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Friday, April 23, 2010

If they REALLY want it......all about PIZZA

Its been a while we haven't shared about what we are doing....much to share and here it goes about a PIZZA!

The essence of Children Here and Now is the NATURAL allow the Children to take charge of their own Learning Rhythem, "what" and in "which pace" they like to explore the world , is entirly in their respondsability! here comes the PIZZA.....

You ask me now: What does this has to do with a PIZZA?

Well, the Pizza basically showed me their NATURAL ability to learn and SURVIVE!

The kids surprised me with their ability to be 100% present and DOING ALL what was required, to have an eatable PIZZA at the end, on their was their choice...they REALLY wanted to eat PIZZA.....and they made IT !!!

.....and as you can imagine.... it was the "BEST" PIZZA they ever ate in their LIFES ;)

They will never forget that day they made the first Pizza on their OWN!

"Learning by doing" integrates mind, body and SOUL - the experience is HOLISTIC touching every aspect of our being.......and this only while making Pizza :)

I mean how many Italiens in the world are surviving while making PIZZA!?

May every PIZZA be made with as much PRESENTS and LOVE as our PIZZA!
The kids have written down the reciept...simply ask us if you want to make THE experience!

PS: try to replace the word PIZZA with things you like to experience
for the CHILDREN of this planet
for the HERE and NOW
keep it SIMPLE

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Comes RAIN comes the DIARY - here the March 2010

well, YES we are late posting our daily adventures on the blog....
I have to say, I soo much enjoy reading them all through and remembering this beautiful moments I shared with the children ;)

It is only NOW in the monsoon, that I have the TIME to compile ALL our experiences, organising the photos & films and giving ALL of you a chance to see a tiny little bit of "WHAT WAS ON" in Children Here and Now in the month of December 2009 untill March 2010!

We have never stopped ;)....the journey is like the LIGHT - no beginning and no end......
Stay connected - there is much more to come......
As the RAIN hits GOA - my TIME for computer work will increase!
Here is the month of MARCH 2010


9 Solar Dog turquoise 9th March 2010
- Only Raman and Ramesh arrived back after holiday.
- Music Day with Andrea
- Started with “HUM MANI PEDME HUM” and since the group was small 5 children and since they all were present we took the chance to film the whole process of “
“The hungry caterpillar”
- It’s a “musical journey” to become a beautiful BUTTERFLY.

10 Planetary Monkey royal blue 10th March 2010
Kiyara and Maria Cosmic Birthday. Maya’s first day with Alex
- Kalen and me build up a Bycycle Park and with all the cycle possibilities we were practicing our balance and co-ordination skill until we sweated.
- Zorah created a beauty Salon for all and we explored Tattoo making with Henna in India its called “Mendhi”
- Colored Mosaik = white rice with Food color then dry.
- Draw a picture with stencils of different shapes for small and big
- Fill in the shapes with glue and sprinkled the colored rice on top – see photos
- Singing circle “Tall tree” and every child sang a SOLO…

11 SPECTRAL HUMAN voilet 11th March 2010

Yoga with Allison (Circle with Violet)
Since I was alone with the Kids today we made a very free play day.

Vincent and Finn had their last days before going to Germany so we compiled their work together in folder to date back home.
Each of the children got a henna tattoo of their wish (good I had some practice)
Circle time to say Good bye song.

On 12th March we had no school.

3 ELECTRIC EARTH Yellow 16th March 2010

Music with Andrea
Today we put the little STARS on stage after connecting to the Central Sun of the Galaxy and chanting the Hunab Ku Mantra, we put on the Amplifier and each could enjoy to hear his/her voice singing into the microphone,
Andrea and I were amazed about their joy to sing that day and we were able to receive from the children a full collection of songs in many languages.
Kalen he played his first song on the guitar along while singing it at the same time.
After lunch they played and in the afternoon we went to visit of the “young musicians of the world”
A children concert from the Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya school (South India) where children presented themselves through MUSIC – singing and instrumental

4 SELF – EXISTING MIRROR -– Green 17th March 2010
Play dough day- from making it to creating amazing landscapes this day(morning) was dedicated to play with colorful dough we do it ourselves out of wheat flour, salt oil and colors.
Its was great fun and they stuck up to the process for solid 2 hours

Closing circle with singing.

5 OVERTONE STORM –– Blue 18th March 2010
- Yoga with Allison
Starting with a circle in Blue, Honouring the Blue sky and the Blue Ocean. Exploring the space above / dividing in the water below and cooling our bodies with Blue – the color of peace.
It was a very hot day. Some joined in Yoga.
Some started their own painting project. Some helped to bake.
Organic whole wheat bread for Desert!
It’s been an empower storm day.
The kids were wild like the wind, but lovely in their power.
Explored with the big ones, how to take care of Planet Earth?
And explored the Garbage Issue in India …….. see extra sheet
Raman was the Master Baker and supervised his bread process for a solid hour. Each could shape his own Bread Desert and we made a plan to remember who is who.
Franciska painted the children faces so we had 2 moons (red and Blue) a tiger a butterfly and a spider twirling around (its been almost to hot for LUNCH but he deserts went all inside our tummies and even some Mamas and papas got to take home.
The afternoon brought along some visitors to explore our space and the expanded gang of boys “fought” for 2 hours in the garden……
… they were really enjoying!

6 Rhythmic SUN Coral 19th March 2010
Camila + Anna

How do we use numbers in life?
Counting, yes and measuring!
Using a tape measure
How far is 1 cm? 10 cm? 100 cm?
How big is your foot?
How long is your arm?
How tall is your arm?
How tall are you?
Who is tallest? Who is smallest?
Move to playdough
Harmoniously all making fruit!
Entire fruit bowl! Singing songs together. Talking about a fruit.
Creating fruit land and all fruit friends
Snack time
Playing house
Liam + Milo together
Painting pictures
Making a building

10 PLANETARY SEED –– Royal Blue 23rd March 2010
Water Splash Day with Music. The Kids were like buzzing bees and once they discovered the new Water Slide which Salome brought to us….. there was nothing to do, but to make the water flow : )
- Made Xylophones with BIG Bamboos.

11 SPECTRAL SNAKE –– 24th March 2010
Finishing all open paints
Today we put out all paints which were half finished with very big sheets of paper.
All children (we had three guests today Juhi and Inika and Salome) had all morning the possibility for Abstract Painting - in the same time we also Recycled paper which was half used.

12 CRYSTAL WORLDBRIDGER –– Magenta 25th March 2010
Camilla was there to help
- they painted Spanish Houses
- Rice Mandalas
A lost of physically Acitivity as cycling, football, running

13 COSMIC HAND - White 26th March 2010
Today we made Zorahs birthday party. Since most of her friends are leaving Goa nest week so it’s been a party decoration Morning with Flowers and /balloons and crepe and Music and baking a yummy birthday cake.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Lisa and Nadine Diary Tuesday, 02.02.2010
We began the day in a circle. First, we started with singing some songs and playing rhythmic instruments while singing. Secondly, everybody should choose a colored shawl of the rainbow and wear the color. Then we sang a song about the colors and the children started to dance. The next thing we tried to do, was making a group picture. This was actually very difficult because the children should sit in the order of the rainbow and not next to the children they liked. Consequently, some children were crying and running away.Thirdly, Andrea took Kalen and Tanay home in order to make music with them. The other children had a snack break. After the snack we went on with free play. Later, Andrea made music with the children who are between 5 and 6 years old. The younger children were painting and the older ones made a Mayan Calendar and learnt new things about it. In the end Andrea made also separate music with the little ones. All the other children spent the time till lunch with making the Mayan Calendar.After Lunch we had a lot of free play. At 3 pm a Kung Fu teacher came for the first time in order to teach the children Kung Fu and showing them how to juggle. The older ones really enjoyed this time.

Lisa and Nadine Diary Thursday, 04.02.2010
Today we were in the ‘lunar earth’. The color of the day was orange and we started in a circle. We sang some songs till Alison arrived in order to make yoga with the children. In this time the little children started to paint their Mayan-Man. After yoga and painting we had a snack break. As everybody had enough some went into the garden in order to harvest the Ladyfingers for lunch. After that the children gave each other and us massages. The boys liked it very much because they got a kiss from Issa after the massage. So many of them had around ten massages because of the kiss in the end. After ‘working’ so hard we had lunch with our own Ladyfingers. Unfortunately they were not so got because they were really hard. After the lunch Lisa played some games with Tanay and the other children joined us. In this time Nadine learnt the alphabet with Vincent and they started with counting. There was also a lot of free play in this time. At 3 pm Matthias came to play football with the boys.

Lisa and Nadine Diary Friday, 05.02.2010
As nearly every day we started in a circle. We sang our names because Camilla was there today and she did not know all the names. Then we played the game ‘fruit salad’ in the circle. After this the children were so hungry that we had the snack break. The next thing the children did was free play. Camilla, Issa, and Lisa started to ‘basteln’ and later other children joined us. Angelica also tried to teach the children a new game, the ‘snake game’. Actually this was an easy game but the children did not stay and listened very well so it was a bit difficult to play. Later Nadine read some stories and Lisa went on with making nice things with the other children.

Dariya Diary
GALACTIC HAU MONTH DAY 3- Resonant Win 9th February 2010
- Music with Andrea
- Circle was not the easiest today yet with the Hunab Ku Mantra we entered the Musical World to be taken off by Hungry Stomachs
There was no way but to start with a SNACK BREAK
- Bernard and Andrea played the Guitar exploring some new songs we wanted to learn.
Gathering all again and exploring the First Notes and the length/breath of
1+2+3+4 alongside with singing out their names.
The art Part was that all draw and colour their rhythmic Name notes.
The morning passed in that process
Free Play during that with few little accidents but lots of FOOTBALL/CYCLING and climbing.
- In preparation for the SAD Goodbye. yet to gather and keep them in the circle was super on my nerve and the distraction factor within the children brought me on 180 km
I stepped up and put my point clear
The Circle started and we created the goodbye song for Nadine and Lisa which came out very beautiful.

The Big ones later wrote the text of the song on Paper, in cursive to give as a present to Nadine and Lisa.
- All children joined in and copied the words only Finn and Kiyara and Raman played Lego
- Of 3 the Kung Fu teacher came and they joined in for 1 hour (Dig) and event he small ones did a good part.

Dariya Diary
4 AKBAL – Blue Galactic Night – Olive Green 10th February 2010
Starting Circle with Lisa and Nadine Song.
Dieter and Bernard were the parents of the day so the NRG was very male and gave the whole Morning a great GROUNDDING.
The focus was on Gardening and ground that was the Football . They went hand in hand-
As a result we transplanted 100 Papaya trees into new Earth and ground/Custard Apple Trees, sweet tamarind trees, pumkin and we keep on watering them all.

Dariya Diary
5 KAN – SOLAR SEED – Turquoise 11th February 2010
Circle we connect with the Dolphin Music of Atlantis Chant and a guided journey into the Ocean and invited them to become the Dolphin swimming in the water with all the others, always connected to one another.
YOGA with Allison
Since today the Carnival Floats, we offered Face painting. The Costumes were not washed :(
(I forgot) so we could not really get into the gears, but Nadine and Lisa made Masks with them for their faces.
And otherwise the play ‘Football Circle’ and everyone introduced his masks. We had Spiderman, Funny Face, 555 Teeth, Princess and Queen, Kokrddiee with Butterfly Mask.
Säble zam Tiger, Monster, Pan Plan Oed Man, King, Spider Gire.
Lunch Break
Today Many Little Incidents – I felt like a nurse.

Dariya Diary 18th February 2010

We had Yoga and Kung – Fu in Afternoon
Orsi and Isa were there

Dariya Diary 19th February 2010

It was Lisa ‘s and Nadine last day with the children. We had a Thank You Party for Nadine and Lisa.

Dariya Dairy
4 CIB – Galactic Warrior 23rd February 2010
-Gardening – Transplantation of Basil and Custard Apple
- Spanish Lessons started with Camill – made a language folder.
- Completed 13 Month with Kalen/Tanay.
- Sorledo out Drawers made Folders.
- Football/Cycling
Opening Circle with Olive Green- The Power of the Heart.
Last day of Baba D…..
We have not to cut trees and make big building
We live with the trees.
They are like our Mother.
Because they come from the roots of our Mother Earth.
We have to take care of them …..
……………. By Kalen (20.2.2010)

Dariya Diary
Planetary Mirror – Olive Green 25th February 2010
- Circle with Royal Blue Indigo finding the 3rd Eye and connecting to the Mystery of Earth and sky with the first sound of the Universe AUM.
- Yoga with Allison
- Small ones in the Lego world
- Big Ones Drawing of their Yoga Story
- Snack Break.
- 11:45 – Kung Fu with Movakine
All joined in for the take off and slowly the little ones faded off until the big children remained to go deeper into Kung Fu
After we all took a shower under the tree which is like a waterfall
Followed by a water pipe Rainbow Shower – It is so hot already!
Lunch : Mashed Potatoes – they loved it.
Little Free Play until we gathered them for a relaxing Story time” Molly Woppx”
They started to act out the story together and were dancing and singing along with it.