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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the New Gregorian Year "January 2010"

January 2010
Nadine and Lisa Diary
Friday, 1.1.2010
The whole day we spent at the beach and just relaxed. Today it was a very hot day again and so went a lot of times in the sea At about 5pm we went home for taking a shower
and went then to Anjuna in order to eat something
Then we went on with making Puschels. The day ended in a circle.On Sunday we started with the preparation at 9.30am. We two made waffles and decorated everything for the market. Normally the market should start at 2 pm, but at 1.30 pm many, many people already came. In total the market was a great success for the school. We got a lot of money for the cookies, waffles, cake, chai, lemonade and many things more. The school shop also got a lot of money for the self-made things. We spent our whole day at the school and we were very busy with selling.

Dariya Diary
Blue Spectral Hand - Hunlahun Manik 5th January 2010
First Meeting in 2010
Connected All into the Heart Space
Touching with the Hand the Heart Chakra
Color of the day Voilet – the HEALING HAND
Then all lay down and guided Meditation into the centre of the earth with a Slippery rainbow Slide Through the Magic Door in the Special Magic Place after a long funny Slide they
landed on a huge pile of colorful rainbow Pillows in a beautiful Crystal Cave in the Centre of The Earth. They met a Wise old Woman who is guarding the Earth’s Centre.
There we connected our heart with the Earth (Mother) Heart
And each went on an exploration on their own.
After some time going in A Magic Elevator back up to the top Earth but always connected to the Heart.
Invite to paint a picture of their journey
The kids very beautifully participating on the Magical Journey
No music with Andrea that day.
So we sang a few songs Ourselves
Lots of sport on the Reck that day
Crocodile Crocodile.

Nadine and Lisa Diary
Tuesday, 5.1.2010We started the day with a meditation session. Everybody should lie in a circle, close their eyes en Dariya guided us through a dream journey to the middle of the earth and back. The children enjoyed this very much. After this all the new children painted their draws. Others made pictures. After the snack break we played ‘crocodile, crocodile, which color do you want?’ Some children listened to stories we were reading and after that there was also free play. After lunch the older children started to clean their draws. After that some children went into the garden and made a paths around the seeds.

Dariya Diary
Crystal Star – Ca lahun Lamat 6th January 2010
We went into Violet again
- Creating Energy Ball with our hands and placing them on our body where we have some pain.
- Plumpsack and crocodile
- Potato Stamp Day
- Kalen and Vincent enjoyed so much carving new shapes into potatoes.
- Today we printed with water paint on different shaped papers.
All the kids were engaged and came on and off on the craft table.

Lisa and Nadine Diary
Wednesday 6.1.2010
Today we had our potato day. We started first with reading books and a lot of free play. After the snack break we started with making potato stamps. The older helped with making them and the younger ones just used them for painting. We also made finger paintings

Dariya Diary
Overton Wizard IX BLUE 12th January 2010

We had Music with Andrea

Circle gathering with Blue
Speaking about the sound (Overton) and the throat as our smallest part of the body which makes the sound.
- Andrea took the first group to the house (smallies) and made sound exploration there whereas the other half stayed on the land with Lisa and Nadine and made reading and writing practice.
- Kalen started to write his book about the universe which he has untill today did not stop.
- late snack when Andrea Returned and then next group and the samllies made some puzzeling and reading.
Today we finished late but all were happily out powered.

Lisa and Nadine Diary Tuesday 12.1.2010

The day started in a circle and the color of the day was blue. Actually, this is the color of the throat. Today Andrea was there in order to make music with the kids. We first started in a big group with singing songs altogether. Then she divided the group into two and took first the young children with her home. They sang some songs and imitate animals. They came back for the snack break. In this time the bigger children learnt something about planets and our solar system. The girls played with dolls. After the snack break Andrea made musical things with the bigger children. They learnt a rhythm song in which they had to coordinate their hands and feet. The younger children did a lot of free play and played with cars. Today we already finished after lunchtime because there were no older children than Dariya’s kids.

Dariya Diary
Rhytmic Eagle Men 13th January 2010

We learnt the Meaning of the Korals
Grow into the light

Lisa and Nadine Diary
Wednesday, 13.1.2010
Wednesday we started with reading a story for everybody. After that we went into the garden and collect all the old pots where nothing grew. Then we mixed the earth with compost and did it back into the pots. There were also planted some new seeds. After the snack break the children started to climb. Others listened to stories.

Dariya Diary
Cosmic Moon White Oxlahun Muluk 14th January 2010
We did Yoga with Allisson.
Today we cleaned our self’s . Asking who did not have a shower yesterday?
My daughter Zorah was the first who enthusiastically raised her arm ….
After asking if anybody else did not take a shower yesterday
Slowly more Arms raised as we had a good laugh.
We cleaned our Energetic Body with the Colour white and felt all fresh and clean after that.
- Potato stamping on Material .
- We used the amazing amount of Potato stamp made yesterday and made small group who took turns while using the acryl paint.
- Today only half day since no Big children were there.

Lisa and Nadine Diary Thursday 14.1.2010

The day started in a circle and the color of the day was gold. After three oms, Alison made yoga with the children. Uta went with the younger kids into the garden in order to plant some seeds. This all took a lot of time. After the snack break we started with the Mayan Workshop guided by Baba D. He made the Mayan Passports for the children and they painted them afterwards. Then we went with our lunges into the bamboo house and Baba D and Dariya guided us through the 13 different tones. They also explained the meanings of them. The children learnt the tones of the others as well. After lunch there was free play. Later Matthias came and gave a football lesson. The smaller children climbed. Today it was so hot the pool got water and the children swam and played in the water.

Dariya Diary
Resonant Warrior CIP 14th January 2010
Baba D
Circle gathering Gold
Yoga with Allison
- story today guided them into the Mayan World.
- Putting the sound of the HARA singers finding the place where the spirit sits in the centre of the body.
- As 7 is the centre of 13.
- LUUK became the King (Gold) of the day
- We all went into the Gold Pomander
- then Yoga
- and little ones with Uta in the garden
- we made the New Mayan Day keeper
- Passports for the children who did not have or their other ones disappeared and started coloring them ALL
- Snack after snack they all took their lungis and laid them on the floor.(finding /like memory )out if there are other in common.
- Then we explore each Moon tone with them
- (1) I am the Magnetic MOON. My colour is RED
I am here to receive.
That was FUN.
Closing circle for the little ones who were leaving at 1.00
Then lunch
And Free Play until 3 pm where Mathias came to give his first Football training lesson with sad little Liam who broke his arm yesterday.
Once all were gone we (Tanay/Kalen/Zorah and Kiyara) even managed to construct our Mayan Pyramid. HURRAH!!!

Dariya Diary
…. 4 HAND 16th January 2010
Duke was there
Our colour of the Day – Green
We became the Tree
Big paper painting with leaves and water paint and make more boxes out of it.
Continuing Octopuses
- We made many boxes in all sizes.
- Continuing planting lemon grass and Galanga
- Painted Big Butterflies

Dariya Diary 17th January 2010
We had
- Andrea Music and there after “Puff”
- Masha cooking Pumpkin. Which we all enjoyed.

Nadine and Lisa Diary
Tuesday, 19.01.2010

The day started in a circle. The color of today was magenta. After learning a mantra from Baba D the group was divided because Andrea was there for making music. First she took all the young children with her to sing songs and play with instruments. In this time the bigger children learnt the year from Baba D and why there should be 13 months instead of 12. They also learnt something over the universe. After that they got the flower of life and should color it like they feel how to color this flower. The younger children came back and we had a snack break. Then the older children went with Andrea. In this time the younger children started to make their music folders. There was also free play. After lunch some children started to play games or finish their music folders. There was free play as well.

Nadine and Lisa Diary
Wednesday, 20.01.2010On Wednesday we’ve nearly been alone. We’ve only been four children and Dariya. So we had enough time to prepare everything for the Juggling Convention on Thursday. The children played alone or helped us with decorating the hula hops. As they were ready the kids showed us how they can do hula hop and juggling. We ended they day at 1 pm.

Nadine and Lisa Diary
Thursday, 21.01.2010Today we had our first excursion to the Juggling Convention in Aswem/Mandrem. At 10 am we left altogether and arrived there 30 or 40 minutes later because nobody exactly knew were it is ;) But everything went right.

Nadine and Lisa Diary Friday, 22.01.2010

On Friday Alison was there to do some yoga with the children. We went with our yoga mats under the tree in the middle of the garden. After an hour we had a snack break. After that we played a remembering game with the kids. Angelica and Maria put different things under a blanket. Someone then pick one or more things and the other had to guess what is missing. In addition we played bottle turning with animal voices. Later there was also free play, were the boys played football. Other children painted some pictures or played in the tree house. At the end we read some books for them.

Nadine and Lisa Diary
Tuesday, 26.01.2010On Tuesday we began in a circle. The color of the day was coral and we had the rhythmic star. Andrea was there for making music with the children. In the circle we sang a lot of songs an mantras together. After the snack break she took Tanay and Kalen to her house in order to make music with the older children. The others went into the garden in order to plant the tomato plants. Other children were painting nice pictures. Later they also started with body paintings and then they wear some costumes as well.After lunch there was free play. Some children helped with painting our school. With the bigger children we read and practiced things from the Science Book

Nadine and Lisa Diary
Wednesday, 27.01.2010We started in a circle. After a while we sang a lot of songs. Every child who knew a song should go in the middle and sing it to all the others. We also learn some new mantras and songs. After the circle we started to make a treasure card with the girls. The boys played football and policemen. After the snack break we gave the boys our card and they went on a treasure seeking tour. Before they went they got a big bag and put some stuff for the tour inside, such as a tent, water, or binocular.

Nadine and Lisa Diary Thursday, 28.01.2010

We began in a circle with three oms. Then there was yoga with Alison. Nearly everybody did some yoga. Today we also had partner yoga what the children really enjoyed. After the snack break some children went into the garden to plant the pumpkin plants somewhere else. There was also free playing with the bikes. Other children painted and learnt things about the Mayan calendar. We also read a book to them.After lunch there was a lot of free play. After a while Kalen and Liam started to play football against each other. The other children made fan clubs for them. At 3 pm Liam’s father came to give football class to the boys and Zorah. The other children painted with watercolors nice pictures

Nadine and Lisa Diary Friday, 29.01.2010
Friday we started in a circle and Maria and Angelica explained what they prepared for today. This was a rally, where the children had to answer questions, smell, taste, and feel different things. The Kids were divided into four groups with three children and one adult. Sometimes it was a bit difficult for the younger children but it was fun. Then we had the snack break. After this, we played ‘Blinde Kuh’. After this there was a lot of free play. Later the boys listened to stories Lisa read.