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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Reflection from a parent Nov. 2008 to April 2009 :)

The Biology of Natural learning
from November- 2008 to April 2009

At Children Here And Now
Assagao, Goa.

A case study in the World of LANGUAGE

Age 8-12 years 2/3 (Boys) so far! Sessions: 9.30 – 1p.m(Monday and Fri)

Location: Anjuna (Hill/Home) Environment: Natural World/Family Home
Topic/Concept/Subject: Communications and Media Method: Sensory Learning of language.

Breaking, swimming, moving away from the sheltered protection of the last 7 years,(Conception to Family Nurturance) children are now, literally dancing and embracing their way into the OUTSIDE – WORLD/ENVIRONMENT. From 8-12 years)
Gone are the days of point and Seek, its now Reach Out and Do! Children can, at this stage SPEAK AND EXPRESS themselves. Their “I”/I AM WHO AM I? is taking fight. They are more than curious and ready to reach for the skies and worms under the earth! They flaunt and show Off, tumble and persistently explore their growing skills and aptitude for results. For a response from this outside world.

What they say, Act. Write, Draw, Recite Sing. How they Re-Act with ease or Trouble, with interest or fear, with joy or Indifference or Aggression…. Opens them up into the WHOLE WEB WORLD OF COMMUNICATION

Compared to Animals(other than living things), we as children and human beings, use 15-30% of our sense of Smell and Taste. We restrict and limit its use for survival. Our instinct for danger, threat, fights or flee, comfort and pleasure, is driven by our senses of smell and taste.
We can therefore “smell” good food and get hunger pangs , because juices reach our mouth, from the stomach muscles- which get exited enough to produce an enzyme! Or we can simply scream, cry, and hide from danger.
Till 7 years, children (like our animal cousins) use their senses of smell and taste to seek food, nourishment, security and sleep, and safe growth. From 8th upwards(till 12) these 2 senses get taken over by their senses of vision(eyes)/sound(ears) and touch (hands/Body/Movement) to EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE their outside world, outside environment.

The journey from the womb – home – planet – world – social/cultural/political/environment is developing and taking off from this age. Language, words and sounds scripts and focused vision, hands and heads and creating shaping to EXPRESS OURSELVES.

Language is nothing but SOUNDS.
Different Tones and Rhythms as learnt from chants, prayers world music singing songs, recitation – rhymes, story reading – telling cartoon sounds and phonics.
Through music and story CDs and Audio- visuals, this world of sound and language is introduced (Primary English but Hindi/Germanic- French/DutchoSpanish, have been tasted and sung to!
For Example : Children start the session with Om chanting then sing Bhajan chants (with or without instruments)and end with saying their own made up spontaneous prayers for the day. Each one says one in any language.

Singing along with CD’S reading Aloud with Audio tapes, Pointing and reading from books discovering speech rhythm tone expressions

Retelling stories/ relating – describing experiences explain maps, illustrations, diagrams/expressing emotions.

Through the frame- work of the phonics – system we explore diction, punctuation, rhymes – meter, and clarity of sounds spoken/expressed.

Language: is also more than sounds – put together in a pre designed order language is how we order or make sense of our outside world It is our vision our sense of sight, through our eyes, that tells us about the world. More than 80% of our information/knowledge comes from vision what we see we believe and vision is 50% of mental choice
We play around and train our sense of vision through binoculars/ spy glasses/telescope camera/kaleidoscopes magnifying glasses reading identification and observation.
(Identification of words, places trees flowers leaves shapes sizes etc and observations)
Sound and vision are combined in the session through exploratory identification both outdoors and on a work table. We use sound and vision to build and develop everyday ad fantasy concepts or ideas about the world around and within this conceptual development or concept building – capacity, makes speech, a form of communication!
We have something to express, to say – the sounds we make, the words we use, to describe what we see what we feel or hear, is communicating – an EXPERIENCE

For example: Every alternate session (or at least 4 sessions in the month ( We climb down 310 up , a fairly steep hill, Anjuna hill, which opens up into an altar-cum- sky clad amphi theatre! Perched under the wild cashew, mango, swinging langurs, dragon flies and twitters of birds, we overlook Chapora fort and dock on the west, St. Michael church north east bounded by lush green foliage to the south. Using balloons/cameras/magnifying glasses/light catchers/eyes and vision- we have drawn maps, played ‘I spy’ identified species, counted and subtracted steps, learnt about chimps – langurs and orangutans and made natural colors from the leaves/flowers/altar ash/clay around …. Learning about Distance – Directions- shapes/forms – nature.
Which leaves our hands/body and capacity for movement, to express and communicate. While there are many areas here from physical theatre to crafts, dance and drama, we have explored so far – two areas here: YOGA and HANDSKILLS(ie: writing/sketching /colouring)

Yoga – children’s yoga with visual cards are randomly chosen from the world of nature(Birds/Animals/objects/natural features) They identify and do a selection of 6-12 “postures – every session. Practicing, holding on and experimenting with breath, chanting (A/U/M) and ease/discomfort of performance. Sessions (20 mins – ½ hr) end with deep relaxation.

Of course the sprint climb scramble up the hill, and race down Anjuna hill steps, is full physical theater, at its natural best! We have had a few sessions, in the garden around home, touching and smelling the 40 different species of herbs/fruit vegetable/medicinal/ornamental/wild species in them. The garden has been the laboratory to discover Nouns and Adjectives species and colors, shapes and smells/tastes/uses.

HANDSKILLS have been guided through “Table-Work, largely. This includes the use of workbooks, puzzles, dictionaries, encyclopedias, cards, picture books, phonic – practice, math’s, word- building searching, story writing, drawing and illustrating. We have created cards/files/books/maps/timelines/cartoon and stories. We have illustrated stories. We have used pencils/pens/crayons/felts/paints/natural dyes/clay forms/paper cut outs to express an idea. At least 40=45% of the session is focused on this form of communicating. We have had two sessions on the computer learning to “write” on it. Much more can unfold!

Through this language tools of sound/vision/touch we have entered into the areas/subjects of history, Geography, Maths and natural world. We are starting to build on a foundation of basic concepts ideas in the following way:

History: Starting with first birthday to our grandparents schooling, we have got into the idea of His(Her) STORY! OR THE Past. The Ancient History of the world is our basic theme, and we have moved through stone age(old-new), Civilization and Jericho, and landed at Egypt. We have touched on the world of Hanuman and king Arthur, spears and computers.

Geography: Using our cultural diversity as a starting point, and Goa as a melting point we have traced Goa from Anjuna Hill to Rishikesh and Nepal, to Europe and the rest of the world. We have looked at Maps/Atlases/Puzzles to find out about capitals, languages, mountains and rivers. India, with ( Goa included) and is the area of study for a the next couple of sessions.

Maths: Numbers, counting, adding, subtracting ease with 2 digits (3 and 4 digit numbers for the older along with multiplication measurement (ruler measuring tape and use of compass set square have been introduced.

Natural World: Species Identification (Plants) + Habitat/Environment destruction or loss
Monkeys and wildlife Dictionary encyclopedia habitat
Seasons and celebrating natural cycles: x mas, holi ,morning ritual

Myself: connecting with Hygiene/sense of self/behavior Attitude family tree relationships.

A typical session

a. At home
Ritual of lighting incense./candle followed by holding hands, chanting om, prayer, singing, yoga – 20-1/2 hr songs from Karadi rhymes) singing reciting reading memorizing recognizing tune finding unknown words using instruments to sing – dance move beat along Identifying concepts trough songs from colour/seasons/culture places through questions practicing poetry illustrating any one song in between phonics/grammar workbook word puzzles are used.
There is normally a 20-30 min break depending and energy and motivation.

b. Outside Kill – Trek from home (identifying counting transport/moving creatures wild plants to kill (7 mins walk) climb uphill(310 steps, stopping at each cross (story of Jesus – to explore everything from good/evil/sacrifice/ born again, to peacocks, langurs, flowers or a passing snake On top – ritual to altar – prayers songs . Focus on any one them(eg: with the spotting of the langurs came the entry into the world of monkeys, our ancestors the stone age and their habitat, food and communication with Holi came collecting colours from nature and discussing celebrations- rituals festivals and card making with the binoculars came geography distance maps and places……. And so on….

There is so much more available to us and we have just begun tasting our possibilities!

The biggest lesson has been the ease and comfort of communication and interaction between the children they have gravitated towards helping, prodding, supporting, testing, teasing each other- in thier own”specialized” areas of skill and aptitude. Reading and computer skills flexibility and strength sketching and counting memory and spelling have freely been exchanged between them leaping out of their own contexts of interests an motivation.
In this all the tools(Books/Workbooks/ Enclopedias Dictionaries /Audio’ Binocs/computer etc) have been accessible to them at all times.

The idea of “free- play” has largely been let loose in the thinking mental emotional realms our sessions are structured in the sense that I am mostly in an around them there is a general plan for the session but depending on motivation and energy I follow the flow.

In the 20 odd sessions that we have had, so far 2-3 have swung off- couse Free play with ideas imagination, fantasy, concepts words and language, free play in communicating with each of us, democratically and respectfully is our growing skill. There is no natural liking for writing bur there is more than a natural willingness to know and explore more about History/Geography/mythology, maths and the natural world

The writing therefore is in the form of expressing first and then communicating – through both spoken written and illustrated word. Every session then is a little bit of practice – Regularity + discipline)thrown in. More than anything else it is their commitment to Learning itself that is growing.


Yes for sure maybe another “communicator” or language “lover” to bring in Science, Geometry, Drama or computer skills could do with some Mathematically minded guides too. Would love to bring in more Crafts and Poetry food Health and world Mythology into it but the start has been fun. It has been a learning curve for me too, learning to trust my inner sense of only doing/putting out what I enjoy most! The learning then naturally unfolds I am more than open to keeping these 2 sessions per week with 2-4 kids (Our trial with 3 was too short, erratic and temperamentally opposite!) But I have a better sense of our strengths, interest, natural inclination and weakness. More than anything else I am ready to commit my energy, time and space towards this growth cycle.

Look forward to picking up in October 2009!

Navina Venkat 0- Sondergaard

Any Comments/Suggestions on this are welcome!

Also you can pass it to other parents of 8-12 yrs olds, for future possibilities.

May the spirit of Natural Learning Flourish /Om

References for more on Biology of learning, look at JBNNAN/ Joseph Chilton Pearce:
Magical child/magical child matures/Biology of Transcender

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BIRTHing of YOU :)

Zorah Kalas Avantario

Now already you are two days old laying next to me with your cute little face and this amazing fine shape small ears.
So you decided to land on planet earth on Sunday the 18th of april 2004 at 9:16 pm.
You are a water Baby, even a double water water, since you came out the head still in the water bag…….
But let’s start from the moment you gave my body the signal that your time has come…

I woke up early Saturday night, maybe around 2 am with contraction I could describe right now as mild, but regular waves. Something in me was immediately alert…..even so I wanted that you going to be born after the 19th of April, so we have a TAUROS, I knew that you decided it in your own way…..and after almost fighting against a few contractions, not wanting them to be there, I started to relax and welcome them, breathing slowly in and out and in my mind I started you visualize your special DAY……!
Over that at around 4am I felt asleep again and had a very good deep rest… about 8 am the whole family wake up. We were all in a good mood and Papa tried to understand if you really going to be born today! Well, what to say at that point, but one thing was sure, that I felt like resting this morning to check back with you all alone how things are going……So Kalen and Papa went off on the beach – guess it made them more confused looking at me having this irregular contractions which didn’t really say anything about WHAT’s going to happen today!
Consciously I was not sure if it will happen today, but unconsciously I started to get everything and everybody ready…….I informed Esperanza to be at home all day, so I can call her to take care of Kalen.
I called Corinna (my Midwife) to help me to make me understand……
Corinna came over for breakfast and tea and we had a great talk with the conclusion of JUST WAIT WATCH and SEE how the contractions will develop during the day….
She left and my contraction started to appear again light but regularly…….
I started to CLEAN!!!! Isn’t that what they say about women short before labor!?
I started to pack!!! One bag for me, one bag for the baby, one bag for Kalen and one bag for Jean-Pierre to pack Music and crystals ……
I called Anna – it seemed like I was getting ready, so when Jean-Pierre was coming back with Kalen from the beach, I actually just rested for 20 Minutes – he was quite indifferent with what might happen today….are you really sure? Maybe it going to stop again…..
But it didn’t – since I was not very hungry –I only had a slice of watermelon and half apple – I asked my men’s to let me rest another while.
I laid down in the bed, close my eyes and felt the energy going INSIDE – it was like diving – deeper and deeper in a state of relaxation, but fully conscious about it….
The contractions came – every 20 Minutes – and I dived with them……breathing and chanting silently the AUM…..
Like this I deep dived for 2 hour – it was about 3 pm by now and waking back into this reality – I started to feel a little hungry. I knew by now also it is time to get Espe (my Babysitter for Kalen ) here to take care of Kalen, I really felt like having Jean-Pierre fully with me.
Espe she make me pretty upset, telling she could only come at 8 pm – so the whole family, including Kalen and Jean-Pierre –had an emotional breakdown…..was that needed for releasing our last tensions!? – to be fully calm for the things to come?……however we cooled down, Espe came at 4 pm, Anna came and we all started to get ready in our own ways…….
Corinna she called – the hole day I was in contact with her, even without phone…..I felt on that point like being on a Warteschleife (Waiting LOOP) – not really knowing when to start, but since my most beautiful Birthing-Team arrived I was ready to GO……
I told her we going to come to the birthing-center at around 6 pm.
She was ready!
Me I went in Kalens Room and layed on the ball……The contractions were starting to need more and more my attention and awareness – I was still talking and watching the outside, but part of me was already gone…..
At 5:30 pm I felt a little nervous asking my team when they are ready to move….the waves were coming in more short distances and I really felt like being in the RIGHT place to breath them through…..still I had to make the short journey in the car and I wanted to have as less contractions as possible on that way……
They were READY!
I went outside – I remember this image of the green beautiful garden outside full of light with sunset sunrays…..yet it felt very surrealistic to me……
I was on the other side…….
The journey we managed with one contraction in the car – so arriving in the Birthing-Center I only wanted to lay on my ball in the room and go into the last stages on BIRTHING…..
I felt all this little fairies around me – arranging the space for me and my baby to land…I felt very save…protected……Kalen was around me with his own little ball, wrapped in a Lungie, like Mama and chanting the AUM….looking into his eyes make me feel so strong – they were shining and reflecting the MAGIC of this MOMENT!
It is like going into a different DIMENSION – even so the contraction were VERY painful and some part inside of me only wanted them to stop……I felt BLESSED by the Universe to be able experience the POWER of BIRTHING a child into this world!

The Bath was ready – to be honest – already at home I only wished to sit in a bath…..but I knew also, going inside the water too early was not the best, since I wished that you are born into the Element of WATER….
But NOW the moment was there and I gently left the earthly GRAVITY to float into the divinity of the OCEAN…..another shift of consciousness seemed to happen…..
Through every contraction I chanted the AUM, allowing the energy to concentrate in my womb, coming in from above and going out through my pelvis……
I remembered the words of Corinna: “You have to breathe your Baby out!”
I allowed the rest of my Body to relax! ONLY the parts which were needed to give birth were in action….not that I consciously knew what there job was, but the immense TRUST I felt at that time for my body, was what actually made this process the most precious EXPERIENCE in my life!
So there we were – breathing and Aum-ing – time was no more existing for me – I felt Jean-Pierre as if he had his Arms around me – breathing through the waves – whishing he could do more for me, but it was just right the way it was….Corinna she gave me breathing support – OUT-breath IN and Again…..that was really helpful….
Since I knew contractions already from Kalens birth – here now I started to master them……I made every contraction to a new Goal to be achieved with total SURRENDER!
My son Kalen had felt asleep by that time and Corinna she checked the ONLY time in the whole birth if the cervix was open – IT WAS and also I felt the difference of pressure……, I started breathing into this pressure and stop breathing while helping to push…..I was getting little confused at that point, missing a bit the feeling of direction, but there came immediately the solution…..
“Do you need to make a Pi?”
Corinna she shifted me on the toilet and then I knew which way to go…….
Pi didn’t come, but having 3 contractions on the toilet seat (Corinna she assures me – no baby will fall into the water!) – gave me the feeling of the right way!
On that point I was little unsure about going back into the water, since it hadn’t work with Kalen, but Corinna told me: “YOU will be perfectly fine in the water!”
I went back in the bath and squatted while feeling the next contraction coming, the pressure came, I stopped breathing and pushed – was it me pushing or just the energy? However, suddenly the head was born all at once into my waiting hands!
YOU were still in your WATERBAG - it did not break until now!

Meanwhile I leaned carefully backwards (I remembered the words of Corinna that the baby need to stay under water!) I felt Corinna's hands moving fast around your head to break the waterback.
She did it and with the next contraction your full body (also all at once) was born diving into the bath! Corinna lifted you right into my ARMS…….
pure BLISS… you are……on my breast… my arms……
the contractions stopped…
the amount of EMOTIONS released in that MOMENT in that room, for me, for Papa for everybody you can’t put into WORDS!
The excitement outside the bath was big!
Me just relaxing, holding you in my arms, not thinking about anything and Papa waiting for the answer on the question: What is it? Since we were still connected through the umbilical cord it was quite difficult for me to really feel your sex, but I couldn’t feel any balls, so I answered: I think she is a GIRL ……and we came to hear the big joyful scream of your Papa:
“It’s my GIRL!”
Papa cut the umbilical cord! After some time you got gently wrapped in a towel to be carried (big scream) onto the bed. I soon followed to feed you for the very first time. You were hungry and sucked, as if you had never done anything else, on my breast! The atmosphere was full of JOY….we enjoyed watching you and even got a big smile from you as your feedback towards the arrival on this planet…..
Also Kalen could feel your presents and woke up to have a first look at his little sister called ZORAH KALAS born on 18th of april 2004 at 9:16 am in Assagoa!
If every child could enter into life the way YOU arrived, I am sure we had a better world!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

WELCOME to Children HERE and NOW :)

Welcome to Children Here and Now,

We like to invite you to observe, explore, re-think and learn about the most precious and amazing creation walking on planet Earth – our CHILDREN!
Rather than taking everything what has been said an written about Children in our society for granted, we are re-questing and taking on re-spond-ability to discovers what is best for our Children in the Here an Now Reality of the 21st century!
We are on the quest to bring into the LIGHT what they don’t want us know!
For this you are needed – your reflections and your ACTIONS!
If you are a parent or working with and for Children on Earth, let us re-member and allow yourself to TRUST and follow that feeling inside, which desires a loving world for our Children?
We are ALL ONE and like to keep our experiences transparent for you!
We will use this group to share with you what is happening and appreciate your Feedback and Input as important for the Evolution…. Let’s connect!

Our Mission Statement:
The heart of the Center is the interaction between parents and children!
We opened up a place where various Activities are happening in co-creation of families, who intent to look into and explore NEW ways of growing our children into a life in the 21st century!
We are supporting children to stay connected and in TRUST with their innate being, giving them space to express their UNIQUENESS, listening to their FEELINGS, allowing them to BE and stay connected with their SPIRITS in ONENESS!
Fusing Children and parents together which are looking for new ways our growing our Children, who do not follow a traditional school system and families who would like to explore and experience an Holistic Learning through Life approach, are warmly invited to get in touch with me.

What is happening in Children Here and Now:

1. “We learn together” is a multi-age UN-SCHOOL Community Project!
It is an invitation to parents who feel that the conventional school system does not fit and nourishes their children, who like to support each other on the way of rising children out of the mainstream and want to explore new ways of learning!
Home schooling and Un-schooling are ways to see children as a unique being of potentials. It encourages them to celebrate who and what they are!

Home-schooling often follows a public approach at home were a Curriculum is taken from the outside.
Un-schooling is experienced–based or independent and natural learning
Un-schooling isn’t a method, it is a way of looking at children and at life!

We are fusing families who are taking charge of their own education and give them the space to collectively interact. We, in co creation with the parents, set a platform for the children to take responsibility of there own learning process.
We do not follow a curriculum.
We trust that parents and children together, will find that path that works best for them. The learning experience for both, children and parents, is generated through an ongoing basis from the questions, ideas and theories put forward by the children, supported by the skills, talents and experience of the parents
We have no teachers; this set the space for the parents to share their talents and ideas with the children, creating, in their home environment, once a week a
UN-SCHOOL Experience for the Children!
We intend to create together an environment where children can express themselves, explore and investigate, think and reflect, be involved in projects, reinforce their identities, communicate and feel their identity and where their individuality is respected.
Since Children are naturally connected to the heartbeat of the Universe, creative learning in touch with Nature and Spirit plays an essential role in Children Here anD Now and will be emphasized on a daily base! (see Mystery School)

WheParents and Children join the forces, connecting the Community and share the UN school Experience we see a possibility for many more children and their families to explore and follow this NATURAL WAY of LEARNING and explore the world!

“Learning is not a result of Education but a natural process which unfolds in life.”

There is much more to share about….
For me this is only a beginning, a kind of Prototype, of what we can possibly manifest!
This is an invitation for you to experience UN Schooling without the so often overwhelming feeling of: “I have to do it alone”
We are not alone….we are ALL ONE and this experience is the natural state of being of ALL Children!
Children Here and Now is ever Evolving… exploring and experiencing and reflecting and allowing to be carried wherever it is best for our CHILDREN!
Anyone who likes to be with children and has an interest to learn and explorealongside with them, is welcome to join in and experience!

Program Monsoon 2009 until 15th October 2009

“We learn together” takes off as a FLYING CLASSROOM !
Since most of our friends have left India during the monsoon our group of Children is small but very INVENTIVE!

Our schedule for the LANDING of the FLYING CLASSROOM is
MONDAY & FRIDAY in Candolim with Anna
TUESDAY & THURSDAY at Children Here and Now BASE PORT in Assagao with Dariya

Timings: on each ay from 10:00 am until 15:00 pm

CHILDREN in CHILDREN HERE AND NOW are at this moment
Kalen 8 years
Tara 8 1/2 years
Zorah 5 years
Raman 4 3/4 years
Kiyara 3 years

The parents flying with the classroom already, are invited share with ALL of us what they like to explore with the children….and to share with kids whatever they ENJOY…and love to do!
Looking forward to read your posts…..

If you like to join in “We learn together” once you are back in Goa, get in touch with me!
Its great to know about you and your family, your children and how you envision your participation.
You have no children but love to share your talents with the children…make workshops, events or just come to visit…. We look forward to play with you!

For all young families who are interested in truly nurturing their children and raising themselves as aware parents! We invite you to join the powerful worldwide movement towards conscious parenting and sustainable, intelligent living.
We come together – come with your children! – share our experiences; discuss our feelings, to clarify our doubts, and to support each other in aware parenting! We wish to foster respect for each of our individual journey’s and support in each other our innate ability to know what is right for our children, while keeping our hearts and minds open to re-evaluating our own inherited conditioning and beliefs.

We also have available a huge library of resources, books, web sites, films and articles to share, so parents are able to make their own informed choices along the way.
“The way the children are treated, they will treat the world”
You like to learn more about Natural Learning, Un schooling, Home schooling, Where does learning really happens, Oneness Education, Children Here an Now Mystery School, Aware Parenting, Conscious Communication, Natural Birth, Health Care and Vaccination
Below is an overview of the topics we explore in our Gatherings, but also just by joining together on daily base!
These questions and more deserve a deep exploration for us as parents and supporting each other on this journey has been liberating and HEALING for many of us!
Feel free to add on this list your questions….. as well as experiences and clarifying resources of answers….

3. AURA-SOMA Healing with Colors for CHILDREN and PARENTS

Color is the most plentiful and visible of all gifts we receive from nature. It affects everything from our choice of clothing to our moods. The more we understand how color impacts our lives, taking our cues from Mother Nature ‘the world’s greatest artist’, the more we will know to use these properties to heal ourselves and our world.
Color Healing with AURA-SOMA is an invitation to discover
The real you
Your beauty
The purpose of your life’s journey
Your individual gifts
What underlies your health issues
The challenge you face in your life

These discoveries profoundly improve your well-being on all levels.

"You are the colors you choose".
The colors chosen reflect the needs that we have hidden within ourselves. They have the capacity to gently guide and reward us with a deep understanding and experience of our "soul" selves, past, present and to come. Our color choice helps us to recognize these needs at a deep level providing a bridge of communication between the self and the soul (the left and right side of the brain).
Through color we may become self-empowered and help to achieve our potential.
It is's also a lot of fun!

· Individual Consultation with Dariya
· Couple Consultation with Dariya
· Color Healing with Children
· Workshop ”Remember the creation of the Universe through the language of colors”

4. CHILDREN HERE and NOW Football Club from age 6 onwards:
This is your chance to become a FAN of our powerful Children Here and Now FOOTBALL TEAM!
If you want to see these future STARS in action come every Saturday at 17:00 pm to the LAND (that how everybody call our place) in ASSAGAO!
You can take on Sponsorship right NOW!

If your Children want to join - we always happy to expand!
Our team is an age group from 6 till 11 years!
The club charges 50 INR for the training!

For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;

In love
Dariya Avantario

Holistic (Research) Center for Children

Happenings July 2009

This is a short documentation of “what” is happening in CHILDREN Here and Now!
I would like that ALL parents taking part of the project write down “simply and short” what they experience during the time with the children!
Whatever you feel is remarkable –physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually– write it down!
This material will serve to reflect for us, at least a part of, the experience our Children have when they are coming together!
For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;

(S) = Small STARS age 3-4
(M) = Middle Stars age 5-6
(B) = BIG Stars age 8

JULY 2009
Thursday 17TH JULY 2009

Nominath Guest of the Day

Repeat what is time
Explore “what was before time” (see sheet)
Game London Statue
Cooking Raman & Zorah - Chapatti and carrot
Experiment “How Deep” (still to Design)
Question to explore: Are the things we see in the Spidernet Egg-Sack or Food


Nominath Guest of the Day
(B): Word Puzzle
* Reading the words and matching
*Telling a story with the words (1hour session)

* Free Play GOAT observing
* Matching Puzzle
* Memory

BREAK: All Run together Water/Fruit/ and bread for everyone

Then Introduction of letter ‘S’ to Raman and repeat Zorah’s story of snake – Color snake – Drawing on BIG – Movement Paper

(S) Cutting Veggies in the kitchen

(B) Making Cover for nature & spirit Folder


Option to paint and build a Tetrahedron or writing practice or
Electrical Experiment

We completed the Octopuses with the children and they went off playing together in the garden

(M)iddle STARS
Raman & Zorah played being parents and waiting for the birth of their baby (Zorah’s Octopus) in their 2nd floor house they built.

Today we discovered
- ladybug nest with baby ladybug
- a bee-nest under the table
- The Spider nest did break a bit but nothing changed with the bags.


Thursday 23rd July 09

Nominath Guest of the Day

This were my Ideas of “what to DO and EXPLORE today”

Finish Corer Nature and Spirit
Workbox Nomi writing
Geometric Tetrahedron paint & construction
Conducting or Insulation Experiment
Cooking Food
Garden work

Cutting Applications
Play dough
Letter A
Singing 2 Percussions – Oh je je …. Je

That is “What we did:”

ALL Children together:
Cutting pieces of different color Material and gluing this Applications
on our Children Here and Now Backdrop
ALL together
Singing with Rhythmic sound of our Rattle
- New: On Je… American Indian Song
- New: Alle meine Entchen – German
- Repeat: Hello/Bonjour
- Finding out the languages the song

(M) Zorah sang several songs for them
- Practicing Circle Gathering
- talking and listening
(B) Completing Cover Drawing NATURE and SPIRIT

(S)+ (M) +(B) together Play Doug!


(M) free play
(B) Tetrahedron construction + Card Game Nominat practicing writing Tricky Words

(M) Zorah Tetrahedron construction
Raman Play dough

Galactic STAR Vaxac LAMAT

(B). Repetition of Sh and Ch
o finding words
o finding sound and association
o hand movement
o Practicing writing the letters in phonetic book
FREE PLAY…save the fish in the bucket and riding the cycles

(M) + (S) together:
Rainbow Color picture with Wax Crayon , cover all with black and carving out a picture
- Zorah: letter C and K
- Zorah; little number exercise.

13:00 pm : Lunch
Outside free play with Bicycles and climbing gym

(B) check the stage of numbers (Add up to writing numbers)
Writing numbers – Dictation

(M) Aero plane folding
Zorah & Raman again playing Family and being parents be continued.....