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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What THEY forgot to teach you: …about EDUCATION!

Looking into the world of our educational system I can see a desire and intuitive feeling inside the parents and the teachers towards something NEW!
Many are speaking about reforming the schools and the curriculum towards a more open and playful approach which reduces the stress and pressure the children are dealing with nowadays.
Simultaneously we are facing insecurity in the parents questioning whether the children, as young adults, will be able to ‘survive’ the requests made to them by society and life itself! Do they ‘learn’ enough if we allow them an alternative and more free style schooling? Will they find a job without having passed the entire tests and exams?

Parents who are exploring these issues, with desire to go a different way with their children are often overwhelmed by the pressure put upon them by family, friends, community, society and government! This can lead to frustration and ultimately resignation!

Many of you who have already started to look at and explore the more Holistic Approach of Education, like the Educational System of Maria Montessori, Rudolf Steiner, Emelio Reggio and various styles of Free Schools are experiencing already the advantages of allowing their Children to grow up with more FREEDOM in learning!

In some countries parents are given the choice to Home School their Children, optionally taking on an outside designed curriculum or choosing a more natural learning approach where the daily schedule is a free choice and designed by the parent!

The astounding (for me!) realization I made during my research with teacher and parents about schooling was, that there are still millions of parents out there who deeply belief that our today Educational System is good enough for our Children!

Whether they question the conventional school system, desiring some changes, they are conditioned to belief that what is offered and happening is good for the kids! It worked well for them (more or less) and due to their life circumstances (work!) they have anyway no other option! And it’s true for them, because they are given this conditioning as early as they attended school!

For you, reading on will require an open mind, a willingness to take your head out of the ground and face your beliefs –the programs and conditionings which are creating your life since your time in school

Start to reflect, become aware what schools are created for and take on respond-ability!

Do you really belief that the conventional School System is the best environment to take care of your child!?

If you right HERE & NOW have just a ‘little’ doubt’ about this….. I invite you to read on….

John Gatto (1990) on the New York Teacher of the year Award said:

“Schools were designed by Horace Mann…..and other to be instrument of the scientific management of a mass population”.

Wondering for WHOM schools, as an instrument of scientific management, are designed, we logically can assume that they are created to be the instrument of a ‘managing organization’!

Since, so far, I have not seen any ‘managing organization’ formed out of children (and their role in the instrument school is a major one!), the above statement equates the Children with mass population! This does make sense considering the amount of children worldwide.

You might think the PARENTS are the managing organization, for WHOM the instrument schools are designed, yet every one of us, having attended school, knows that their parents have not been involved in the organization, nor have much influence in the main school program.

The teachers are in a way the managers of the daily routine, but even formed together in organizations, having actually very little influence on the course of what is happening in the schools. They are bound to the script which defines the scientific management!

In power behind the apparatus school, as in many other aspects of your life, is the government!

"They set the TONE, which the Children have to play, in this INSTRUMENT!"

The script for scientific management or “Curriculum”, also designed by the managing organizations of our society, incorporates the perfect “scientific” plan (their perfect plan!) for your Child for a minimum of the following 10 years of his life!

Allow me to summarize herewith:

“Schools are a, for the managing organizations of our society (Government), designed platform, which collect masses out of the population (Children) and keeps them under the scientific management (Curriculum)!"

Have you ever questioned or even read the "curriculum" you enroll your child in for the most precious time in his life!?

Without questioning the majority of the population beliefs that Children learn in school and getting the right EDUCATION for their life

You will be surprised to learn that the general definition of “Education” requires URGENT re-defining, as does the entire approach of conventional education since the essence of what Education means and can be, differs widely from the daily reality in our conventional schools.

The feeling you have inside, this, which makes you desire a change even without any logical proof or reason, this is what Education is all about!
The sad truth is that this essence of life is being taught far away from us, purposely, to loose the ability to trust ourselves, even to the extend that we stop questioning what is going on - which is our ability to learn!

You still say yes, BUT schools are educating our children! They learn in schools something for life!

I started to question the meaning and purpose of Education –looking for a proof of this feeling inside– and with the desire to learn more I started to research the Definition of ‘education’ through different dictionaries:
EDUCATION is defined as:
- the process or art of imparting knowledge
- knowledge acquired by learning and instruction;
- the gradual process of acquiring knowledge
- to develop the knowledge

Webster defines education as the process of educating or teaching (now that's really useful, isn't it?)

However from these definitions, we might assume that the purpose of education is to process, instruct or develop the knowledge of students.

Unfortunately, this definition offers little unless we further define the word “knowledge”.

What is meant by ‘knowledge’?

The dictionary defines Knowledge as expertise and skills, acquired by a person through education and the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

The term 'knowledge' is also used to refer to a body of facts and principles accumulated by mankind in the course of time, like a kind of goods that can be stored in a warehouse.

Well you might say this is very clear:
Education is the process of acquiring Knowledge and vice versa Knowledge is acquired through Education, so what the point!?

The point is to figure out, if our children through in this process of Education through acquiring Knowledge actually LEARN!

Does the process or art of imparting knowledge (Education!?) means that we REALLY LEARN?

You will agree with me that when it comes down to discuss Education, it is ALL about “what our children are LEARNING”!

EDUCATION = LEARNING - this in its essence is TRUE!

Yet the process of acquiring knowledge does not mean or guarantee our Children are LEARNING, and has TRUELY nothing to do with EDUCATION,

WHY, you ask!?

Primarily because if Education would be allowed in its essence, you would not function the way THEY want you too!

As a more efficient reason for “them” to create schools, we could refer to school as an ‘Instrument of the scientific management of MASS MANIPULATION!

The Educational System managing our schools gives the children the possibility to acquire a lot of knowledge! Often a process of “repeat and drill” for the sake of memorizing new data, which, you might agree, as a specie we have long grown past (and actually never grown in)!
How much of the knowledge you acquired in primary and high school do you remember NOW? Sure you can give the answer to yourself….very little compared to the amount of time you spend into acquiring knowledge, or!?

If we are looking towards a REAL CHANGE in Education, we have to understand what actually happens in our mainstream educational system AND we have find out HOW and WHERE “REAL” LEARNING happens?

To start with I invite you to practice the TRUTH SKILLS!

They play an important role in the approach of the NEW EDUCATION for the 21st century!

The first truth is that the definition of Education in the dictionaries is WRONG!

The second truth is, that because the definition of Education in the dictionaries is WRONG (could it be purposely!?) the approach and transmission of Education in SCHOOLS is WRONG (could it be purposely!?)!

Let us RE-DEFINE the very meaning of education BACK to its ROOTS and ESSENCE!

As many of you might not know, the word EDUCATION comes from the Latin ‘e-ducere’ meaning "to lead out"!

Socrates, at his time in ancient Greece, already argued that education was about drawing out what was already within the student, by stimulating the NATURAL INTELLIGENCE!


REAL LEARNING  happens through stimulating the NATURAL INTELLIGENCE!

And we will explore this soon for you to understand

The term which defines the capacity of human being for original and abstract productive thought is INTELLIGENCE!
Intelligence rises from INSIDE!

Intelligence is the inherited ability to learn about, learn from, understand, and interact with one’s environment.

We are born with this potential to comprehend, understand and profit (learn!) from experiences!

Knowledge, to the contrary, is a body of information we acquire from the OUTSIDE - available information we receive from “out there”. The term 'knowledge' also refers to data that has been captured by a human, re-expressed and stored (in a medium such as this document), and intended to be later re-captured by other humans.

In daily reality our schools are performing what our dictionaries define as education:

”to process, instruct or develop the knowledge of students”.

I personally see a "gab" between the definition of Education in the common dictionaries …”to acquire knowledge” and the root of what Education originally refers to “to lead out”!

Furthermore I see a BIG gab in what the daily Reality of school environment reflecting the children and parents as Education, compared with WHAT Education actually can BE.

So, what has happened to our EDUCATION?

It might has been as simple as replacing the essence of the meaning, by using the word KNOWLEDGE instead of INTELLIGENCE!

"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words."
                                                                                         Philip K. Dick

We have to question ourselves on this point whether we like our children to be filled up with an amount from the outside acquired knowledge or we like our Education to stimulate the natural intelligence of our children!?

A start to change the Education of our Children is to understand and re-define WHAT Education means and can be!

“Education is received through the optimum stimulation of Intelligence – to bring out of our being what we have inside of us, what we are born with and what we, each an ONE of us uniquely, want to LEARN!”
The following statement gives another example of what teacher’s, referring to Education, are daily confronted with:

“Teachers who hold a more humanistic view of the purpose of education often experience stress because the meaning they assign to education differs greatly from the meaning assigned by society or their institution. It is clear in listening to the language of education that its primary focus is on knowledge and teaching rather than on the learner. Students are expected to conform to schools rather than schools serving the needs of students.

How would you complete the statement, "The purpose of education is..."? If you ask five of your fellow teachers to complete that sentence, it is likely that you'll have five different statements. Some will place the focus on knowledge, some on the teacher, and others on the student.

For example, some teachers believe that the transmission of knowledge is the primary purpose of education, while the transfer of knowledge from school to the real world is something that happens naturally as a consequence of possessing that knowledge—a function of education.”

                                                                         Excerpt from

The essence of Education worldwide misunderstood!

Originally referring to discover and bring out what we have INSIDE of us, how does the conventional Educational System and their Curriculum valid for millions of Children, succeeds to bring out their unique talents, qualities and potentials?
And you might question yourself here, whether they actually want to!?
How can they assert, education is a result of acquiring a lot of knowledge which is only available by teaching it to the children in school!?

Mainstream Education today is a mere shadow of what teaching and learning should be and can be. The assumption of students as “empty vessels” to be in need to be filled up has been the premise upon which most education and their institutions are based.

With that Schooling became a method of controlling children and forcing them to do what educators (and the curriculum) decided they had to learn. This is the current STATUS QUO

The assumption that ALL Children can receive the same teachings is silently accepted by the majority to the people by sending them into school!

Have you ever seen one child which is exactly like another!?

Each child is unique!

So where is the space for them to discover and explore the uniqueness and their natural inborn talents?

How to allow and stimulate Children’s natural human competences, also referred to as INTELLIGENCE, on the way to REAL Learning

The biology of Natural Learning throughout history is best described as follows:

“Teaching is not only about the transference of knowledge and skills deemed important by the culture, it is primarily about the development of natural human intelligences.

Humans evolved over a period of a few million years and have only been around themselves for about 150,000 years. During this time we evolved through natural ways of learning – namely, learning by doing and experiencing with the senses, the emotions, the body and the mind -learning in-context; which is basically the traditional apprenticeship model. Since the advent of writing 5000 years ago, and especially since the industrial-technological revolution began (only!) 200 years ago, education has become increasingly de contextualized. This means learning about things outside of the context in which they naturally occur, i.e. from books and blackboards and teachers talking about things; i.e. more abstract and less concrete. However, the way humans naturally learn and the biological mechanisms and pathways of this natural learning have not changed because genetic evolution doesn’t happen that fast.”

For 150.000 years, and most probably even more, children have learned in LIFE – learning by doing, a body – feeling/senses - mind experience!

NOW is the TIME to explore the SPIRIT of Learning!

How less Spirit we find in the Mainstream Educational System might be clearer to you by now.

Approaches explored by Maria Montessori are very much encouraging the child’s natural learning potential by recreating a MINI Reality of daily LIFE. Rudolf Steiner emphasized an approach in his Waldorf School environment, where the children are supported to gently incarnate staying connected to their SPIRIT….

In the 21st Century, a TIME where we are moving through incredible changes on ALL levels of our LIFE on Planet Earth, we are invited to reflect on these explored approaches of Learning and take a conscious look into ways of growing our CHILDREN Here and Now!

To focus on acquiring academic knowledge is one way to go, yet how many of us have already run into DEAD END Roads?

Now, we can ask ourselves the questions:

What have our Children incarnated for?

How do they like to explore the world around them?

HOW do they LEARN best?

What do our Children REALLY need?

We ALL are in the experience of re-awakening, re-connecting, remembering and raising our "frequency"!

For some it comes automatically for others it comes through meditation, healing triggering and other path that the soul takes on its journey to remember who it is.

There are children who remain in awareness of whom they are and why they are here, that they have a spiritual mission and focus that the time is HERE AND NOW they stay in touch with the higher aspects of their soul experience.

That’s the journey, to connect with WHO you are in the DIVINE LEELA!


For the Evolution
For the CHILDREN of this PLANET
For the Here and Now
Keep it simple


Dariya Avantario



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Robbie- the Butterfly" Book Review by Dariya Avantario

Welcome to Day 13 of Robert Larson’s Blog Tour for his new children’s book, Robbie the Butterfly.
To read day 12 of the BlogTour go to Emily Aiken’s BLOG Soul Full Living :

Robbie is a young caterpillar growing up in a world where SPIRIT and the ART of Transformation had been forgotten! Feeling different all his childhood and teenage life he though knew deep within that there is something WORTH it to remember! Meeting a beautiful Butterfly Girl in his dream, he receives a Vision!
Enlightened by the feeling of LOVE he started his path as a seeker of Truth…..

Robert Larson book “Robbie-the Butterfly” is a simple story with tremendous power! We will all find aspects and situations of our life, childhood and adulthood, reflected by Robbie’s life experiences in the struggling caterpillar world!

The metaphor of the caterpillar–butterfly transformation shared in this book invites everyone, young and old, to research in one’s OWN life “where” we are on our Path!

Robbie seeks to communicate with our CHILDREN!
Robert Larson’s book is a Gift for every parent to connect with the inner world of their children! It opens doors to explore their day-to-day reality! The spiritual world is very fascinating for our children. Following Robbie on his path gives the children space to connect with their feelings, helps them to share and express their experience, and brings along TRANSFORMATION and HEALING!
Reading the story to my children in the Workshop

Meet "Robbie the Butterfly" Workshop about Transformation for Children

I was happily observing how much the children where FEELING for and with Robbie! They opened up like water springs, sharing moments from their life and releasing emotions!

The book definitely connected us to a beautiful FLOW of CREATIVITY !

In the story, the moment Robbie transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillar world was shocked speechless! Only the little caterpillar Landy (2 years old) just went on PLAYING!

Walking through Life with the Spirit of CHILDLIKENESS is LIVING in the NOW!

Why not simply ask our Children to READ the story for us……

Robbie the Butterfly is a story to-gather…’s for young and old, family and school!

Roberts Larson book makes a colorful and intelligent edition into every school curriculum!
It helps to set a platform for every Child Facilitator to explore the mind, body and SOUL Reality with Children!
It explores, in a non-religious way, themes of forgiveness, transformation and Living in the Now and supports the children to achieve a deeper understanding of “who” they are!

Tomorrow we reach the final day of Robert Larson’s Virtual Blogtour!
Join Robert Larson and Shift Guru Barbara on their Joye-Radio Interview Thank God It's Friday!:

We invite you to join the AWAKENING adventure with ALL of this amazing LIGHTworkers connecting in this journey! On every Blog entry you find the previous and following day of the Blogtour…..lets connect!

Author, Robert Larson, is a starseed/lightworker on the path of ascension. His mission in life is to spread the message to the children of the New Earth that being fully present each moment of your life is the key to spiritual transformation. His message to parents out there is to allow your kids to be empowered so they can transcend the wheel of karma and live a life of peaceful non-judgment. He is sharing this message through his book Robbie the Butterfly, which uses the caterpillar to butterfly transformation as a metaphor for the real transformation you go through when you live these truths.

Robert’s website is

Find him on facebook at: or his fan page at and his group Children’s Spiritual Books at:

Get Pick-a-WooWoo: Robbie the Butterfly at Amazon on Sept 25.

Buy the book on the publisher’s website: or on

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ROBBIE the Butterfly Book Review

Today on the 4th day of our journey with ROBBIE – the Butterfly, we welcome you in the REAL-ity of Children HERE and NOW!

Robert Larson Star seed / Lightworker and author of the book, has invited us to make a Re-view with our Indigo Children – and so we started our adventure to explore the World of ROBBIE……
Ever since we started, our CREATIVITY has been flowering and em-POWER-ing….

After yesterdays stop over on Emily Aiken BLOG "Soul Full LIVING" where Robert shared with us "Whats is Ascension?"we invite you ALL to explore our REFLECTIONs….
…….even if the Video takes a little while to upload
and LEARN with us to-gather!

You can also view our Robbie the Butterfly Video at:


Book Review written on Saturday 4th September 2010:


Meeting him today and following his transformation, he shows us how to LIVE in the NOW – not in the past or future !He teaches about the different processes which take place in our lives – from our Childhood to our adulthood and beyond. If we take Robbie the Caterpillar as a human, his life teaches us many things about REAL LIFE!
As a Caterpillar, he had a DREAM – he trusted his DREAM and followed it!

Experiencing LOVE for the first time in his life kept him going, even though the caterpillar world was a “though one”

The feeling of being different is very well know to us!
We Children Here and Now also experience the same situations as Robbie.

- Feeling of not belonging here

- Feeling of being different

- Getting bullied.

We learn from Robbie, not to be afraid of asking for help, not to give up and following our feelings.

Just as Robbie forgive everyone who had hurt him and misunderstood him, if we practice forgiveness we will learn all about LOVE – being loved and share love and loving ourselves.

To tell you all truthfully – LOVE makes FEEL really good :)

Being a caterpillar Robbie was aware of his potential!

He understood that accepting everyONE the way he is, including himself, and enjoying living in the NOW are deep and TRANSFORMING experiences of his day to day life.
Everything has it TIME!

Just like Robbie learns to wait, be patient and ultimately give up to become a butterfly, we too must wait for changes to take place to our body, mind and spirit in our life.

Just as every caterpillar comes from an egg so do we humans.

Yet, can we relate the butterflies live stage to our own!?
meaning: caterpillars=childhood, Chrysalis=teenage and butterfly=adulthood

We do not see all adults as butterfly!
Many are still fighting among each other, even making wars – they are the struggling caterpillars!

But we see many extraordinary children which are beautiful and colorful BUTTERFLIES!

More and more adults are transforming into amazing people that can also talk to God!


Just like Zaky - we call him the Guru:) and Emmanuelly - which are through living in the HERE and NOW, guiding us on the way of TRANSFORMATION!

We, Children Here and Now, feel its NOW time for more  Humans to connect with LOVE
                               practicing FORGIVENESS

                                                       and living in the NOW!

By connecting everyONE, we have the POWER to change the World for a better future for all.
There is all ways the possibility for Transformation!

Looking into the present state of the World makes us sad and we hope that many will follow the message Robbie shares with us!
 Living in the Now changes our Future!

We feel that this book every child, teenager, adult and beyond should read!

Book Review and Video created by:
Sneden age 15

Stephanie age 13

Tara age 10

Nominath age 9

Kalen age 9

Zorah age 6

Raman age 6

Kiyara age 4

and Dariya 38

Author, Robert Larson, is a starseed/lightworker on the path of ascension. His mission in life is to spread the message to the children of the New Earth that being fully present each moment of your life is the key to spiritual transformation. His message to parents out there is to allow your kids to be empowered so they can transcend the wheel of karma and live a life of peaceful non-judgment. He is sharing this message through his book Robbie the Butterfly, which uses the caterpillar to butterfly transformation as a metaphor for the real transformation you go through when you live these truths.

Robert’s website is Find him on facebook at: or
his fan page at 
and his group Children’s Spiritual Books at:

Buy the book on the publisher’s website: or on—WooWoo-Robert-James-Larson/dp/0980652022/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1281936836&sr=1-1

To read more about Robbie the Butterfly, head over to Blog Tour, Day 4, Wednesday, 9-15-10
for Lori Boatman-article

Friday, September 3, 2010

Meet "Robbie the Butterfly" Workshop about Transformation for Children

This workshop is a journey into the enlightening world of Robbie - a young caterpillar who had a DREAM of one day TRANSFORMING into a BUTTERFLY!
Sadly the caterpillar world had long forgotten and did not believe into this transformation anymore. But Robbie followed his FEELING and on the path he LEARNED at lot.....

This Workshop will explore the world of Robbie with our Children! Reading the story of Robbie will create the Space f...or the Children to share HOW they FEEL about love, transformation, truth and trust.....what is meant by forgiveness and LIVING in the NOW!
We will create Caterpillars, transform them into butterflies.....observe the LIFE of caterpillars & butterflies in the garden and co-create a review about the book of "Robbie the Butterfly" written by Robert James Larson which will be published a part of Roberts "BLOGTOUR on Sept.14th " on the Children Here and Now BLOG (
us with your CHILDREN into the world of "Robbie the Butterflie" and see that in any MOMENT something MIRACULUS can happen.... are you ready to BE a BUTTERFLY :)

Date: 04. September 2010

Timing: 10 am untill 3 pm for the littles ONE's :)

The big children will create the re-view about the book

The Review will be published as part of a VIRTUAL BLOG TOUR created by the author of the book!
Robert Larson invites:
"Fellow lightworkers, please join me for 2 weeks as I share my insights about the children of the New Earth and how I feel my message of being in the present moment can help them attain enlightenment. Each day for the 2 week period there will be a new book review, article, interview, and on the final day you can hear me speak on Barbara Joye's radio show Thank God It's Friday! I discuss ascension, how being in the NOW can help ...give you that "fabulous Friday feeling," how I once almost levitated while doing a mirror meditation, and what people have to look forward to in 2012. My articles will cover such topics as ascension, starseeds, ancient lost civilizations and the true history of the cosmos, how being in the NOW can help kids who see ghosts, and how being present can heal mental illness. Here's the schedule plus links. Also, don't worry if any of you can't make it on the set days. All these materials will be archived so you can still see them anytime:
Day 1, 9-11-2010: Caron Goode-Written Interview:
Day 2, 9-12-2010: Yvonne Perry-Book Review:
Day 3, 9-13-2010: Emily Aiken-Ascension Article:
Day 4, 9-14-2010: Dariya Avantario-Indigo Kid's book review:
Day 5, 9-15-2010: Lori Boatman-Article about Starseeds:
Day 6, 9-16-2010: Shelagh Jones-Written Interview:
Day 7, 9-17-2010: Hillary Raimo-Lost History Article:
Day 8, 9-18-2010: Caron Goode-Book Review:
Day 9, 9-19-2010: Glenn Smith-Written Interview:
Day 10, 9-20-2010: Kerrilynn Shellhorn-Article about kids who see ghosts:
Day 11, 9-21-2010: Yvonne Perry-Written Interview:
Day 12, 9-22-2010: Emily Aiken-Mental Health Article:
Day 13, 9-23-2010: Dariya Avantario-Her Book Review:
Day 14, 9-24-2010: Shift Guru Barbara Joye-Radio Interview Thank God It's Friday!: you find more Information:
Find him on facebook at: or his fan page at and his group Children's Spiritual Books at:
The CHILDREN in HERE and NOW are very EXCITED and PROUD to join this GREAT Network.....
Lets BE connected
For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE

Dariya Avantario

Friday, April 23, 2010

If they REALLY want it......all about PIZZA

Its been a while we haven't shared about what we are doing....much to share and here it goes about a PIZZA!

The essence of Children Here and Now is the NATURAL allow the Children to take charge of their own Learning Rhythem, "what" and in "which pace" they like to explore the world , is entirly in their respondsability! here comes the PIZZA.....

You ask me now: What does this has to do with a PIZZA?

Well, the Pizza basically showed me their NATURAL ability to learn and SURVIVE!

The kids surprised me with their ability to be 100% present and DOING ALL what was required, to have an eatable PIZZA at the end, on their was their choice...they REALLY wanted to eat PIZZA.....and they made IT !!!

.....and as you can imagine.... it was the "BEST" PIZZA they ever ate in their LIFES ;)

They will never forget that day they made the first Pizza on their OWN!

"Learning by doing" integrates mind, body and SOUL - the experience is HOLISTIC touching every aspect of our being.......and this only while making Pizza :)

I mean how many Italiens in the world are surviving while making PIZZA!?

May every PIZZA be made with as much PRESENTS and LOVE as our PIZZA!
The kids have written down the reciept...simply ask us if you want to make THE experience!

PS: try to replace the word PIZZA with things you like to experience
for the CHILDREN of this planet
for the HERE and NOW
keep it SIMPLE

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Comes RAIN comes the DIARY - here the March 2010

well, YES we are late posting our daily adventures on the blog....
I have to say, I soo much enjoy reading them all through and remembering this beautiful moments I shared with the children ;)

It is only NOW in the monsoon, that I have the TIME to compile ALL our experiences, organising the photos & films and giving ALL of you a chance to see a tiny little bit of "WHAT WAS ON" in Children Here and Now in the month of December 2009 untill March 2010!

We have never stopped ;)....the journey is like the LIGHT - no beginning and no end......
Stay connected - there is much more to come......
As the RAIN hits GOA - my TIME for computer work will increase!
Here is the month of MARCH 2010


9 Solar Dog turquoise 9th March 2010
- Only Raman and Ramesh arrived back after holiday.
- Music Day with Andrea
- Started with “HUM MANI PEDME HUM” and since the group was small 5 children and since they all were present we took the chance to film the whole process of “
“The hungry caterpillar”
- It’s a “musical journey” to become a beautiful BUTTERFLY.

10 Planetary Monkey royal blue 10th March 2010
Kiyara and Maria Cosmic Birthday. Maya’s first day with Alex
- Kalen and me build up a Bycycle Park and with all the cycle possibilities we were practicing our balance and co-ordination skill until we sweated.
- Zorah created a beauty Salon for all and we explored Tattoo making with Henna in India its called “Mendhi”
- Colored Mosaik = white rice with Food color then dry.
- Draw a picture with stencils of different shapes for small and big
- Fill in the shapes with glue and sprinkled the colored rice on top – see photos
- Singing circle “Tall tree” and every child sang a SOLO…

11 SPECTRAL HUMAN voilet 11th March 2010

Yoga with Allison (Circle with Violet)
Since I was alone with the Kids today we made a very free play day.

Vincent and Finn had their last days before going to Germany so we compiled their work together in folder to date back home.
Each of the children got a henna tattoo of their wish (good I had some practice)
Circle time to say Good bye song.

On 12th March we had no school.

3 ELECTRIC EARTH Yellow 16th March 2010

Music with Andrea
Today we put the little STARS on stage after connecting to the Central Sun of the Galaxy and chanting the Hunab Ku Mantra, we put on the Amplifier and each could enjoy to hear his/her voice singing into the microphone,
Andrea and I were amazed about their joy to sing that day and we were able to receive from the children a full collection of songs in many languages.
Kalen he played his first song on the guitar along while singing it at the same time.
After lunch they played and in the afternoon we went to visit of the “young musicians of the world”
A children concert from the Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya school (South India) where children presented themselves through MUSIC – singing and instrumental

4 SELF – EXISTING MIRROR -– Green 17th March 2010
Play dough day- from making it to creating amazing landscapes this day(morning) was dedicated to play with colorful dough we do it ourselves out of wheat flour, salt oil and colors.
Its was great fun and they stuck up to the process for solid 2 hours

Closing circle with singing.

5 OVERTONE STORM –– Blue 18th March 2010
- Yoga with Allison
Starting with a circle in Blue, Honouring the Blue sky and the Blue Ocean. Exploring the space above / dividing in the water below and cooling our bodies with Blue – the color of peace.
It was a very hot day. Some joined in Yoga.
Some started their own painting project. Some helped to bake.
Organic whole wheat bread for Desert!
It’s been an empower storm day.
The kids were wild like the wind, but lovely in their power.
Explored with the big ones, how to take care of Planet Earth?
And explored the Garbage Issue in India …….. see extra sheet
Raman was the Master Baker and supervised his bread process for a solid hour. Each could shape his own Bread Desert and we made a plan to remember who is who.
Franciska painted the children faces so we had 2 moons (red and Blue) a tiger a butterfly and a spider twirling around (its been almost to hot for LUNCH but he deserts went all inside our tummies and even some Mamas and papas got to take home.
The afternoon brought along some visitors to explore our space and the expanded gang of boys “fought” for 2 hours in the garden……
… they were really enjoying!

6 Rhythmic SUN Coral 19th March 2010
Camila + Anna

How do we use numbers in life?
Counting, yes and measuring!
Using a tape measure
How far is 1 cm? 10 cm? 100 cm?
How big is your foot?
How long is your arm?
How tall is your arm?
How tall are you?
Who is tallest? Who is smallest?
Move to playdough
Harmoniously all making fruit!
Entire fruit bowl! Singing songs together. Talking about a fruit.
Creating fruit land and all fruit friends
Snack time
Playing house
Liam + Milo together
Painting pictures
Making a building

10 PLANETARY SEED –– Royal Blue 23rd March 2010
Water Splash Day with Music. The Kids were like buzzing bees and once they discovered the new Water Slide which Salome brought to us….. there was nothing to do, but to make the water flow : )
- Made Xylophones with BIG Bamboos.

11 SPECTRAL SNAKE –– 24th March 2010
Finishing all open paints
Today we put out all paints which were half finished with very big sheets of paper.
All children (we had three guests today Juhi and Inika and Salome) had all morning the possibility for Abstract Painting - in the same time we also Recycled paper which was half used.

12 CRYSTAL WORLDBRIDGER –– Magenta 25th March 2010
Camilla was there to help
- they painted Spanish Houses
- Rice Mandalas
A lost of physically Acitivity as cycling, football, running

13 COSMIC HAND - White 26th March 2010
Today we made Zorahs birthday party. Since most of her friends are leaving Goa nest week so it’s been a party decoration Morning with Flowers and /balloons and crepe and Music and baking a yummy birthday cake.