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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NEW Education for the 21st Century - Presentation on the World Women Wellness Congress in Chennai 2009

Inlakesh – I am another yourself.

I like you to know that I came here on Earth for the children and to support them in growing in to the NEW way of Living Earth.

They equally to you came here to have a full potential Human Being experience and took up a mission before them embarked on Planet Earth.

I would like to be the voice of the children of today an reflect for the community their deep inherent right to grow into the world trusting their innate ability to know what is right and supporting families to re/evaluate their own inherited conditions an beliefs.
I would like to step with you out of the statement of “this is my child” into calling them “Our Children”

Looking into the eyes of the Children we get an immediate reflection of the beauty of their SPIRIT!
Looking through their eyes into the world we sadly see a world of abandonment, separation, insecurity an isolation which is most sadly affecting them.
Gone is their innocence so early, their trust in humanity and their thrust into adults to safeguard an guide the way forward…..unless we open our hearts to a new kind of global community.
Interestingly enough in a time were we are facing the biggest worldwide crises and separation we are also see a movement which is empowering us to come back to a state a Health and Wellbeing!

In Children Here and Now we support the Health and Wellness of Children and their families on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Healing manifests through awareness. Liberating old pattern and allowing and exploring the new ways.

We are supporting AWARE Parenting from the very beginning…..even to the point of conscious conception… and for that CHILDREN HERE an NOW is born!

AWARE PARENTING means bringing consciousness into how we support the children and most important the parents to grow into life.

For the World Women Wellness Congress I like to explore the SPIRIT of LEARNING!
For the New education of the 21st Century.

John Gatto (1990) on the New York Teacher of the year Award said:
“Schools were designed by Horace Mann…..and other to be instrument of the scientific management of a mass population”.
Mainstream Education today is a mere shadow of what teaching and learning should be and can be.

The assumption of students as “empty vessels” to be in need to be filled up has been the premise upon which most education and their institutions is based and along with that Schooling became a method of controlling children and forcing them to do what educators (and the curriculum) decided they had to learn.

This is the current STATUS QUO

We come to the assumption that we have children which are ALL the same, so for that they can receive ALL the SAME Education.

I bet it is clear to us that each child is unique. It brings into life something that does not exist a second time…. So where is the space for them to discover and explore the uniqueness and their natural inborn talents?

For us
“Learning is not a result of Education but a natural process which unfolds in life.”

So WHY and WHERE does learning really happen?

The distinction between WORK (as in homework) and REAL LEARNING is best 
Appreciate by distinguishing between
Knowledge you receive through conditioning … it is static and fixed
Intelligence is moving energy, unconditioned ….always new an unexpected

Knowledge is something which we acquire from OUTSIDE
INTELLIGENCE is inherit we are born with that intelligence its INSIDE of us.

As a specie we have long grown past the value of’ repeat and drill’ for the sake of memorizing new data.

The optimum state of body and mind for the expression of intelligence is what we call PLAY!
PLAY is the relationship we have to an activity….any activity can be PLAY depending on our relationship.
One can play the piano or practice which means work.

Remember what Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”


The Educational System gives the children the possibility to acquire a lot of knowledge!

But do they actually LEARN something
Do they learn something they LIKE and are INTERESSTED in?
Do they exercise their IMAGINATION?
Children have never fit into the 1950’s model for education, and certainly not the model of strict thinking and behavior of the era prior to the 1950’s.

Research on these issues and a lot of sharing with parents about the nowadays school situation reflected to us that many families are who are dissatisfied with the current situation presented and forced upon children labeled as ‘education’,
Yet they have not found a school which offers education, a nurturing/supportive environment and assist s their children in consciousness or ONENESS reality.

Many of us feel inside that the conventional school system it is not nourishing the children’s individual being.

Frustration and stress in both children and parents are a daily reality.
What’s worse in the western world is that now they continuing to treat the symptoms of children’s stress with DRUGS to pacify their pain.
To name a few>
ADD Attention Deficiency Disorder
ADHD Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder
Substance abuse
Teenage Suicide
Amok Run

And parents due to isolation from the community fall into resignation. Depression

One of our main visions/intentions is to re-connect the community!

We open a platform where various Activities can happen in co creation of families who want to look into an explore NEW ways of growing our children into a life in the 21st century
The heart in our work is the interaction between the parents and children.

The children are our great helpers because they are naturally pulled towards each other and at a very early/young stage the children are still close together (ONE) with the parents.
We create a place where these gatherings can happen- as often as we manifest them!

This year we invited children with there parents to explore and experience the possibilities of home schooling and un-schooling together through creating a community platform we named “We learn together”


There is a ground well happening of families taking charge of their own education, looking for the space to collectively Interact.
Home schooling and Un-schooling are ways to see children as a unique being of potentials.
It encourages them to celebrate who and what they are.

Home-schooling in the west is following an public approach at home were as
A Curriculum is taken from the outside.
Natural Learning also called Un-schooling is experienced – based learning or independent learning.
Un-schooling can be Home-schooling

We decided to make UN School a COMMUNITY Experience!

We learn together is a multi-age Un-School Community Project.

Children of ALL Ages share ONE space with the parents

Montessori and Steiner schools, as well as free schools and the democratic Sad bury school are reflecting “transformation education” were we see imagination as more important than knowledge and were learning encompasses Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit –the Whole Being – and not a collection of computer-like facts, data, memories and rules.

Un-schooling isn’t a method, it is a way of looking at children and at life!
It is based on trust that parents and children will find that path that works best for them. Children need adults to trust in the inevitability of this very natural process and do offer what assistance they can.

Un-schooling children do REAL things all day long and they do it because they are fascinating.

We are on the way to change the Education of our children – we Un-school them and bring them back into LIFE!

We do not follow a curriculum.

Curriculums are outdated an we have no reason to belief that families are less flexible an innovative that schools
The Curriculum was only understandable in the context of bringing administrative order out of daily chaos, of giving direction to frustrated children and teachers.
It stagers onward but never upward.
In interest of managing each generation the curriculum became a hopelessly flawed attempt to define education and a way of delivering that definition to vast numbers of children.


Our place follows an interest/led approach were the children take the responsibility for their own learning.

Here the educational experience is generated through an ongoing basis from the questions, ideas and theories put forward by the children and supported by the skills, expertise and experience of parents or facilitators working alongside them.
There is no sense of urgency to push children’s education on and prepare them for the next stage.
Children have time to fully enjoy just being and educators have time to tune in to, and respect the rhythm of each CHILDS learning.
It is the interests and desires of children that determine the structure of the day.
They are free to join into collective work, as well as simply being on their OWN.
We gave them space, materials, responsibility for their own learning rhythm and lots of love.

The parents are actively involved in the project and the transparence of “We learn together” clarified and healed many of our conditioned beliefs towards our children and ourselves.
We actually created a Big LIVING ROOMf – an environment in which children, families and facilitators felt at ease.
For educators, spaces ensure that they can meet with other adults to share experiences and observations, study and research and have privacy.
For parents, spaces are designed to enable them to engage with their children’s learning, hear and be heard, meet with others and participate in the life of the school.

There is a noticeable absence of toys and equipment with predetermined purposes and
Open-ended exploration is supported through the provision of a wide range of natural and recycled materials.

Rather than separating parents and children in a time of their life were the most wondrous discoveries are made and learning is happening as a natural process of each individuals development
“we learn together” wants to merge parents and children closer together to enjoy that most precious time of life the Childhood together.

Parents have the chance to become a CHILD again and see the world through the eyes of their children.

The experiences of the actual GROUND WORK give us a great reflection and we feel blessed to see our children and their parents flowering….and take charge of their lives.

We trust into the Childs ability to channel and discover their unique talents and life mission they came here for.
We appreciate the differences of the opposites as UNIQUENESS which is equally important to the universe.

Many make the ONE

Children till the age of 7 primarily learn through IMITATION
It is our responsibility to reflect that to them.

The intention is to fully utilize each person’s abilities, traits and wisdoms in experience in combination with each person’s Visions and Inspirations!

The balance of Heart, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit is the foundation to these New Way.

(Please allow yourself the imagination of what That VISION reflects for all of us.)

And WHAT are we DOING...

We like to explore NEW AREAS which the mainstream education ignores

In this areas our focus is based on Oneness Experiences

We allow the CHILREN to BE

We live in a world represented by things of matter, appearing ‘solid’ and composed entirely of energy. The children understand this.
They need to know how to live in both worlds whilst we create a ‘better’ world for us all.
They have the KEYS
It is now Time, with the Shift of Consciousness fully present, with the obvious deterioration of life systems around us, the realization that there is no such thing anymore as “weather patterns” and all will be intensifying, that the HUMAN BEING is in a deep need to have the Children growing into the Awareness of how to life a HEALTHY Life on Planet Earth as ENERGY
Our world is experiencing vast and intense change in the land and in the ability to live in the manner we have grown accustomed.
NEW WAYS of living on PLANET EARTH…… VISION How to survive
Never has been a time when the ART of BEING HUMAN and developing our full selves, our spiritual potential has been of more importants!
URGENT call!
We need to know HOW to deal with change and to place a focus on developing values and attitudes for a lifetime,
Our children need the balance of mind, body, emotions, the concept of Love or ‘Heart’ actions and ‘Spirit’

They are naturally in absolute synchronicity and harmony with this HERE and NOW!
Mainstream Education has consciously taken away this connection through conditioning
They o not want children to be connected, since they have their own intention with them.
Learning is looked at as a spiral process that occurs with constant revisiting. Learning is continual and it goes deeper with each re-visitation.
Like the Earth is spiraling through the Universe!


In laying the foundation for our children becoming self reliant, realizing their human potential and TRUSTING in what they perceive is right, there are several areas of focus

“We learn together” provides the basics of reading, speaking, writing, math skills, live-at-home skills, living-out-in-our-world skills, information of our universe.
On our platform we open up the opportunity for everyday people to come and to share about their livelihoods, to offer hands-on experience of their livelihood/job/profession. IE, this might be a person who creates with building constructions, helping the children to make a simple project.
This year we invited the German opera singer Andrea for the MUSIC!
Baba D for the Mayan Calendar, Swimming CAMP, Pottery, Juggling, Leather Work etc.
There are so very many talented, everyday people who do great work and would love the opportunity to show and relate these skills to children (the adults participate too! Learning never stops.
We reconnect them with the Natural Time of the ancient Mayan 13 Moon Calendar exploring with them TIME as Art, and as a conscious tool of creation in day to days life.

Children have a full spectrum of emotions that often seem too large for them to manage, for which we provide grounded techniques and tools to live on a planet of duality, polarity and paradox.
There are great differences in each year a child is born. In other words, the qualities and traits they have are varying from year to see the children being presented with energy concepts of how energy functions and expresses.
Whilst the child may have a feeling of what is true, it is mandatory that these things be spoken about in depth as we do with reading & writing year.

Saying what is real – is essential in our approach and we spend a lot of time with the children on communicating what they perceive.
• Be here now
• Say the truth
• I- sentence
- “I feel hurt hearing you say this”
- I was afraid that it might hurt you telling you I do not want to go out with you….

Controlling saying what’s real

• Manipulating to get what you want
• Lying to protect someone’s feeling
• Keeping silent to avoid conflict.
• trying to impress others
• Denying pain when you are hurt.
We support them to identifying their emotions and allow them to express their feelings.

In a CONFRONTATION saying the truth and listening to the truth of the other is an important part of a respectful relationship, involving a willingness to value the point of view of other.
Listening to the theories and opinions put forward by an individual gives value to those ideas and thereby gives value to the individual.
The self-esteem of both children and adults is supported and developed through knowing that their FEELINGS are important and worthy of consideration and discussion.
On that point we can reflect for them the situation, offer solutions and support them to find conscious solution on their OWN to their issues.
In this we invest a lot of time, since it is the BASE for DAILY LIFE an the life long LEARNING!
This give the children the Trust and Confidence that there is no right or wrong.
The conventional schools have no time, energy an space to explore this. They might not even want it ….
Children which are from their point of view disturbing or appear different are usually send to the school counselor to label their disease…

We address—very simply—the diversity of spiritual traditions.
This is from the perspective of ONENESS rather than a religious way of life, because these Children have a high degree of ceremonialism and honor in them, and do not like structure, control or dogma.
In Children Here an Now we are a mixed diversity like the world.
RITUALS to honor the Divine
ONENESS is best experienced through feeling the energy when we get together in CIRCLE Gatherings like in ancient times …

Prayer wishes for the day Incense Chanting Sharing

We support the children in rooting themselves into ONENESS Experience were they directly communicate with Mother Earth and Father Sky and the entire UNIVERS?
We started offering expressions of Sound and Light ….…at all levels and Understandings.
Chilren are naurally drawn to colors…we explore through painting, color shawls…
A fusion between Sound and Light are COLORS
COLORS are a language / the language of LIGHT….Energy
A language you express through SOUND ….you speak. You Vibrate

Color is the most plentiful and visible of all gifts we receive from nature.
It affects everything from our choice of clothing to our moods. The more we understand how color impacts our lives, taking our cues from Mother Nature ‘the world’s greatest artist’, the more we will know to use these properties to heal ourselves and our world.

The ray of the white light broken down into colors creates what you see here as the ‘Seed of Life’ or the “Color Rose”.

These colors are located on energy centers or Chakras on our body.
Each chakra oversees different characteristics and aspects of our lives.


Sacred geometry is a universal language, which allows us to access ancient knowledge contained in our cellular memory.
‘sacred’ originally refers to things that are absolute permanent
‘geometry’ means, “to measure earth”

It is the key to understanding the nature and value of color and sound!

Sacred Geometry is a tool to understand the simple truths of sacred geometry.
When geometry is explored it leads to an evolution of consciousness and an opening of the heart!
Sacred geometry help us to see within ourselves the vastness of which we are all a part and show the ancient truth that all life emerges from the same blueprint

MERKABA Energy Field around the body Image of Merkaba Explanation
We explore skills and skill sets to be conscious, energy-beings who seem to be more comfortable living AS energy and energy translators than they are comfortable in human bodies.

Through the shift of Consciousness on Earth we might need to know how to survive on Earth…. How to find water, how to grow food, how to make a fire, how to fin your way….
Even if we will not come to that very basics survival experience / the children love to explore these EARTHLY matters...
Growing and cultivating food GARDENING and exploring intelligent and healthy lifestyle COOKING
Practicing yoga and meditation,
SPORT exploring sensory and motor competence Robes on trees.. Bamboo
ARTS and CRAFT Here they can use any material available free for them reachable

MOVEMENT AWARENESS Juggling / Juggling Convention
We also encourage experimenting with
VISUALIZATION guided Trance journey
NRG Reading developing extra sensory abilities, including awareness of energetic fields and the abilities to read energies
It is to provide the children with diversity, appreciation, respect, understanding,
diverse ways to use their body,
develop confidence in interaction and (Communication expressing feelings)
how they can accomplish tasks, (Project develpoment)
as well as to support imagination & curiosity. (Visualisation)

In CHILDREN HERE an NOW we like the world to be the classroom.
We allow them to BE
With the balance to join in the project or to be on their OWN
Let provide for our children conscious tools to be AWARE and remember their MANUAL, their mission in live, and able to live on earth in an ONENESS Reality.

We are living in a changing world where mothers, as well as fathers are forced to join the workforce and for children to be cared by others. Many families live in divorce and the original family can almost be called as history
The question which arises is: How to create that space for the children?

Well CHILDREN HERE an NOW launched into the Cosmic Adventure…
There are many communities worldwide which are starting similar Experiences
At the end we will only be able to see the outcome in a few years…

Yet the TRUST we have in what we perceive,
the FUN we have together
the HEALING is carries along
the RE/CONNECTION of the community which it results

They are our daily REALITY

Ultimately the space in which that shifts occurs is within each and every one of us. It all starts here, with that one simple step when we get of the boat and on to another. In that instant we cease to be part of the planets destruction and become part of its restoration, joining a growing global, even universal movement for a positive change.

In fact we have the full potential of loving conscious caretakers manifested on earth… many of them are on the way to discover, what we like to have the children expressing from the very beginning, their true innate NATURE, that their mission in Life is to support the children growing into the 21st century – the SOLAR AGE were we are living in a LOVE Reality together as ONE

I happily share my experiences with you.
I loved to have your feedback your reflection

We are on the way to reconnect to re member

Words can produce so much of an effect - Words help but ONE real way to make a change is through direct experience.

The decision rests within each of us
Our children are ready…are you!?

We are LIGHT - we are LOVE - we are ONENESS

Dariya K. Avantario