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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Diary NOVEMBER 2009 entering the Mayan Core Day

Welcome to our journey in the month of NOVEMBER.... its been a time of re-gathering since many of the Families just arrived in Goa!
Now by the beginning of December our Garden is enjoying its first sprouts and blossoms and we enjoy the results of our diggings;)
The production for our Fleamarket is in its FULL Gears...and you will be surprised WHAT Ideas the kids are coming up with.....
ENJOY to read through our Adventures..... ONE thing which was again astonishing for ME is the SYCHRONISITY the kids are vibrating....its NOW more than CLEAR to me that we absolutly can TRUST them to take charge of their OWN personal LEARNING Rhythem.... we are writing this for YOU to see what ALL can happen when we DO so....
For the Evolution
For the CHILDREN of this Planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE;)


11th November 2009

Session I - Flying Classroom with Navina (B) Kalen 10 – 3 -Candle/Agarbatti
Om – Prayer – Asato ma sat garmaya

- Draw Yoga Postures in book ½
- Boxes Decoration. Om Boxes 1 each =3
- Playdough /paper
- Pista Shells/string

Ideas for Poster/ things to make for the flea market

Kitchen – Pasta Salad
- Brinjal Saute

Book of Prayers(10 – from different lands) Poems/songs/chants/

10 Planetry WIZARD LAHUN 1X

13th November 2009
Session II - Flying Classroom with Navina (B)

- Alphabet writing in calligraphy (for Mantras/Poems) – With different Instruments.
- Make a story with different Alphabets(Name/Place/animal Thing)
- 4 nature songs ( Learn Sing and Write)
- Fossil on Plaster of Paris/Clay (Leaf sneil bone)
- Pencil holder from Pringles x 2

NKM MYO HO REN GE KYO : chanting, saying, writing, body sounds – Parts
Dinosaurs – song Poem/ Read Book/Write learn sing draw. (made up 3 new stanzas - write
Yoga: 20 mins
Lunch: Aloo methi/ Pumpkin/Carot Salad – Veg Juice
Pencil Holder – snow flakes.


17th November 2009


Official RE-Opening of the season on the magnetic Mirror – we are ready to receive ALL REFLECTIONS:) All came late apart Ramesh
Opening Circle with Color Turquoise – expanding the heart.
The Circle of Children today is Kalen, Zorah, Kiyara, Ramesh, Tanay, Juhi, Inika

Inika is the first Child born in Children Here and Now when we started it in 2006 and youngest in the group HERE and NOW
- finally Play dough Time;)
- The S+M made a new collection of colourful Play dough

(B) Went for a game of snakes and ladders
- M: 15 Snack Time
- S+M went to PLAY with the New Play dough creating beautiful
(colorful Shapes/Cakes/Lollypops

‘B’ We explore the 13 month Mayan Calendar (Watch, Extra Sheet)
Tanay, started to update himself by exploring + painting his own Mayan Birth Kin LAHUN IK
Kalen kept on Writing

13:30 LUNCH Tanay prepare the table

M: Repeating the letters s-a-t
Writing practice /finding words which start with the letters
S: join in and color the Practice Sheets

- little jump in the pool
- ‘B’ another round snake C Ladder

- (S) drawing on blackboard

- (M) reading book/exploring our bookshelf

- (B) Playing Hide and Seek

Starting Gardening Since the NEW MOON is rising
- each 1 pot papaya seeds
- 2 pots Pumpkin seeds


18th November 2009
Zorah, Kiyara and Ramesh

- Started cleaning the Tree House. Sweeping, scrubbing and moving in the little kitchen and playshop.
- Leaf Drawing: Collected different kinds of leafs and made imprints with them to create handmade Greeting Cards. Each child made 1 card.
- Snack Break in the tree House – they loved it!
- Free Play – sailing boat in the Pool.
- Zorah build a shower:)
- Ramesh and Kiyara counting in English and German 1 – 10 then up to 30 with the Abascus
- Reading English /German: Image Dictionary was very funny since Kiyara named every Picture in English. Whereas Ramesh named it in German and they helped each other


18th November 2009

Session III - Flying Classroom with Navina (B)

Namoyoho venge Kyo
Om Mani Padme Hum

Calligraphy – Alphabets and pens
Word search
(Pringles box c faces.)

Posters to make for Flea Market


Banana fruity melon - Food is Health
Sandwich: Peel/Cut/Tools/Tomato Cucumber, carrot onion, lettuce.

Dinosaur : story – stickers – Tanay
From Bone to stone

3 Electric SUN OX AHAU

19th November 2009

Making a Experiment – Lightening
- We all went to the Plant Nursery where they enjoyed till lunch . They ran in and about . We explored who can identify different trees and plants.
- We recorded on the Blackboard our experience with the experiment.

Making a Experiment.
Who makes an Experiment? Inventors, Scientists?
How to start:-
We need an IDEA – something we like to figure out – Make lightening
Collect information about our IDEA: Electric charge jumps from– creating ELECTRIC CHARGE .
Clouds to the ground – Thunder – Lightening thereafter the rain starts.

Electric charge is made when water drops and ice crystals RUB against each other.
The discharge of this is called LIGHTENING.

7 Re-sonate SEED UC KAN

23rd Nov 2009

Monday Floating DAY

HO IK. UAC AKBAL. UC KAN....LISTEND to the OVERTON of the WIND to EMPOWER the light within the NIGHT feeling the RHYTHMIC heartbeat of creation to RE-SONATE with the center of ALL SEEDS....TIME to get INSPIRED...


24th November 2009 TUESDAY

Today Lisa and Nadine.

Issa starting new

- Opening Circle with White Light
- Light through Crystal makes the Rainbow.
- Singing out OUR NAMES and from there we went into a singing journey where each child sang a song
- Hello /Bonjour
- Little Frog Song in Swedish
- Alle meine Entchen

- Then we went into the PLAYDOUGH World. They were absorbed in that world for a long time(S)

(M) Issa got her drawer /the Nature and Spirit Folder and drew her front pictures then after the SNACK 11.30 . they joined and created FRUITS AND VEGETABLES

- photos Nadine :)
And played shop with our own Play dough Money.
- Lunch 13:30
After LUNCH we explored ‘PUFF the Magic Dragon and sang together the whole story

Free Play Catch and Marry Kalen
Circle and explored along with the Book. What is beautiful?
Closing Circle AUM

NADINA and LISA Diary1st working day 24.11.09 The day began in a circle. Because there where so many new people everybody has to sing his name and all the others repeat it twice. Then there was a talking stick. This means that everybody who holds the stick may talk or sing or dance something to the others. All the other children are then quiet and listen to the other child.Now the group divides itself into smaller groups and the children play with play-do or paint pictures on their own. After two hours there is a snack break and everybody shares his food, fruits and bread, with each other. For the adults there is also tea available.The next thing we do is singing ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ and afterwards the children made Puff out of play-do. Actually, the children were so busy with each other that they nearly played all the time in small groups. So we did not have to do very much than being there and help them if they have questions.At one o’clock there is lunchtime and we ate Indian food and salad together. Now, all children who are about three years old go home and only the older children stay till four o’clock. After the lunch there is ‘free play’. This indicates that the children can do whatever they want and the adults just sit there and have a look. Due to the fact that the children were so active playing we did not interrupt them. We were only present and if they had questions they could come to us. At four o’clock it was over and the parents caught their children.Actually ‘Children Here and Now’ is not a school but rather a holistic center. Our main issue here is playing with the kids. On Tuesday there were three children between the ages of 5 till 8 and three children of the age of 3.


25th November 2009 Wednesday

..ready to walk with the CHILDREN on the Bridge between the WORLD with the INTENTION to MOBILIZE all SOLAR Opportunities...gonna be FUN to PLAY to-DAY ;)

Middle and small STARS on the land

Kalen and Tanay where in the Flying Classrom and learned without knowing consciously about the PEACE DAY to day the Bhoomi Mangalam Prayer

May there be peace on Earth!
Bhoomi Mangalam =Earth
Udaka = Water
Agni = Wind
Gagana = Sky
Surya = Sun

In reality Navina took Kalen & Tanay today for an outing into the Mapusa World ..definitely bridging their daily reality into another Dimension.. the world “outside” Home / Friends home and common know place… to MAPUSA Indian Market Life ;)

They went in a black…. Urjas Car ? instead of, as envisioned, with the LOCAL BUS!

The Children on the land were in a spacing space….. very much into their own world and we were ALL VERY HOT…

Opening Circle with WAKING UP the Meridians…..
Aura-Soma Color of the Day by Ramesh
WHITE – explored more about white light
Earth my Body – Water my Blood . Air my Breath Fire my Spirit Song

Yoga Story of Lily and Mimi

- (S) Finger print painting
- (M) Explored letter “ i “writing Practice
Very Spacey day yet we did a lot

No: 1-30 with Issa and Zorah with dot – to – dot picture till 30.

- All played Lego joined Ramesh and his great pyramid

Snack Time

- Sand – Painting with Glue
Make a picture and fill with Colour sand
- next step make a mosaic of it.

Story on the life of Buddha.
- Five/Water/Flash card game.

NADINA and LISA Diary 2nd Working Day 25.11.09
The day began as well as yesterday with a circle. Everybody got a drop of white light in his left hand. Then we rubbed our hands together and gave the light to the sky. Secondly we gave the light all over our body and then into the earth. Next we dray our hands and made a connection between the earth and the sky. At last we smell the white light.The next thing we did was singing the ‘Earth, Water, Air, and Fire’ song. The group divided and Zorah and Issa learned the numbers from 1 to 30. The other kids played with playmobil or painted with us. At 11 o’clock there was the snack break. After the break the children went on with building different buildings and cars with playmobil. Issa and Zorah made postcards for the flea market out of glitter sand. Later all kids were making postcards. Then Dariya read the story of ‘Little Buddha’ to the kids. After a while everybody went into the garden in order to play ‘Fire, Water, Lightning’. After 15 minutes nobody has any more power and so Zorah made crowns for all other children in order to be a king, queen, or princess.

10 Planetary HAND that Heals LAHUN MANIK

26th Nov 2009 THURSDAY

...we CHILDREN of the HERE and NOW ACCOMPLISHED with our Healing Hands to plan(e)t(ary) in our NEW (also made today!) 'CIRCLE' Garden Ladyfingers, Radish, Tamarind - Papaya -Custard Apple - Pumpkin -Avocado and Chicco SEEDS....may they manifest in the CIRCLE of Life and grow in our activated the TREE with FLOWERS and FRUITS of LIFE!

LAHUN MANIK 26th November 2009

- Started gardening until all arrived. All were busy removing stones.
- A Big Hello today
We re-welcome Miro, Tara and Raman.
Tanay met Nadine and Lisa for the first time.
- Kiyara chose pink as the Aura – Soma Colour of the Day.
Pink is RED with white Light which is in sync with our Project for the day
= Preparing the Earth for Planting
Zorah shared the color and guided the Color Ritual

Sing out ALL NAMES and explored the Meaning of each childs name!
This was amazing HOW they described themselves the meaning of their Names ;)

Every ONE wanted to talk with each other since they have not met for a long time.

Then we went into the garden where we had early in the morning added sand and ashes to the Earth – our workers are preparing a CIRCLE under the tree for gardening
We helped as much as we could.
1. We filled Coconuts with Earth
2. (B) Prepared the part of the circle for planting ladyfingers and Radish.
3. Planted Papaya/Pumpkin /Custard
4. Kiyara planted more sweet Tamarind

Snack time: 11.30

NADINA and LISA Diary3rd Working Day 26.11.09Today we have been 11 children. First we made a circle and learned all the new names by singing them. Today we had the pink light that we gave to the sky and earth. After this ceremony we had a gardening day and planted seeds into our fruit and vegetable garden. Everybody helped with seeding and watering the plants.After that, the older children wrote the alphabet in calligraphy on their own and we played with the younger ones. We also draw pictures. Because it was such a hot day yesterday, the younger children played with the Wasserschlauch and swim in the pool. Consequently everybody was so hungry that we had lunch at about 1 o’clock. Today we ate Spaghetti with cheese, pesto, or avocado sauce. Now there was ‘free playing’. After that some kids helped out in the new garden. Others played or draw pictures. Lisa read stories for the youngest children.At the end of the day we sat together in the circle and Kalen and Tanay said a prayer because it was ‘Peace day’. After that we said an ‘Om’ three times and the children went home.


27th Nov 2009 FRIDAY

....integrate the Venus STAR to understand the Changing MOON! Its a fertile Moment in TIME...ENJOY ;)

With Maria on the LAND with the M and S
Camilla helped

We started with a circle and named /smelled and talked about local flowers of Goa and of special flowers from our home country and that every country has a national flower and that some flowers we use in different ways…..
Decorating, medicines, creams and eating.
Then we made a big painting together with the flowers gluing them on a paper. Some Flowers we put by the temple and then we had the snack break.
Before snack we watered all the plants!: )

After snack we made the mosaic picture and it was peaceful way because there were few children and they were a little bit tired.

Then we sat in a circle and sang ”Puff the Magic dragon” Earth my body and made the Yogic dance “Kaoshiki’’ and did 3 “Oms ‘

We finished 30 mins early because we followed the flow…..

Lisa and Nadine Diary
4th Working Day 27.11.09
Today Maria was there to manage the day. On the way to the holistic center she picked up some flowers. The children had to name the flowers. After that we all made a big picture of the flowers together. The rest of the flowers were for our new school temple.At 10.45 we had a snack break. The next thing to do was giving the plants and seeds water so that they can grow. As every plant had enough water, we all made a big mosaic of the glitter pictures we made two days before. Then the children played alone.At the end we sang different songs together and say goodbye with a three-time-‘Om’.

1st Tracking tour 28.11.09
On Saturday morning we went up at 6.30 am because we had our first tracking tour in Goa. We went with the car to the Holy Church in Siolim were the tour started. In total we were about 30 people of different nationalities and ages. Everybody got a stick with which we picked up garbage as well. We first went trough fields and bushes and we had no idea where we have been. Later we walked along lonely streets and trough different villages. After an hour we climbed up a hill were a lonely church was. Here we had a fantastic view over north Goa. After a while we walked further and view other churches and temples around Siolim. Three hours later we had a lunch break under the Morjim Bridge. This was real Indian because we had to eat with our hands and at the beginning it also was spicy. We nearly had a break of 1,5 hours. So we went on to the beach. But, because of ‘Ebbe und Flut’ there was no water and we could not swim. Then we were so tired that we stop a car and the man inside brought us back to our car at the Holy Church. In total this trip took about seven hours! But it was a nice trip and we saw a lot of north Goa and Siolim.