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LIVE the CHANGE you want to see in the WORLD -your Children will follow NATURALLY!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

PLAY - Natural Intelligence and Learning :)

Hello to ALL the CHILDREN HERE and NOW
BIG and small ;)

We have RE-started our Natural Learning Adventures and more that ever it is crystal clear to me that we 100% can TRUST our children to take charge of their own LEARNING RHYTHM!
Yes they do need our support and reflections since we are their loving guides, but they do not need SCHOOLS to be the only possibility which ensures that they will learn.....
Children and ourselves learn best once our NATURAL INTELLIGENCE is stimulated.... and how do we stimulate our Natural Intelligence?
Through PLAY and ONLY through PLAY - ANY Activity can be PLAY depending on our Relationship !
One can play the piano or practice which means work.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" said Einstein

So lets support ourselves to regain this TRUST, go into your Imagination - just follow your Children;) and BE the CREATOR of LIFE!

I just updated some Reflections of the Adventures we have made in the past 4 months.... the documentations will serve us to reflect about the Synchronicity our CHILDREN are naturally IN! We are able to clearly SEE in the REVIEW of HOW they are in TUNE with the MAYAN CALENDAR Energies. the Moon and the Stars and HOW beautifully THEY design the UNIQUE LEARNING Rhythm...

For the ONES who are not my FRIENDS in FB yet, welcome to connect with me

In fact I would love to add you ALL on my NEWSLETTER email account, so if you could simply send me an email:
with "children news" in the subject....

Stay connected
For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Workshops - Facilitators - Volunteers

Are you interested in working and learning together with CHILDREN?
Are you offering Workshops for Children and would like to do that in GOA?

We are inviting ALL of you to join as

Facilitators or Volunteers

in co-creating

“We learn together” our multi-age UN-SCHOOL Community Project!

Our experimental Holistic LEARNING COMMUNITY is co-creating with the children and parents a primarily interest-led Holistic Learning Program build of a rhythmical flow of different activities.

We are always looking for Facilitators/ Volunteers who are offer their talents and like to assist our children to learn about themselves and the world they live in with Father Sky, Mother Earth and Sunny Sun.
If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding learning experience yourself, while assisting a group of young SPIRITS to incarnate into this dimension and experientially LIVE and LEARN here, you are welcome to join us!

Simply get in touch us...

How can that be in REALITY:
We are open to ALL! You have the possibilies to create from a 1 hour Activity up to a participation in a rythmical FLOW through all the season.... let it be Joggeling, Science, History, Energy-Work, Excursion, Cooking, Gardening, Swimming, Sports, Satsang (if you can make them SIT;)....building a Space-Ship they would really LOVE...

With a bit of organisation...we put YOU on stage!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello parents
welcome to the CHILDREN HERE and NOW re-energize PLAN!

To make CHILDREN HERE and NOW a TRANSFORMING place for everyone, the following re-energizing PLAN will support and intends to EVOLVE the Project from many different angles!

What we want to make “We learn together” a COMMUNITY Project are PARENTS committed to 4 days ACTIVE creative PARTICIPATION per month!

We are evaluating our project with our VISION and MISSION Statement!

To manifest CHILDREN HERE and NOW we created the following RE-ENERGIZE Plan for the project:

'Static FEES' of 4.000 INR per child and month
In the HERE and NOW 2009 - 2010 we recieved from every parent was 3.000 INR per month :)

This amount is payable with MONEY!

Additional to the static fees there are

‘Virtual FEES’ of 5.000 INR per child and month

This amount can be re-energized for your family through ACTIVE PARTICIPATION!

1 Day participation = 500 INR less
2 Day participation = 1.000 INR less
3 Day participation = 1.500 INR less
4 Day participation = 2.000 INR less
TOTAL = 5.000 INR less per month
There has been one parent which was exploring the RE-Energize plan in CHILDREN HERE and NOW 2009 - 2010!
For the coming season 2010 - 2011 we through the RE-ENERGIZE plan over board!
The VISION is to shift to DONATION.......:) keep you updated!

If Energy hasn’t been manifested as ACTIVE Participation the virtual money transforms into REAL Money which your family will PAY!

We truly do want as LESS MONEY as POSSIBLE!

On the other side I would like to have our project available to Children who parents might not be able to give the entire time commitment….so the Re-energizing of those will have to happen on the level of Virtual Money!

CHILDREN HERE and NOW want to fuse children, parents and the community together….
We want YOU and your ACTIVE Involvement with “OUR” children!

Looking forward to start the journey to-gather….

For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Program and Schedule of CHILDREN HERE and NOW:

The practical organization of “We learn together” our UN-SCHOOL Community Project.......

CHILDREN HERE and NOW will be open (with enough families joining)
5 days a week!
Its YOU who makes that happen;)
The age’s groups are created around the age of my Children, as follows:
Age 3 Kiyara (expanded 2 ¾ - 3 ¾) “Little STARS”
Age 5 Zorah (expanded 5 – 6 ½)
Age 8 Kalen (expanded 7 ½ - 11)

CHILDREN HERE and NOW will host 3 days a week the project on ”the LAND” in Assagao!

MONDAY is our “Floating Day” ;)

FRIDAY and MONDAY (for age 8 and up only) are “FLYING CLASSROOMS” Days
On these days the Children are, according their ages and families who are taking part, in other FAMILIE HOMES!

TIMING age 5 and 11 years: TUES – WED – THURS
Monsoon: 10:00 am – 16:00 pm
The experience from June until October with the children for timing from 10-16 has been very POSITIVE for ALL!
It makes the day a very relaxed and "natural in time" learning experience and I would like to continue this rhythm during the season…. Here we need a reality check of the organization…..

During their time at CHILDREN HERE and NOW on “the Land” in Assagao, the children of ALL age groups are in ONE Space together -
MULTI-AGE learning environment!

We are having the choice of creating Events where ALL children together participate or focusing on each age co-creating activities with Children and Parents, or Facilitators!
Furthermore the Children have the choice to take part of different Activities following their natural impulse and desire to learn!
The active Parent Involvement ensures us the right amount of support for our Children!

Program and Schedule for the “Little STARS”:
TIMING for the “Little STARS” age 3 years TUES – WED – THURS
9:30 am – 1:30 pm
The group of “Little STARS” is PLAYING 3 DAYS a week on the land in Assagao!
Parents have the possibility to join every 2nd Friday WITH the Children our
Here the children can meet and spend their time together, meanwhile the parents meet and share their expereinces! (view Info: Aware Parenting Gathering)

If the parents in this group are happy organizing a FLOATING DAY (MONDAY) with the
“Little STARS” on the beach or go and play in another Family home – GREAT!

ONE “big” STAR for the ”little STARS”:
For this group I like to have ONE parents taking ACTIVE PART for 3 FULL days in the week on the land! Additional to that, we have the other parents taking on their 4 days a month, so enough care will be provided for this age group!

YOU want to join with your family…..
EveryONE is welcome to join into the project!
As a place for exploring NEW ways of learning we are offering participation in “We learn together” for SHORT Time Visitors….
If you are interested get in touch with us…..

September 2009

This is a short documentation of “what” is happening in CHILDREN Here and Now! I would like that ALL parents taking part of the project write down “simply and short” what they experience during the time with the children!
Whatever you feel is remarkable –physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually– write it down!
This material will serve to reflect for us, at least a part of, the experience our Children have when they are coming together!
For the CHILDREN of this planet
For the HERE and NOW
Keep it SIMPLE (;
(S) = Small STARS age 3-4
(M) = Middle Stars age 5-6
(B) = BIG Stars age 8


2 Lunar Dragon CA IMIX
Tuesday 1st Sept 2009
FLYING Classroom at Tara & Ramans House with ALL

We started with their favorite game “what the time Mr. Wolf? “ but this time playing with numbers from 1 till 20
Then we started writing the numerals out from one to twenty (small ones 1 till 4)
Then played a counting money game with everyone involved!
- Rolling Dice
- Writing the Result
- Taking same amount of coins
- Then adding the next turns answer
- Grouping coins in groups of 10
- Checking written answer against actual coins
- Zorah was pleased to be far ahead!
She kept getting 6’s’ – up to 63!
- We added + counted every turn

All the children got involved in playing family going shopping with the money after lunch
We did some letters – all the “r” words for the little ones (no interest) and “ou” for the big ones. Difficult to come up with many but the sound in now well recognized!

3 Electric Wind OX IK
Wednesday 2nd Sept 2009

n Shapes with Small
n Applications with Material – Zorah
n Lego
n Circle gathering sing out names
n 1st Lesson playing Flute – little snail
n Kalen and Tara and Zorah
n Raman Lego

- Practice writing Bb Dd
- Mad day with lots of Rain
- Let everyone run and Free play. They came up with all kinds of ideas
- Make up Jumping/Chasing
- Painting Wooling Singing

9 Solar STAR Bolon LAMAT
TUESDAY 8th Sept 2009
Mahotam joined in

- Garden work – Aloe Vera transplant
- Set up space for
- painting Water paint
- Coloring Animals

(S) Naming animals and sounds choosing 1 to color

(M) Where does this Animal Live
(B) All about bats – animal of the week
- read about and write about
- singing animal songs
(B) Practicing two more favorite letters a+
(M) Repetition of letter we learned


Day of the week and their relation to the planets
Montag – Moon – etc
-Baking Schokorollies

10 Planetary MOON Lahun MULUC
Thursday 10th September 2009

Rat and Scorpion Day these animals crossed our way this morning

v We start with Yoga – from now on once a week minimum ½ hour even Raman Joined in the Background
v Setting the space for All ages
v Go and find Basil in the Garden for lunch/picking and washing (B) Magic Portion = Herbal Tea = served to all!
v (M) Zorah practicing the letters at P
v (B) Practicing writing the 2 letters in writing book and phonetics book
v Juhi came/talk to Yoav
v Preparing Lunch table together
v Lunch
v 2-3 Free Play time
I continued the Mobile they joined in and helped.
(B) Webbing the (M) up in the Tree Houses. They all played for 1 ½ hour PEACEFULLY together. The (B) ones took care of the (M) + (S) served food/talk about being and playing together.

Friday 11th September 2009

Circle Discussions about birthdays! Rosalie, Raman + Dariya’s parties on the weekend.
What’s the time Mr. Wolf up to 20(all)
Writing “r” “R” on the board and in the book
Kiyara drawing, Raman+ Zorah Lego Tara + Kalen “ai” “ay” “a – e”
Long “a” + short a Vowel
Colin counting with dice throw game
- All counting own coins,(number on dice)
- Writing + Adding + piles of 10 coins
- Check written figures against actual coins
Tara + Kalen adding + subtracting > 100

· Fluro beading - necklaces, bracelets earrings Knitting lessons with Tara and Sandra
- beading – Kalen Zorah Tara Kiyara
- Raman Kiyara Zorah Water + Submarine Experiments

3 Electric Eagle OX MEN

Tuesday 15th Sept 2009
My Kids only in FREE PLAY

5 Overtone Warrior HO CIB
Thursday 17th Sept 2009

--- Baking Schokobread

----- What we need everybody finds ingredients

------ Egg how to see if Egg is raw or cooked

------ How to see if Egg is rotten

------Activate Yeast wait and patients

--- Ball play outside

2nd step making the dough
Mix all together and work out the dough with the hand (after they where WASHED!)
Interestingly not every child felt comfortable in putting the hand in the sticky dough at first… but after some time the 1rst group ha enough and went for cleaning the hand….so the 2nd group took the chance to explore the matter!
I completed the dough so the texture was right to continue and we ha TO BE PATIENT again:
They soooo much wanted to eat the Schoko Bread!

Snack time together – that always the BEST moment, since their discussions are revealing a lot about what is happening in life….

Then we got into ACTION the dough had grown and was pretty heavy everyone had a weight… we rolled it into a snake and they ha to count into how many pieces we ha to divide the dough that all have an equally BIG piece to form their Schokobread!

Each told their favorite number from 1-8 and I marked the No. on the back of the dough so each ha to recognize his number and piece of dough…
We had the choice of DARK Chocolate and WHITE Chocolate…how come they ask…could not give the anwer, but another thing to figure out….
Each made his/her own free style Bread with LOTS of Schoko in Black and white
Once done, the only question until it was baked was: WHEN can we eat our SchokoBread?”
The patience training of the ay was a tough one,

Some even pretended not to be hungry when we had lunch in between!

The day in between the projects was a BLACK MOON Battling day..
Even till the extend that Raman received a slap in the Face from Zorah!
After that storm we ha a great clarifying CIRCLE GATHERING with All the kids…
Each had his own time to bring his/her point of view about the conflicts which were and anyway are ongoing….
We agreed that hitting each other does not support in finding solutions and that no one actually LIKES being HIT.. it hurts!

We agreed to write a list of rules own for CHILDREN HERE and NOW to which we ALL going to stick to!

It was a BIG saying SORRY from both sides Raman and Zorah…

Then FINALLY after 2 hours ALL the Breads were ready…AND …...they jumped on them!
We completed the day with this yummy Tea Time!

10 Planetary WIND Lahun IK
Tuesday 22nd Sept 2009

· Starting with Yoga – story of Lily the Flower Fairy Who lived in a flower
· Little Snack
· ‘B’ completing writing the Receipt of the ‘chocolate rolls we debated last Thursday.
· ‘M’ & ‘S’ jumped into the Lego
· ‘M’ Zorah repetition of All letters she learned so far with Sound/Movement and find words which start with the letter
- Roman & Mahotam watching
· ‘M’ Zorah practicing number with the Dot to Dot game – she liked it so much that the simple ones were to boring for her and we reached the dot to dot until No-30
· ‘S’ started coloring Animal and Fairy’s .
· ‘B’ joined in once completed their work and we started to make the PICTURES with Leaves and Wax Crayons.
· The Topic is ‘Design Painting with Message”
The Outcome will be exhibited in Children Here And Now. They came up with amazing ideas
----- Save Trees ---- Where is My Mother?
---- Protect______ Protect the sea.

· Free play until lunch Preparation
· Today how to make a Chicken Schnknel’(sorry vegans)
Along with that Story time I shared a story about my childhood….
They loved it and also they loved the Chicken Schnitzel – have hardly ever seeing them eating sooooooo much
· After lunch they free played ALL together and out of that we created the most funniest ‘Theatre……….
All naturally improvised and I wished we would have had the whole World as audience …….. They played Family
It was ALL there, the meeting, the wedding, the building home, the natural birth, the baby……..
The collapse of the house on the father- the reanimation of the doctor and the Happy End
Following we decided to improvise a REAL Theatre Wedding”- with make-up, costumes, stage deco music and DJ….. we had soooo much fun
Everyone was so TOTAL in his role – yet when it came to the moment where the audience (others!) arrived it collapsed….
The Groom (Roman escaped – the Bride (zorah) got embarrassed –
Conclusion: For theater we need the presents of all the Actors backstage otherwise…..NO SHOW

12 Crystal SEED Ca Lahun KAN (Gap)

Thursday the 24th September 2009

The disappoint was BIG this morning when we arrived on the land and saw that our REAL LIFE SPIDER Observatory had been victim of the BATS !
The Spider was the size of two adult hands – bringing the Middle finger and thumb together…it was a BIG loss and showed us the way nature works…

We started with a circle and sang the ELEMENT SONG (earth my body – water my blood – air my breath – fire my spirit)
Allisson started with Yoga it came up to 1 hour rounded with another CIRCLE Gathering and AUM-ing
Today they flew on the MOON…..
And everyone in his own way joined in!
Raman did Yoga ON the table….
After the adventure we took STAR CARDS and invited all to make a drawing of the journey….(B) and (M) painted butterflies..
(M) and (S) went coloring animals ….they love it!
Together SNACK
Since they journey to the moon included a flight in a HOT AIR BALLON….
We took the chance to make one out of paper napkins….
It was quite a tricky sticky process but with the help of everyone WATCHING me…I did it!
(B) we explored the Temperature Scale of CELCIUS
Water to ICE at 0 degree C
Water evaporates at 100 degree C
Image on blackboard an exploration about different temperatures in different countries
(M) Lego and helping with the Garden Cleaning
counting how many we are and setting table for lunch
…it was ALL sealed but the POWER of my Hairdryer was too LOW…but we got the idea transferred in praxis….
FREE PLAY an creation of a NEW Theater Play only by the children..
A soundless fighting play where ALL joined in together!
Raman & Tare left early and we went to a birthday party!

28th Sept 2009
FLYING Classroom at Tara & Ramans House with ALL

We read the story of Ram and Sita and talk about light overcoming Darkness
Feeling loving winning over feeling angry! Victory(and argue whether hanuman in mortal or immortal – but agree he’s a great Hero!)
Tara & Kalen practiced reading taking turns on pages” are you my mother?” While Zorah Raman & Kiyara practice drawing “m” on the Whiteboard. We write out all the M words together then Zorah Raman & Kiyara read with Sandra while Kalen & Tara review vowel blends and write out “ee” and “or” and practice the ee and or donkey sounds – then we explore the vowel blend “ea” making the same sound as “ee” and write/read all the words we can think of! (will follow with “or”) Half way thru vowels. We write out the 6+8 times tables in dots and count each group (Kalen & Tara)
Then we put on the times tables CD and they all danced around! Singing the times tables – even the little ones!
After lunch all playing with all Ramans birthday presents and making experiments with the microscope (next lesson) discussing + reading Search for the 7 sisters – places in the world.

4 Self-Excisting MOON CAN MULUC (Gap)
29th Sept 09 Tuesdays

10.00 am Yoga with Allission
Starting with the element song and Auming ‘B’ & Zorah dived into the Story to Africa little ones were not into, But dived into garden work with Kavita – Pulling and reading
- Drawing of the Yoga Story of star cards which absorbed them for quite some time
- The garden workers came back to Lego Land.
And all were peacefully present with their own Play.
That I had to call them for snack time and then only they realized they were hungry ‘B’ entering the 7 with 7 days of the week.
7 time table and exploring that
4x 7 days is 28 (1 month) x 13 month
= 1 year 364 + 1
Furthermore we connected the 7 day of the week with the Planets there name came from
---- very simple introduction even the M’ and ‘S where listening
…… K + T loved the time table and did that as an independent project

LUNCH TIME: Zorah little reading Raman practice name