Urjas Car ? instead of, as envisioned, with the LOCAL BUS!

The Children on the land were in a spacing space….. very much into their own world and we were ALL VERY HOT…

Opening Circle with WAKING UP the Meridians…..
Aura-Soma Color of the Day by Ramesh
WHITE – explored more about white light
Earth my Body – Water my Blood . Air my Breath Fire my Spirit Song

Yoga Story of Lily and Mimi

- (S) Finger print painting
- (M) Explored letter “ i “writing Practice
Very Spacey day yet we did a lot

No: 1-30 with Issa and Zorah with dot – to – dot picture till 30.

- All played Lego joined Ramesh and his great pyramid

Snack Time

- Sand – Painting with Glue
Make a picture and fill with Colour sand
- next step make a mosaic of it.

Story on the life of Buddha.
- Five/Water/Flash card game.

NADINA and LISA Diary 2nd Working Day 25.11.09
The day began as well as yesterday with a circle. Everybody got a drop of white light in his left hand. Then we rubbed our hands together and gave the light to the sky. Secondly we gave the light all over our body and then into the earth. Next we dray our hands and made a connection between the earth and the sky. At last we smell the white light.The next thing we did was singing the ‘Earth, Water, Air, and Fire’ song. The group divided and Zorah and Issa learned the numbers from 1 to 30. The other kids played with playmobil or painted with us. At 11 o’clock there was the snack break. After the break the children went on with building different buildings and cars with playmobil. Issa and Zorah made postcards for the flea market out of glitter sand. Later all kids were making postcards. Then Dariya read the story of ‘Little Buddha’ to the kids. After a while everybody went into the garden in order to play ‘Fire, Water, Lightning’. After 15 minutes nobody has any more power and so Zorah made crowns for all other children in order to be a king, queen, or princess.

10 Planetary HAND that Heals LAHUN MANIK

26th Nov 2009 THURSDAY

...we CHILDREN of the HERE and NOW ACCOMPLISHED with our Healing Hands to plan(e)t(ary) in our NEW (also made today!) 'CIRCLE' Garden Ladyfingers, Radish, Tamarind - Papaya -Custard Apple - Pumpkin -Avocado and Chicco SEEDS....may they manifest in the CIRCLE of Life and grow in our activated the TREE with FLOWERS and FRUITS of LIFE!

LAHUN MANIK 26th November 2009

- Started gardening until all arrived. All were busy removing stones.
- A Big Hello today
We re-welcome Miro, Tara and Raman.
Tanay met Nadine and Lisa for the first time.
- Kiyara chose pink as the Aura – Soma Colour of the Day.
Pink is RED with white Light which is in sync with our Project for the day
= Preparing the Earth for Planting
Zorah shared the color and guided the Color Ritual

Sing out ALL NAMES and explored the Meaning of each childs name!
This was amazing HOW they described themselves the meaning of their Names ;)

Every ONE wanted to talk with each other since they have not met for a long time.

Then we went into the garden where we had early in the morning added sand and ashes to the Earth – our workers are preparing a CIRCLE under the tree for gardening
We helped as much as we could.
1. We filled Coconuts with Earth
2. (B) Prepared the part of the circle for planting ladyfingers and Radish.
3. Planted Papaya/Pumpkin /Custard
4. Kiyara planted more sweet Tamarind

Snack time: 11.30

NADINA and LISA Diary3rd Working Day 26.11.09Today we have been 11 children. First we made a circle and learned all the new names by singing them. Today we had the pink light that we gave to the sky and earth. After this ceremony we had a gardening day and planted seeds into our fruit and vegetable garden. Everybody helped with seeding and watering the plants.After that, the older children wrote the alphabet in calligraphy on their own and we played with the younger ones. We also draw pictures. Because it was such a hot day yesterday, the younger children played with the Wasserschlauch and swim in the pool. Consequently everybody was so hungry that we had lunch at about 1 o’clock. Today we ate Spaghetti with cheese, pesto, or avocado sauce. Now there was ‘free playing’. After that some kids helped out in the new garden. Others played or draw pictures. Lisa read stories for the youngest children.At the end of the day we sat together in the circle and Kalen and Tanay said a prayer because it was ‘Peace day’. After that we said an ‘Om’ three times and the children went home.


27th Nov 2009 FRIDAY

....integrate the Venus STAR to understand the Changing MOON! Its a fertile Moment in TIME...ENJOY ;)

With Maria on the LAND with the M and S
Camilla helped

We started with a circle and named /smelled and talked about local flowers of Goa and of special flowers from our home country and that every country has a national flower and that some flowers we use in different ways…..
Decorating, medicines, creams and eating.
Then we made a big painting together with the flowers gluing them on a paper. Some Flowers we put by the temple and then we had the snack break.
Before snack we watered all the plants!: )

After snack we made the mosaic picture and it was peaceful way because there were few children and they were a little bit tired.

Then we sat in a circle and sang ”Puff the Magic dragon” Earth my body and made the Yogic dance “Kaoshiki’’ and did 3 “Oms ‘

We finished 30 mins early because we followed the flow…..

Lisa and Nadine Diary
4th Working Day 27.11.09
Today Maria was there to manage the day. On the way to the holistic center she picked up some flowers. The children had to name the flowers. After that we all made a big picture of the flowers together. The rest of the flowers were for our new school temple.At 10.45 we had a snack break. The next thing to do was giving the plants and seeds water so that they can grow. As every plant had enough water, we all made a big mosaic of the glitter pictures we made two days before. Then the children played alone.At the end we sang different songs together and say goodbye with a three-time-‘Om’.

1st Tracking tour 28.11.09
On Saturday morning we went up at 6.30 am because we had our first tracking tour in Goa. We went with the car to the Holy Church in Siolim were the tour started. In total we were about 30 people of different nationalities and ages. Everybody got a stick with which we picked up garbage as well. We first went trough fields and bushes and we had no idea where we have been. Later we walked along lonely streets and trough different villages. After an hour we climbed up a hill were a lonely church was. Here we had a fantastic view over north Goa. After a while we walked further and view other churches and temples around Siolim. Three hours later we had a lunch break under the Morjim Bridge. This was real Indian because we had to eat with our hands and at the beginning it also was spicy. We nearly had a break of 1,5 hours. So we went on to the beach. But, because of ‘Ebbe und Flut’ there was no water and we could not swim. Then we were so tired that we stop a car and the man inside brought us back to our car at the Holy Church. In total this trip took about seven hours! But it was a nice trip and we saw a lot of north Goa and Siolim.

Monday, November 30, 2009

December Visions -a letter to the parents & Fleamarket

Hello to ALL,
Its going into the December month….. and there is much adventure waiting for us!
Nadine and Lisa which are staying for 3 month with us have arrived……..

In the Mayan Calendar we just ...connected in the COSMIC loyal HEART and we bridge the CENTER of the Tzolkien to MAGNETICALLY recieve yesterday HOW to magically PLAY out our ILLUSION in 13 and 130 DAYS...what is REAL!? HUN CHUEN - Enjoy your TIME its ART!

A few things to share:
1.) We gonna make a Christmas Party…. This year I like to keep this Gathering only for Children and Parents taking part in “We learn Together” !
It will be at the same time a DAY where we ALL meet and I like to make this ALL of us MEETING once a month….
Santa Claus will be coming also…. AnyONE of you feel called here!?
Since we do need some things for the children here on the land, I thought to combine the practical with the FUN!
Would like that every child has it own “Lungi” on the land for multiple reason:
- something to dry of the body after showers and pool time
- something for laying on when we make Meditation Journey, Relaxing and Massage – which we will start
- for the BEACH and EXCURSION outings which hopefully will happen also ;)
since we are exploring the MAYAN CALENDAR –which they all get into very well –
We need a Present for Santa Claus to give….
I wanted to order for each Child his personal MOON FLOWER LUNGI !

The Lungis will be sent from Bali, so I do need your agreement on that Idea, since I gotta place the order… we get a special price of each Lungi which is 470 INR + Sending Costs which we have to share…
PLEASE let me know if that’s OK with you… the Mayan Signs of the Kids I have… if you like one….we gotta add you on that list too, the Bali Lungis are very nice!

a) Since the kids are many times eating up ;) my personal FRUIT supply….I want to start a SNACK FRUIT BASKET!
Please give your child every Day a FRUIT of the DAY which we collect in the Morning…on the Snack time we can cut this Fruit together and start to explore them in various way… THANKS
B) healthy SNACK.. I am sure all of you agree on healthy snack… please avoid white flour, sugar, biscuits (special the Indian one you better keep in the shop shelf’s!) Bonbons, etc…. we gonna make with them Bread and also Schokobread once in a while….
We can offer Lemonade and Water for Drinking and they can also make their own Magic Potions of Herbs collected in the Garden…..

will be happening the 27th of December 2009
We are getting ready on many levels…..
The event is open to ALL the Community! Spread the word!
Our Children organize the Event to show and sell their "handmade" CREATIONS...our Children Here and Now Shop will support the project for future Activities ;)Everyone welcome to join, sell his/her HANDMADE Creations and Jumbel-Sale their 2nd Toys /Clothes…Children who like to make a Stall come a bit earlier to Set it up!

HERE the TIMING is not yet clear to me…. helpENJOY the day with CHILDREN made Cake –Chai –Lemonade- Cookies ……and take on donation PLANTS & TREES from our NURSERY…We will have a SHOW at 5 pm!
The show will be created in this month….
- Navina trained some homemade songs….
- The kids enjoyed soooo much to sing the SONG “Puff the Magic Dragon” and with this we can create a little Musical…..
- Wanted to invite some Indian Children to make a Dance ….Guru Male

Otherwise I made the Connection with
- Neptune to come on his 1 wheel Bicycle….. Nepute is homeschooled and a very interessting young spirit
- Andreas to come with a Alien Costume walking on stick to entertain…
Both might be busy with Jobs, yet if they have time they will come…Welcome to offer AKTIVITIES for CHILDREN and Parents…INVITE your friends, lets MEET and support our Children in Action....We do need buyers too;))

Navina is connecting with some Organic Farmers to come and present their “GROWTH” …. It’s GREAT to get connected to GOOD sources of Organic Food!

Lets collect this week a list of things each of you can imagine to add into this event….ideas , suggestions, etc…

There is always much to do… so I will keep that space always OPEN for the Children to digg, water an plant… the idea is to have a little Nursery ready for the Market where we can sell our plants to others….


To make it SIMPLE ;) our cash-box is EMPTY :(
Please bring along the fees ……
GREAT Thanks
I deeply ENJOY the time with your Children….


Our Blog:
Our website is also slowly getting there: Check it out!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lisa und Nadine in Goa ;)

...we WELCOME you in CHILDREN HERE and NOW !

It GREAT that you had the courage to make the step to ask me for SPACE to make an practical training in CHILDREN HERE and NOW!
When I recieved the application of you both I had not a second thought about..... YES we do have SPACE for you;)

Now after the first week of being with you in CHILDREN HERE and NOW, watching the Children and how much they enjoy the NEW Comers, I got again the proof how GOOD it feels to TRUST your FEELINGS!

We ALL looking forward to ENJOY the TIME we can PLAY with you both....

For all to like to know more about WHAT Lisa and Nadine are experiencing and WHY they joined in CHILDREN HERE and NOW check out:


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In this photo:
Anna Jahns (KINDRED now: Soulhealing India) , Dr. Vijaya Venkat (Trad. HEALTH Awareness Center, Mumbai) , Dariya Avantario (Children HERE and NOW)

In march 2009 I was invited to present the VISION of CHILDREN HERE and NOW on the 1st WORLD WOMEN WELLNESS CONGRESS 2008 in Chennai INDIA!
The essence of this Congress, where many interesting international HEALTH and WELLBEING supporters shared their experiences and visions, is as follows:
“Let us look at ourselves as a link in the circle of life. Somewhere in the cycle, there needs to be an injection of health vitality. It is time to make the changes now, to help people on this earth to be healthy.Healthy people create a healthy world, a healthy world facilitates healthy lives, and healthy lives induce harmony to all.To have a fulfilling life is a universal human desire, such a life is defined by many attributes and we call it a life of wellness. Wellness is a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit. That results in an overall feeling of well being.
As a part of our constructive action-plan to take wellness to the global platform and to help women realize the importance of wellness, we present the Women's Wellness Conference that includes Wellness Workshops and Exhibitions. It is our goal to bring wellness to all women and their families which in turn influences our global society .This event is hosted and organized by the World Wellness University”

CHILDREN HERE and NOW was the ONLY Workshop which shared a VISION about our CHILDREN - the CHILDREN of the 21st century!

At a follow up to the congress the participants were invited to write an essay about “ Why to visualize a WELLNESS WORLD”……

By Dariya K. Avantario

Every cell in our body is giving us on a daily based experience a clear honest reflection that it is our birthright to live in a world of wellness in Oneness.

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, a cellular biologist, has focused on the mind body connection and the effects of our beliefs on our very cells and beyond. Belief you may ask? Indeed! This intriguing application of mind influence has implication for healing and positive change at a cellular and universal level.
The emerging new Science of epigenetic is of great interest. It adds a new dimension to genetics, acknowledging the effect of mind on the body.
They assert that on a society-wide scale cultural beliefs can mould our biology.
Throughout the history of civilizations there have always been some perennial questions that humans have asked. They are along the lines of “How did we get here?” Why are we here?’’ How do we make the best of it? What is our purpose?’’

Bruce Lipton contends that the answers to the perennial questions end up programming our biology.

Humans as individual beings adapt to communities. In fact as an individual you are a group of cellular communities. Your body cells trillions of them form communities organized according to their specialties. If you could expand your awareness way out in the universe you would probably see the same forms of organization on a huge level. Focusing in to a micro level it looks the same.

Lipton sees much evidence for an intelligent awareness in communities of cells that responds to the necessity for change.
He sees the conscious and subconscious beliefs with which we are programmed in our early years as affecting our Biology. If we believe that illness or physical limitations are determined solely by our genes, they will organize themselves this way.

To come back to the ever-present glue of universal love -if we are all connected, why beat ourselves up with wars and the willful destruction of our planet?

For me a wellness world start with the children !
We learn from them how much fun it is to PLAY

The only thing they want to do ALL day long is to PLAY…

Play can be anything. PLAY is the relationship we have to an activity….any activity can be PLAY depending on our relationship.
Children naturally play with something they truly ENJOY! Through that enjoyment, the fun and the pleasure it carries along, their entire being is in the MOMENT….. Meditatively in the HERE and NOW! In this natural state of being ness, REAL Learning happens!

The more we re-learn and re-program this ability into ourselves the more we reflect that very potential and state of BEING to them!

According to research an individual does not generally sustain active consciousness until after five years of age. Before birth and through the first five years of life, the infant is primarily in a hypnotic state. In order to hypnotize an individual it is necessary to lower their brain function to these levels of activity the child is essentially in through the first five years of its life. During this time it is down-loading biology-controlling perceptions.
The potential of a child is "programmed" into its subconscious mind during this phase of development.
Parental "programming" of a child's subconscious behavior enables that child to conform to the "collective" voice, or beliefs, of the community. In order to know more about ourselves, we learn to see ourselves as others see us.
If a parent provides a child with a positive or negative self image, that perception is recorded in the child's subconscious.
The image acquired of self becomes the subconscious "collective" voice which shapes our physiology (e.g., health characteristics, weight) and behavior. For example, if a child is given a perception of itself that it can succeed, it will continuously strive to do just that.
In Bruce H. Lipton’s Book The Biology of Belief Conscious Parenting
“Nature, Nurture and the power of Love” he clearly states and proofs through Cellular Biology that the Parents, Family and Community do matter and that they are 100% RESPONSIBLE for the programming/conditioning of our children.

Isn’t that GREAT!
We have the 100% Potential to create our life right here in our hands.
It’s not the time to blame and shame on parents and community the present state of reality, since we have not been given the proper skills to Conscious Parenting.
Parenting is a way of Life! And here has been much misinformation

It’s NOW the time to bring ourselves back IN FORM!

IN a FORMATION as a group of cellular COMMUNITIES which responds to ONE and each other.

The children of Mother Earth (young and old) have the inherit desire to playfully express their potentials. We are here to play, to have fun and to co-create and ultimately LIVE in a reality where we experience Wellness!

We are now being told more and more that we can do something and YES we can! It is a matter of reprogramming our beliefs eliminating those that are limiting an inserting more adaptive beliefs. We can make a positive change by desire, intention and belief.
Groundbreaking information about conscious parenting is now available to us. More and more people are becoming aware of moderation in use of scarce resources, kindness to fellow creatures and an ability to change things from a grass-root level. Human rights are openly discussed on the World Wide Web now by ordinary citizens rather just by press or politicians. The expansion of Human Consciousness into accessible chunks of extremely relevant information is astounding and growing moment by moment.

We can re-grow the garden in a more positive way for our future. Positive is the keyword. For beliefs and attitudes it is the critical factor. They discuss the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have done to you”!

We are about to enter a time of holistic thinking where we are not victims but co-creators in our selves and our communities- both inner and outer.

Let’s link towards our children because they are naturally all one–ness!
Love is the LIGHT which shows us the way!
Where LOVE is there is WELLNESS - they are ONE and so are WE!

The question why to visualize a WELLNESS WORLD….
Because we are and have been since forever ready for it!
You simply have to BELIEF it!

For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;

In love
Dariya Avantario

Sunday, November 1, 2009

October 2009

This is a short documentation of “what” is happening in CHILDREN Here and Now! I would like that ALL parents taking part of the project write down “simply and short” what they experience during the time with the children!
Whatever you feel is remarkable –physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually– write it down!
This material will serve to reflect for us, at least a part of, the experience our Children have when they are coming together!
For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;
(S) = Small STARS age 3-4
(M) = Middle Stars age 5-6
(B) = BIG Stars age 8


7 Resonant Warrior UC CIB
Friday 2nd October 2009
FLYING Classroom at Tara & Ramans House with ALL

Pouring rain! Duke as guest
Total resistance to work!
Make Diwali Candles + lamps with
Coloured Paper – each helping the other then started to role play and together came up with the idea to create a production – volunteering for characters scrabbling for costumes –
The Idea forms to present little red riding hood! Making set + scenery
First time run through to clarify the sequence reminding each other of the script!
A lot of fun+ laughter!
Then much preparation refining costume + scenery + backdrop
Introduction very formal – the “real” show becomes very serious, less fun – but by the end they can’t help but come out
Many responses from watching the video then inspired to do it all over again and played preparing to do it all over and had much more fun
So no final production ever happened
Only the joy of bringing it together!

10 Planetary Eagle Lahun Men -
Mon 5th October 2009
FLYING Classroom at Tara & Ramans House with ALL

Circle discussing weekend activities Request for “ what’s the time Mr. Wolf” – 10 mins started with letter “d’’ – Zorah drumming drawing Zorah d drum then player drum then stick
Sounding out all the “d” words + spelling Tara & Kalen
Then Raman Zorah + Kiyara drawing letters on white board
Introducing letter 6 how much is 6? Counting spiral snails
Tara and Kalen – duck – quack – qu – kw sound sounding all the words + writing
Then “ue” – u-e- ew making “you” sound cue cub cube few “oo” moon
Then we read for a while – magic hats taking turns each page Tara + Kalen helping each other
Zorah, Raman, Kiyara playing with Clipp pieces
Tara + Kalen looking into different ways of saying “er” – “ir”- “ur”
Supper – bird- turn
Discussing next theatre production – Zorah”
Playing games – beading – Petshop movie

11 Spectral Warrior Hun Lahun CIB
Tues 6th October 2009

We started with the creation of GODEYES. It took us about ½ hour to figure out how to do it – wrapping the wool around the sticks and throughout the process we created quite a few interesting things like Aero planes/petshop cushions and GODEYES
‘M’ dot to dot until 30 and coloring. We counted together until 30 over again.
All Kalen played the ‘teacher’ and explored with them the matter of making, ice cups. Hot and cold repetition
‘M’ shapes and No on the blackboard
Story time – ‘B’ reading the, Eye Book do the little ones.
Lunch time – making Chapattis with the Kids.

We opened up the Pool. It was so hot. The children helped in cleaning and filling up and made whirlpools.

They were all very independent on getting undressed and drying themselves and hanging the towels for drying.
Free Play after lunch
‘B’ – Tara Maths time table.
- Kalen repeating the Time on the watch.

Friday 9th October 2009
FLYING Classroom at Tara & Ramans House with ALL

* Coming together playing with the Lazer light illuminating Crystals, wands, Stones. Some conflict + resolution around turns!

* Reading National Geographic for Kids – discussions about rescuing baby bats – antics of animals in Zoos, animals breeding in captivity or in the wild – natural homes.

*Reviewing “I” short + ‘I” long – ie:- “igh” “y” “i-e”
Reviewing all vowel blends ! from “or” to “au” “al” “aw”
Reading words with Vowel blends.
Putting small sentences with pictures from Jolly Phonetics book)

*Zorah Raman + Kiyara washing guinea pigs caring for them.

Weight – measuring different items on scales.
Guinea pig 528g = ½ kg Lucy
534 = Rocket
606= Rocket + 8 pencils.

From here we ENTERED the DIWALI HOLIDAY “ Indias Festival of LIGHT”
We celebrated with by painting our little Clay Diwali lamps and lightening them on the
ENJOYING the beauty and power of LIGHT in the darkness of the NIGHT

Saturday, October 31, 2009

PLAY - Natural Intelligence and Learning :)

Hello to ALL the CHILDREN HERE and NOW
BIG and small ;)

We have RE-started our Natural Learning Adventures and more that ever it is crystal clear to me that we 100% can TRUST our children to take charge of their own LEARNING RHYTHM!
Yes they do need our support and reflections since we are their loving guides, but they do not need SCHOOLS to be the only possibility which ensures that they will learn.....
Children and ourselves learn best once our NATURAL INTELLIGENCE is stimulated.... and how do we stimulate our Natural Intelligence?
Through PLAY and ONLY through PLAY - ANY Activity can be PLAY depending on our Relationship !
One can play the piano or practice which means work.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" said Einstein

So lets support ourselves to regain this TRUST, go into your Imagination - just follow your Children;) and BE the CREATOR of LIFE!

I just updated some Reflections of the Adventures we have made in the past 4 months.... the documentations will serve us to reflect about the Synchronicity our CHILDREN are naturally IN! We are able to clearly SEE in the REVIEW of HOW they are in TUNE with the MAYAN CALENDAR Energies. the Moon and the Stars and HOW beautifully THEY design the UNIQUE LEARNING Rhythm...

For the ONES who are not my FRIENDS in FB yet, welcome to connect with me

In fact I would love to add you ALL on my NEWSLETTER email account, so if you could simply send me an email:
with "children news" in the subject....

Stay connected
For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Workshops - Facilitators - Volunteers

Are you interested in working and learning together with CHILDREN?
Are you offering Workshops for Children and would like to do that in GOA?

We are inviting ALL of you to join as

Facilitators or Volunteers

in co-creating

“We learn together” our multi-age UN-SCHOOL Community Project!

Our experimental Holistic LEARNING COMMUNITY is co-creating with the children and parents a primarily interest-led Holistic Learning Program build of a rhythmical flow of different activities.

We are always looking for Facilitators/ Volunteers who are offer their talents and like to assist our children to learn about themselves and the world they live in with Father Sky, Mother Earth and Sunny Sun.
If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding learning experience yourself, while assisting a group of young SPIRITS to incarnate into this dimension and experientially LIVE and LEARN here, you are welcome to join us!

Simply get in touch us...

How can that be in REALITY:
We are open to ALL! You have the possibilies to create from a 1 hour Activity up to a participation in a rythmical FLOW through all the season.... let it be Joggeling, Science, History, Energy-Work, Excursion, Cooking, Gardening, Swimming, Sports, Satsang (if you can make them SIT;)....building a Space-Ship they would really LOVE...

With a bit of organisation...we put YOU on stage!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello parents
welcome to the CHILDREN HERE and NOW re-energize PLAN!

To make CHILDREN HERE and NOW a TRANSFORMING place for everyone, the following re-energizing PLAN will support and intends to EVOLVE the Project from many different angles!

What we want to make “We learn together” a COMMUNITY Project are PARENTS committed to 4 days ACTIVE creative PARTICIPATION per month!

We are evaluating our project with our VISION and MISSION Statement!

To manifest CHILDREN HERE and NOW we created the following RE-ENERGIZE Plan for the project:

'Static FEES' of 4.000 INR per child and month
In the HERE and NOW 2009 - 2010 we recieved from every parent was 3.000 INR per month :)

This amount is payable with MONEY!

Additional to the static fees there are

‘Virtual FEES’ of 5.000 INR per child and month

This amount can be re-energized for your family through ACTIVE PARTICIPATION!

1 Day participation = 500 INR less
2 Day participation = 1.000 INR less
3 Day participation = 1.500 INR less
4 Day participation = 2.000 INR less
TOTAL = 5.000 INR less per month
There has been one parent which was exploring the RE-Energize plan in CHILDREN HERE and NOW 2009 - 2010!
For the coming season 2010 - 2011 we through the RE-ENERGIZE plan over board!
The VISION is to shift to DONATION.......:) keep you updated!

If Energy hasn’t been manifested as ACTIVE Participation the virtual money transforms into REAL Money which your family will PAY!

We truly do want as LESS MONEY as POSSIBLE!

On the other side I would like to have our project available to Children who parents might not be able to give the entire time commitment….so the Re-energizing of those will have to happen on the level of Virtual Money!

CHILDREN HERE and NOW want to fuse children, parents and the community together….
We want YOU and your ACTIVE Involvement with “OUR” children!

Looking forward to start the journey to-gather….

For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Program and Schedule of CHILDREN HERE and NOW:

The practical organization of “We learn together” our UN-SCHOOL Community Project.......

CHILDREN HERE and NOW will be open (with enough families joining)
5 days a week!
Its YOU who makes that happen;)
The age’s groups are created around the age of my Children, as follows:
Age 3 Kiyara (expanded 2 ¾ - 3 ¾) “Little STARS”
Age 5 Zorah (expanded 5 – 6 ½)
Age 8 Kalen (expanded 7 ½ - 11)

CHILDREN HERE and NOW will host 3 days a week the project on ”the LAND” in Assagao!

MONDAY is our “Floating Day” ;)

FRIDAY and MONDAY (for age 8 and up only) are “FLYING CLASSROOMS” Days
On these days the Children are, according their ages and families who are taking part, in other FAMILIE HOMES!

TIMING age 5 and 11 years: TUES – WED – THURS
Monsoon: 10:00 am – 16:00 pm
The experience from June until October with the children for timing from 10-16 has been very POSITIVE for ALL!
It makes the day a very relaxed and "natural in time" learning experience and I would like to continue this rhythm during the season…. Here we need a reality check of the organization…..

During their time at CHILDREN HERE and NOW on “the Land” in Assagao, the children of ALL age groups are in ONE Space together -
MULTI-AGE learning environment!

We are having the choice of creating Events where ALL children together participate or focusing on each age co-creating activities with Children and Parents, or Facilitators!
Furthermore the Children have the choice to take part of different Activities following their natural impulse and desire to learn!
The active Parent Involvement ensures us the right amount of support for our Children!

Program and Schedule for the “Little STARS”:
TIMING for the “Little STARS” age 3 years TUES – WED – THURS
9:30 am – 1:30 pm
The group of “Little STARS” is PLAYING 3 DAYS a week on the land in Assagao!
Parents have the possibility to join every 2nd Friday WITH the Children our
Here the children can meet and spend their time together, meanwhile the parents meet and share their expereinces! (view Info: Aware Parenting Gathering)

If the parents in this group are happy organizing a FLOATING DAY (MONDAY) with the
“Little STARS” on the beach or go and play in another Family home – GREAT!

ONE “big” STAR for the ”little STARS”:
For this group I like to have ONE parents taking ACTIVE PART for 3 FULL days in the week on the land! Additional to that, we have the other parents taking on their 4 days a month, so enough care will be provided for this age group!

YOU want to join with your family…..
EveryONE is welcome to join into the project!
As a place for exploring NEW ways of learning we are offering participation in “We learn together” for SHORT Time Visitors….
If you are interested get in touch with us…..

September 2009

This is a short documentation of “what” is happening in CHILDREN Here and Now! I would like that ALL parents taking part of the project write down “simply and short” what they experience during the time with the children!
Whatever you feel is remarkable –physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually– write it down!
This material will serve to reflect for us, at least a part of, the experience our Children have when they are coming together!
For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;
(S) = Small STARS age 3-4
(M) = Middle Stars age 5-6
(B) = BIG Stars age 8


2 Lunar Dragon CA IMIX
Tuesday 1st Sept 2009
FLYING Classroom at Tara & Ramans House with ALL

We started with their favorite game “what the time Mr. Wolf? “ but this time playing with numbers from 1 till 20
Then we started writing the numerals out from one to twenty (small ones 1 till 4)
Then played a counting money game with everyone involved!
- Rolling Dice
- Writing the Result
- Taking same amount of coins
- Then adding the next turns answer
- Grouping coins in groups of 10
- Checking written answer against actual coins
- Zorah was pleased to be far ahead!
She kept getting 6’s’ – up to 63!
- We added + counted every turn

All the children got involved in playing family going shopping with the money after lunch
We did some letters – all the “r” words for the little ones (no interest) and “ou” for the big ones. Difficult to come up with many but the sound in now well recognized!

3 Electric Wind OX IK
Wednesday 2nd Sept 2009

n Shapes with Small
n Applications with Material – Zorah
n Lego
n Circle gathering sing out names
n 1st Lesson playing Flute – little snail
n Kalen and Tara and Zorah
n Raman Lego

- Practice writing Bb Dd
- Mad day with lots of Rain
- Let everyone run and Free play. They came up with all kinds of ideas
- Make up Jumping/Chasing
- Painting Wooling Singing

9 Solar STAR Bolon LAMAT
TUESDAY 8th Sept 2009
Mahotam joined in

- Garden work – Aloe Vera transplant
- Set up space for
- painting Water paint
- Coloring Animals

(S) Naming animals and sounds choosing 1 to color

(M) Where does this Animal Live
(B) All about bats – animal of the week
- read about and write about
- singing animal songs
(B) Practicing two more favorite letters a+
(M) Repetition of letter we learned


Day of the week and their relation to the planets
Montag – Moon – etc
-Baking Schokorollies

10 Planetary MOON Lahun MULUC
Thursday 10th September 2009

Rat and Scorpion Day these animals crossed our way this morning

v We start with Yoga – from now on once a week minimum ½ hour even Raman Joined in the Background
v Setting the space for All ages
v Go and find Basil in the Garden for lunch/picking and washing (B) Magic Portion = Herbal Tea = served to all!
v (M) Zorah practicing the letters at P
v (B) Practicing writing the 2 letters in writing book and phonetics book
v Juhi came/talk to Yoav
v Preparing Lunch table together
v Lunch
v 2-3 Free Play time
I continued the Mobile they joined in and helped.
(B) Webbing the (M) up in the Tree Houses. They all played for 1 ½ hour PEACEFULLY together. The (B) ones took care of the (M) + (S) served food/talk about being and playing together.

Friday 11th September 2009

Circle Discussions about birthdays! Rosalie, Raman + Dariya’s parties on the weekend.
What’s the time Mr. Wolf up to 20(all)
Writing “r” “R” on the board and in the book
Kiyara drawing, Raman+ Zorah Lego Tara + Kalen “ai” “ay” “a – e”
Long “a” + short a Vowel
Colin counting with dice throw game
- All counting own coins,(number on dice)
- Writing + Adding + piles of 10 coins
- Check written figures against actual coins
Tara + Kalen adding + subtracting > 100

· Fluro beading - necklaces, bracelets earrings Knitting lessons with Tara and Sandra
- beading – Kalen Zorah Tara Kiyara
- Raman Kiyara Zorah Water + Submarine Experiments

3 Electric Eagle OX MEN

Tuesday 15th Sept 2009
My Kids only in FREE PLAY

5 Overtone Warrior HO CIB
Thursday 17th Sept 2009

--- Baking Schokobread

----- What we need everybody finds ingredients

------ Egg how to see if Egg is raw or cooked

------ How to see if Egg is rotten

------Activate Yeast wait and patients

--- Ball play outside

2nd step making the dough
Mix all together and work out the dough with the hand (after they where WASHED!)
Interestingly not every child felt comfortable in putting the hand in the sticky dough at first… but after some time the 1rst group ha enough and went for cleaning the hand….so the 2nd group took the chance to explore the matter!
I completed the dough so the texture was right to continue and we ha TO BE PATIENT again:
They soooo much wanted to eat the Schoko Bread!

Snack time together – that always the BEST moment, since their discussions are revealing a lot about what is happening in life….

Then we got into ACTION the dough had grown and was pretty heavy everyone had a weight… we rolled it into a snake and they ha to count into how many pieces we ha to divide the dough that all have an equally BIG piece to form their Schokobread!

Each told their favorite number from 1-8 and I marked the No. on the back of the dough so each ha to recognize his number and piece of dough…
We had the choice of DARK Chocolate and WHITE Chocolate…how come they ask…could not give the anwer, but another thing to figure out….
Each made his/her own free style Bread with LOTS of Schoko in Black and white
Once done, the only question until it was baked was: WHEN can we eat our SchokoBread?”
The patience training of the ay was a tough one,

Some even pretended not to be hungry when we had lunch in between!

The day in between the projects was a BLACK MOON Battling day..
Even till the extend that Raman received a slap in the Face from Zorah!
After that storm we ha a great clarifying CIRCLE GATHERING with All the kids…
Each had his own time to bring his/her point of view about the conflicts which were and anyway are ongoing….
We agreed that hitting each other does not support in finding solutions and that no one actually LIKES being HIT.. it hurts!

We agreed to write a list of rules own for CHILDREN HERE and NOW to which we ALL going to stick to!

It was a BIG saying SORRY from both sides Raman and Zorah…

Then FINALLY after 2 hours ALL the Breads were ready…AND …...they jumped on them!
We completed the day with this yummy Tea Time!

10 Planetary WIND Lahun IK
Tuesday 22nd Sept 2009

· Starting with Yoga – story of Lily the Flower Fairy Who lived in a flower
· Little Snack
· ‘B’ completing writing the Receipt of the ‘chocolate rolls we debated last Thursday.
· ‘M’ & ‘S’ jumped into the Lego
· ‘M’ Zorah repetition of All letters she learned so far with Sound/Movement and find words which start with the letter
- Roman & Mahotam watching
· ‘M’ Zorah practicing number with the Dot to Dot game – she liked it so much that the simple ones were to boring for her and we reached the dot to dot until No-30
· ‘S’ started coloring Animal and Fairy’s .
· ‘B’ joined in once completed their work and we started to make the PICTURES with Leaves and Wax Crayons.
· The Topic is ‘Design Painting with Message”
The Outcome will be exhibited in Children Here And Now. They came up with amazing ideas
----- Save Trees ---- Where is My Mother?
---- Protect______ Protect the sea.

· Free play until lunch Preparation
· Today how to make a Chicken Schnknel’(sorry vegans)
Along with that Story time I shared a story about my childhood….
They loved it and also they loved the Chicken Schnitzel – have hardly ever seeing them eating sooooooo much
· After lunch they free played ALL together and out of that we created the most funniest ‘Theatre……….
All naturally improvised and I wished we would have had the whole World as audience …….. They played Family
It was ALL there, the meeting, the wedding, the building home, the natural birth, the baby……..
The collapse of the house on the father- the reanimation of the doctor and the Happy End
Following we decided to improvise a REAL Theatre Wedding”- with make-up, costumes, stage deco music and DJ….. we had soooo much fun
Everyone was so TOTAL in his role – yet when it came to the moment where the audience (others!) arrived it collapsed….
The Groom (Roman escaped – the Bride (zorah) got embarrassed –
Conclusion: For theater we need the presents of all the Actors backstage otherwise…..NO SHOW

12 Crystal SEED Ca Lahun KAN (Gap)

Thursday the 24th September 2009

The disappoint was BIG this morning when we arrived on the land and saw that our REAL LIFE SPIDER Observatory had been victim of the BATS !
The Spider was the size of two adult hands – bringing the Middle finger and thumb together…it was a BIG loss and showed us the way nature works…

We started with a circle and sang the ELEMENT SONG (earth my body – water my blood – air my breath – fire my spirit)
Allisson started with Yoga it came up to 1 hour rounded with another CIRCLE Gathering and AUM-ing
Today they flew on the MOON…..
And everyone in his own way joined in!
Raman did Yoga ON the table….
After the adventure we took STAR CARDS and invited all to make a drawing of the journey….(B) and (M) painted butterflies..
(M) and (S) went coloring animals ….they love it!
Together SNACK
Since they journey to the moon included a flight in a HOT AIR BALLON….
We took the chance to make one out of paper napkins….
It was quite a tricky sticky process but with the help of everyone WATCHING me…I did it!
(B) we explored the Temperature Scale of CELCIUS
Water to ICE at 0 degree C
Water evaporates at 100 degree C
Image on blackboard an exploration about different temperatures in different countries
(M) Lego and helping with the Garden Cleaning
counting how many we are and setting table for lunch
…it was ALL sealed but the POWER of my Hairdryer was too LOW…but we got the idea transferred in praxis….
FREE PLAY an creation of a NEW Theater Play only by the children..
A soundless fighting play where ALL joined in together!
Raman & Tare left early and we went to a birthday party!

28th Sept 2009
FLYING Classroom at Tara & Ramans House with ALL

We read the story of Ram and Sita and talk about light overcoming Darkness
Feeling loving winning over feeling angry! Victory(and argue whether hanuman in mortal or immortal – but agree he’s a great Hero!)
Tara & Kalen practiced reading taking turns on pages” are you my mother?” While Zorah Raman & Kiyara practice drawing “m” on the Whiteboard. We write out all the M words together then Zorah Raman & Kiyara read with Sandra while Kalen & Tara review vowel blends and write out “ee” and “or” and practice the ee and or donkey sounds – then we explore the vowel blend “ea” making the same sound as “ee” and write/read all the words we can think of! (will follow with “or”) Half way thru vowels. We write out the 6+8 times tables in dots and count each group (Kalen & Tara)
Then we put on the times tables CD and they all danced around! Singing the times tables – even the little ones!
After lunch all playing with all Ramans birthday presents and making experiments with the microscope (next lesson) discussing + reading Search for the 7 sisters – places in the world.

4 Self-Excisting MOON CAN MULUC (Gap)
29th Sept 09 Tuesdays

10.00 am Yoga with Allission
Starting with the element song and Auming ‘B’ & Zorah dived into the Story to Africa little ones were not into, But dived into garden work with Kavita – Pulling and reading
- Drawing of the Yoga Story of star cards which absorbed them for quite some time
- The garden workers came back to Lego Land.
And all were peacefully present with their own Play.
That I had to call them for snack time and then only they realized they were hungry ‘B’ entering the 7 with 7 days of the week.
7 time table and exploring that
4x 7 days is 28 (1 month) x 13 month
= 1 year 364 + 1
Furthermore we connected the 7 day of the week with the Planets there name came from
---- very simple introduction even the M’ and ‘S where listening
…… K + T loved the time table and did that as an independent project

LUNCH TIME: Zorah little reading Raman practice name

Monday, September 28, 2009

…in VISION and MISSION Statement!

CHILDREN HERE and NOW invites you and your families to make the SHIFT in CONSIOUSNESS together!
Never has been a TIME when the ART of BEING HUMAN, developing our FULL SELVES and our SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL has been of more important!

In 2006 we opened up a place where various Activities are happening in co-creation of families, who intent to look into and explore NEW ways of growing our CHILDREN into a life in the 21st century!

We are supporting children to stay CONNECTED and in TRUST with their innate BE-ING, giving them SPACE on ALL levels
……to express their UNIQUENESS,
……to LISTEN to their FEELINGS,
…….allowing them to BE
…….and stay connected with their SPIRITS in ONENESS!

We like to invite you ALL to observe, explore, re-think and learn with and about the most precious and amazing creation walking on planet Earth – our CHILDREN!

We are on the quest to bring into the LIGHT what ” they” don’t want us know!
Rather than taking everything what has been said and written about Children in our society for granted, we are re-questioning “what” they have told us about LIFE” , taking on the Ability to RESPOND and show them that we want to

For this YOU are needed – your reflections and your ACTIONS!

The HEART of the Center is the interaction between CHILDREN and PARENTS!

What we want and need, to make “We learn together” a COMMUNITY Project, are PARENTS committed to 4 days ACTIVE creative PARTICIPATION per month!

We do have the FREE-dom to create our REALITY!
We evaluate our project from the perspective of OUALITY of LIFE we like to provide and SHARE with ALL the CHILDREN and their families!
We offer them a beautiful natural SPACE, to explore and express their UNIQUENESS and to learn in LIFE staying connected to the ONENESS Experience!
Our approach can be best described as ONENESS EDUCATION!

The focus is to reflect the Experiences of the Children to the Children as a HOLISTIC Experience, where ALL on ALL levels - physical, emotional, mental and SPIRITUAL – is CONNECTED!
The process of educating our Children to ACTIVATE their earthly Potential and Purpose, requires along side a RE-EDUCATION of the PARENTS!

This is another reason WHY we like to have ACTIVE Parents Involvement:
Allowing our Children to express themselves in the presents of the PARENTS, WE simultaneously can reflect ALL upcoming issues and support both parents and children in their OWN process of AWAKENING and HEALING!

Healing manifests through AWAREness.
Liberating old pattern and allowing and exploring the NEW ways.
You ALL, as a parent or working with Children on Earth and everyONE, let us
re-member and allow yourself to LISTEN to what our CHILDREN have to say!

“Keep it simple
We do not need much – but we cannot get enough LOVE to support our growth!
Through that WE will be able to create the LIFE we came here for!”

The MISSION of our CHILDREN are important for the FUTURE of our LIFE on Earth – whatever their SPIRIT as a BE-ING manifests in LOVE will be for ALL and ONE!

For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;

What is “We learn together” our multi-age UN-SCHOOL Community Project about?

It is an invitation to parents who feel that
..the conventional school system does not fit and nourishes their children,
..who like to support each other on the way of rising children out of the mainstream
and want to explore new ways of learning!

Home schooling and Un-schooling are ways to see children as a unique being of potentials. It encourages them to celebrate who and what they are!
Home-schooling often follows a public approach at home were a Curriculum is taken from the outside.
Un-schooling is experienced–based or independent and natural learning

Un-schooling isn’t a method, it is a way of looking at children and at life!

We are fusing families who are taking charge of their own education and give them the space to collectively interact. We, in co creation with the parents, set a platform for the children to take responsibility of there own learning process.
We do not follow a “outside designed” curriculum
We trust that parents and children together, will find that path that works best for them. The learning experience for both, children and parents, is generated through an ongoing basis from the questions, ideas and theories put forward by the children, supported by the skills, talents and experience of the parents
We have no teachers (yet we are welcoming anyONE who like to make projects with the children ) this set the space for the parents to share their talents and ideas with the children, creating together a
...........UN-SCHOOL Experience !
We intend to create together an environment where children can express themselves, explore and investigate, think and reflect, be involved in projects, reinforce their identities, communicate and feel their identity and where their individuality is respected.
Since Children are naturally connected to the heartbeat of the Universe,
creative learning in TOUCH with Nature and Spirit
plays an essential role in Children Here and Now and will be emphasized on a daily base! (see Mystery School)
When Parents and Children join the forces, connecting the Community and share the UN school Experience we see a possibility for many more children and their families to explore and follow this NATURAL WAY of LEARNING and explore the world!

There is much more to share about….
For me this is only a beginning, a kind of Prototype, of what we can possibly manifest!
This is an invitation for you to experience UN Schooling without the so often overwhelming feeling of: “I have to do it alone”
We are not alone….we are ALL ONE and this experience is the natural state of being of ALL Children!
Children Here and Now is ever
Exploring .....
.........and Allowing to be carried by the children ... wherever it is BEST for them!

Anyone who likes to be with children and has an interest to learn and explore alongside with them, is welcome to join in and experience!

Change for the NEW EDUCATION needs YOU!

To change the Education it requires your participation, your ACTION!
Only talking about the CHANGE which is needed will remain nothing but an IDEA in the VOID!
You do not know what to do!?

Well, start doing ONLY what you like – TRUST into your innermost abilities the universe has given to you AND follow your FEELINGS!
Do you still think and believe that the universe is so very un–conscious that it creates human-beings which have to be TEACHED how to live a LIFE!?
Did EVOLUTION happen because it went to School?
The possibilities of the universe are so much greater that we perceive it at this moment – yet we are on the way, since forever! For our CHILDREN, we have to LIVE that CHANGE!
It is essential to UNDER-STAND for everyone WHAT actually is happening with the Education today!
Even for people without children this understanding is important, since it is SHAPING our FUTURE!
That’s what we are working on…. to bring LIGHT into what they don’t want us to know and learn!

CHILDREN HERE and NOW is one of the platform in the world, where children grow up OUT of the mainstream schools – we UN-SCHOOL them!
WE trust that the children will find the path that works best for them!

They grow with our loving guidance and learn naturally in LIFE..

Their learning process is definitely not in synchronicity with the mainstream school curriculum, since we step out of that!We do not measure the intelligence of our kids on the base of how much knowledge they have acquired or better, they are able to memorize.

We are truly educating our children and we hope that more and more of you will make the step to set children FREE from School and bring them back to LIFE!

We all bring something special with us, so please let’s start to EDUCATE our children! Create Spare for them to be able to “lead out” their innermost being and their talents
This is what will shape our future!
Children who are allowed to BE, to grow in their own unique pace, to PLAY and through that LEARN what they like to

Re-education needs you to understand HOW we NATURALLY LEARN best!
Allow the CHANGE to come from ”inside” out and keep yourself connected to the WHOLE!
The CHILDREN do not require that change in Awareness – they are AWARE!
What they require is your TRUST into them, that they can DO it!

For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;

Dariya K. Avantario

Our website is in programming and will be online soon:
Cause: SUPPORT the NEW Education Sitaram Vision

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Beginnings until the Conception of CHILDREN HERE and NOW in 2006

It ALL began with a MOVEMENT..... a Feeling which I had inside of me did make me look at matters concerning the "growing up" of my Children from all kinds of different angles.... to do so ONE things was clear for me from the BEGINNING.... my Children came on this planet to grow up close to me and their family and I will take on the respond-ability for them....yet, how we know as "new born parents" what IS the right thing to do!?
Kalen (my first Child) was born 2001 in a Birthing Center in Germany! I arrived via Airplane 4 weeks before due date, after 2 month of "trekking" happily through the Himalayas in Dharamsala, never seeing a midwife until then..... it was clear to me to give BIRTH naturally! How can being pregnant and giving birth NOT be naturally.... that time I trusted this MOVEMENT and follow my FEELINGS...... and it was right for my son, me and my husband!

Following the natural birth I received from a friend (thank you forever Suravi!) the name of a book: The AWARE Baby by Aletha Solter
I am not the "learning out of books" never really satisfied me to read and take things for granted..... I have to make the experience - I kind of "learn" BEST in LIFE -
"The Aware Baby" book simply answered ALL my questions and gave along with that helpful "how to do it" suggestions.......and so our journey began...

............we joined the MOVEMENT of AWARE PARENTING!

When we came to the stage where Children normally attend Kindergarten, we realized fast that where ever we wanted to integrate our child and spread our AWARE Parenting approach we created friction... Kalen was the first time "kicked" out off school by the age of 3 1/2 , not because of him, but because of the, for others, "too AWARE" parents!
Since the start of our sons school carrier ended that quickly, we got the chance to watch out for something that works BETTER for him and us.....
By that time our daughter Zorah was born NATURALLY in the Water and to BOND our family we all enjoyed our time together at HOME! To keep the Siblings together has been the BEST decision our family ever has made.... they are bonded, on all levels they are like ONE! Yes they do fight, but the way they move through the confrontations is a pretty "conscious" one.... I had the pleasure to get my "training" in Conscious Communication in the practice with my children at an early age.... and we are done for LIFE!

Kalen was about to turn 5 years and Zorah was 2 years and I was pregnant with our 3rd child!
To give myself a rest we tried out, for the last time, another Kindergarten..... it resulted into Zorah "screaming" everyday Kalen was leaving.....
After my 2nd daughter Kiyara was born naturally in the Water at HOME....I started to FEEL this MOVEMENT again.... I wanted to do something for and with my children...

A "place" where they can
... where PARENTS are welcome
... where AWARE Parenting is practiced and explored CHILDREN HERE and NOW was conceived!

This is how we organized CHILDREN HERE and NOW in the year 2006 - 2007!
We ran the project with 2 trained teachers and alongside with that we (me and Anna Jahns) started the AWARE PARENTING Gathering once a week at the same location!
Annas input had been tremendously mind opening. That time she has been writing for the BYRON CHILD Magazine (NOW Kindred Magazine), so we where directly connected to the MOVEMENT!

Creative learning in touch with nature and spirit!
Children Activity Centre
Dear parents, until the age of 6 or 7 children learn primarily by imitation:seeing and doing.
The Children Here and Now Activity Centre intend to create with the children a rhythmical flow of different activities as they explore their inner soul garden, expressing their innate artistic, social and physical abilities.These will include painting, drawing, modeling, play-acting, puppetry, singing, stories, poems, games, handicrafts, cooking, gardening, sport and free play. As well as writing, reading, counting for the older children.
Using a variety of natural materials fosters a scope of imagination in play which many finished toys don't provide.
Childhood is a time of wonder and imagination as they learn more about the world we live in with Father Sky, Mother Earth and Sunny Sun (Goa, India).

Starting 01 November 2006 and continuing year around
Who for? For children from 2 1/2 – 7 years
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Location: Assagao2 groups with 6 children each
guided by 2 experienced teachers (Montessori/ Play way Method)
Children who stay short term are welcome!
Call us at 0832 – 2268158

Children Activity Centre
This weeks topic: VACCINATION
Tuesday, 30th January 2007 10:30 am
with Rafael (Homeopath/ Heilpraktiker)
For all pregnant women, new mothers and young families who are interested in truly nurturing their children and raising themselves as aware parents!We invite you to join the powerful worldwide movement towards conscious parenting and sustainable, intelligent living.
“The way the children are treated, they will treat the world”
Pam Leo, Connection Parenting

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's ON in CHILDREN HERE and NOW 2009/2010

Welcome to our CHILDREN HERE and NOW BLOG....

To stay upated and connected with us join in the community and subscribe this BLOG!

This is a "little" Intro to what will be ON this coming month in our Children Community.. looking forward to meet you ;)

We like to invite you to observe, explore,
re-think and learn with and about the most precious and amazing creation walking on planet Earth – our CHILDREN!

The HEART of the Center is the interaction between PARENTS and CHILDREN!

The UN-SCHOOL Community Project “We learn together”
…. is an invitation to parents who feel that the conventional school system does not fit and nourishes their children, who like to support each other on the way of rising children out of the mainstream to follow a NATURAL WAY of LEARNING!
We open up a place for CHILDREN of ANY AGE (3 years and up), where various Activities are happening in co-creation of families, who intent to look into and explore NEW conscious ways of growing our children into a LIFE in the 21st century!
Come and visit us on “The LAND” -our 2.000 sqm NATURAL LEARNING PLAYGROUND in Assagao! ........
We are open all year!

The AWARE Parenting Gathering
...meets twice a month and invites all FAMILIES to join the powerful worldwide movement towards conscious parenting and sustainable, intelligent living!
We come together – come with your children! – share our experiences; discuss our feelings, to clarify our doubts, and to support each other in AWARE parenting!
“The way we treat the children, they will treat the world”
We have a huge library of resources, books, web sites, films and articles to share!
Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month! From 10:30 - 12 am!
We start gathering on Friday 30th October 2009......see you with your children...

…..needs our UNDERSTANDING! Here we like to support you and your children!
Regain your TRUST to the NATURAL HEALING ability of your Body, Mind and SPIRIT!
We offer In-Formation about Nutrition, Vaccination, Obesity, Allergy and more!
Our COLOR EXPLORATION and HEALING Consultations with AURA-SOMA for Children and Parents help to reflect underlying issues on many levels!

Workshop and Events
We offer Workshops and Events for Parents and Children to explore LIFE NATURALLY! From Meditation to Gardening to Colors, Mayan Cosmology 13:20, Joggling and Conscious Communication ….SIMPLY get in touch with us and we bring you IN-FORMATION

… to share your talents with the children…make workshops, events or just come to visit…. We look forward to play with you!

…… who like to BE with CHILDREN and has an interest to learn and explore alongside with them, is welcome to join in and experience!

More about CHILDREN HERE and NOW:
Conscious Conception-Natural Birth- Aware Parenting-Conscious Communication– Home Schooling–Un-schooling Community Project – Natural Learning – Emotional & Spiritual Awareness- Mystery School – Family, Partnership & Intimacy - Health Care – Earth Care – Creating Community – Survival - LOVE and more

For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;

Dariya K. Avantario

Holistic (Research) Center for Children
268, Soccol VaddoAssagao Bardez -
Goa 403507
Phone: 0091 - (0) 832 - 2268158
Handy: 0091 - (0) 9326127307

Saturday, September 5, 2009

COLORS - a journey into the RAINBOW

CHILDREN love to play with C O L O R S !

Colors are the most beautiful gift we recieve from nature greatest Artist "Mother Earth"

The Seed of Life, also called the Colors Rose,

contains ALL there is in the UNIVERS!

To understand the language of COLOR helps to translate every aspect of Life there is and brings along integration HEALING on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level!

The exploration of the 13 Colors of the SEED of LIFE, in fusion with the 13 Tones of the MAYAN CALENDAR, is part in the daily activities of CHILDREN HERE and NOW "We learn together" -our Un-School COMMUNITY Project!

Join in and explore the RAINBOW with US!

The event COLORS - a journey to the RAINBOW of LIFE will last FOREVER.....