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Friday, July 1, 2011

In-FORMation about our Governments

My to-days favorite quote:

Exploring the different forms of government in ancient Greece with the Kids today, I asked before starting, if they know ANY forms of government:
???? they deeply thought ?????
and answered:        Yes,
" I have nothing to Hide !"

ART Acadamy with Devi Prasad Rao

to explore the 

CREATIVE side of their 


Devi Prasad Rao is an Abstract Acting Painter who lives in Goa. During the session with him the child flows through a journey of creating Art Works that is considered as intuitive and which is NATURALly part of children’s BEing.

At the same time they learn to use various mediums, various techniques and experience different forms of Art facilities such as Drawing, Painting, Sculpturing, Photography, Jewelry, Fashion Art and Installation Art!



| We gather once a week for the duration of 1 and half hour NOW every FRIDAY at 3:30 pm! |

Classes are divided of various grades each grades consist of 10 class sessions!

Devi Prasad is exploring ART and all facets it contains with CHILDREN HERE and NOW since 2005!

Our experiences with him, reflected by our children and the way the express their innate ART has truly enriched our LIFES! 


Art Exhibition in April 2006 at the Portuguese Consulate in Panajim,Goa! 

The Exhibition was created out of 20 Paintings from CHILDREN age 5 - 12 years old!

on the right:
The Children of Devi Prasad Art Classes in 2005 -2006 in the Consulate with the Consul!

up: INVITE Poster

Tara Jahns 6 years                          Rosalie 6 years

Kalen Avantario 5 years                             

This are the 'Art' Creations from our Kids :) exhibited that week......

♥Thank you Dev for sharing this Moments of CREATION with the CHILDREN HERE and NOW! ♥