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Thursday, June 30, 2011

SNAKE Day: Workshop "LEARN about SNAKES" with Rahul Alvares!

Our DAY "LEARN all about SNAKES" with Rahul Alvares was a great success ;) 

We learned lots of TRUTHs of a Snake Life - WHO they are and HOW "they" feel meeting US!
We are able to identify the venomous and NON-venomous Snakes (even though we still need to check in Books to make it sure :) , HOW to ACT when one really bites us and even have experience in holding a BOA......
Its a good START and we are ready to deepen our stay connected for more events with Rahul Alvares in Children Here and Now!

  .•.¸¸.••.¸¸•.¸ SURPRISE SURPRISE
 .......our unexpected guest on the morning of the SNAKE day!
((((((: the Goa TARANTULA :))))))

The photo Close Up in made by Rahul, who took the Spider home for more and better Observation!

on Sunday the 26th June 2011

Dear friends,

Snakes play an important part in our Nature!
We invite you to take part in this Workshop given by Rahul Alvares on the land of Children Here and Now.
We FEEL its important for our Children here in Goa, to learn about the different types of Snakes in our environment, overcome the FEARs which are often related in meeting the beautiful animal and understand HOW to act on encounters with them!

Rahul will explain and SHARE with us a wide range on information about this mysterious Animal!

This event is open to adults too....

The costs are shared between the participats :)

Kindly confirm your participation with me
Any question call Dariya 9326127307
Looking forward to see you

His program is divided into three parts.

First, a slide show; here I show pictures of venomous and non-venomous snakes found in Goa and other parts of India. I also discuss common myths, how to identify venomous snakes etc.

The second part of the program is a short question and answer session on; first aid, what to do if you see a snake or if one enters your house, etc.

The concluding part is a live snake handling session; For this session I bring two to three live harmless snakes that the audience is allowed to handle. This handling session works like a charm at eradication the irrational fear we have for snakes.

The program is 1- 1 1/2 hrs. I happily extend the timing, if the audience is very interested or if people ask a lot of questions!