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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AWARE*ness Poster 2013 in "The Holistic Yellow International School" by the KIDS of P4

This beautiful IN*FORMative AWARENESS Poster have been CREATED by the KIDS of the YELLOW HOUSE SCHOOL !
The ART*Project was ONE of Co*Creation in participation of the CHILDREN HERE and NOW in the School !
The suggestion given was: Find something you FEEL its Important for us a Humans to BE AWARE off and ACT for making a CHANGE !!!
HERE you can see what the KIDS are concerned about and LOVE YOU to BEcome AWARE off and mayBE ACTIVLY involved !? 
However these POSTER intend to BE part of our next KIDS*FLEAMARKET Stall * for you to buy & SHARE with the World !
Made with LOVE and INTENTION :)
Dariya :)

AWARE*ness Poster 2013 by the KIDS of P4

Yasmin * Save the CATS

KEO - Fukushima 2011

LEELA * Recycle GOA

TALIA * Save the Dolphin

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